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Gender: Male
Location: Orlando, FL
Occupation: Music Director, Composer, Vocal Coach

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re: Beauty and The Beast National Tour!  Mar 22 2008, 01:38:46 PM
Why is this going on tour when every Equity and non Equity theatre in town has produced it? I think this would be a tough sell.

re: Chitty tour 2009  Mar 22 2008, 01:37:00 PM
Saw it on Broadway and was bored for 2 1/2 full hours. Save you money and watch the movie when it airs on TV.

re: Heath Ledger is Dead  Jan 22 2008, 05:39:12 PM
So very sad and tragic.

re: Why Not PIPPIN Instead of GODSPELL?  Jan 4 2008, 10:44:28 PM
My first show in high school was PIPPIN, so I have always wanted to see a revival of it. I have done GODSPELL twice, and it is always being done somwehere by some local theatre group.

If I had a choice between seeing GODSPELL on Broadway or anything else, I would go for the latter. Why revive it and charge top dollar when the local church has a production of it in the basement?

Just my opinion...

re: What is your favorite William Finn show?  Jan 4 2008, 10:40:12 PM
Hmmm....the first time I saw FALSETTOS on Broadway with the original cast I was overcome with emotion pretty much the entire 2nd act.

I also saw A NEW BRAIN in 1998 and liked it...not loved it until I got the cd and then had the pleasure of music directing it twice.

So I would say it's a tie between FALSETTOS and A NEW BRAIN. I liked SPELLING BEE too especially since I got to see it off Broadway before it moved.

frontrowcentre2 - Thanks for putting a website like this together  Jan 3 2008, 09:35:22 AM
Took me long enough, but here it is!

re: Chitty to tour!  Dec 26 2007, 12:49:36 AM
Chitty: 2 1/2 hours of my life I will never get back.

I guess the name recognition will sell tickets, but this had to be the biggest waste of time and talent on Broadway. They should have saved the audience's patience and charged us $5 to watch the car fly for 5 minutes. That way they could have had 20-30 viewings a day!

re: Sweeney Todd Movie Review Thread  Dec 20 2007, 09:34:56 AM
I was fortunate enough to attend a sneak preview of SWEENEY TODD on Tuesday here in Orlando (the mecca for theatre and culture....NOT!)

My review?


Bloody: yes, VERY! It is kind of stylized like SIN CITY but if you are squeamish, you may have to look away from the screen quite a few times.

Brilliant: the cast, the cinematography, the music. Lush, gorgeous, heartbreaking.

See this film as soon as you can!! But leave the kids at home.

re: Are the 'Sweeney Todd' Deluxe Edition CDs Selling Out By You?  Dec 20 2007, 08:59:50 AM
I bought one of the two they had at Virgin Megastore in Orlando. They did have a lot of the highlight cd's, but for $5 more, you get the whole score and that great book.

re: Mary Poppins or Die, Mommie, Die?  Dec 6 2007, 11:20:39 AM
Although I have NOT seen Poppins, I LOVED Die Mommy Die and highly recommend seeing it with Mr. Busch. You will love it!

re: Cybil Shepard gets a BAD review...  Dec 4 2007, 06:48:48 PM
Hmmm....when I hear Cybil Shepard, I don't think of theatre. I think of how AMAZING Christine Baranski is on stage and on film and TV. And how she saved Cybil's TV show.

re: CATCHY Showtunes!  Dec 4 2007, 06:37:52 PM
I Got Rhythm....especially when the number goes on for DAYS in CRAZY FOR YOU!

re: In Real Life I am a...  Dec 4 2007, 06:36:21 PM
Pianist (for Walt Disney World)
Vocal Coach (for Busch Gardens FL)
Music Director (for any show I am working on...currently SCREWGED at Theatre Downtown in Orlando, FL)

re: Fame The Musical  Dec 4 2007, 06:29:45 PM
Probably one of the all time WORST shows. I saw the touring cast a few years ago in Orlando and had to leave at intermission.

And then a few years back I ended up playing piano for a high school production. The WORST! The only highlight was when they did about a verse and a half of the song "Fame." That was the only decent song in the show, and it lasted about 45 seconds!

The only show worse than this (IMO) is the musical version of "A Wonderful Life." I ended up conductin

re: I LOVE YOU BECAUSE sheet music  Dec 4 2007, 06:23:34 PM
First, I tried to get the sheet music from the composers, and I was told that you could acquire individual songs, but each one ended up being about $10.

Their website is

And here is what the email said:

"Beginning today our computer system is now set to sell individual songs from I LOVE YOU BECAUSE, BARE, and ZANNA, DON’T for $10 each, which includes one copy of the selected song from the Piano/Conductor score, along with processing and ship

re: London Recordings You Prefer to the Broadway Version  Nov 27 2007, 10:27:31 PM
CHESS by far! When I heard the NY cast, I was so disappointed. The London one is so much richer sounding, and the leads are exceptional.

re: Highly acclaimed shows that you just don't like...  Oct 27 2007, 09:43:49 AM
NINE I saw a great production recently but still left thinking...ehhhh

SPRING AWAKENING Whenever someone asks me about the show, I tell them to buy the CD and enjoy it. Watching it did nothing for me.

CATS Saw it on tour and on Broadway and regionally. Never cared for any of the productions.

SPAMALOT Some fun bits but to me it felt like a REALLY expensive Forbidden Broadway, but not nearly as funny or immediate.

A WONDERFUL LIFE Horrible score

re: Any CHESS Fans?  Oct 22 2007, 12:25:14 PM
I prefer the complete recording to the single disc Broadway one. Also, there is a live recording which I have from 1994:

Chess In Concert (1994 Swedish Concert Cast) by Lena Ericsson, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Karin Glenmark, and Tommy Korberg (Audio CD - 1996)

Available at

re: Songs from musicals that make you cry...  Oct 19 2007, 04:27:06 PM
"Lay Down Your Head" from VIOLET
"Say It Somehow" from LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA
"Fine, Fine Line" from AVENUE Q (when I saw it the 1st time)
"What Would I Do" from FALSETTOS
"A Lousy Day in the Universe" from A NEW BRAIN
"When The Earth Stopped Turning" from INFINITE JOY
"Still Hurting" from THE LAST FIVE YEARS
"My Brother Lived in San Francisco," "And the Rain Keeps Falling Down," and "Learning to Let Go" from ELEGIES FOR ANGELS, PUNKS, AND RAGING QUEENS
"No One Has E

re: LEGALLY BLONDE ratings ...  Oct 17 2007, 07:00:28 PM
WaltSummersPI: "LB wasn't deemed worthy of a performance slot during the Broadcast."

Wasn't deemed worthy? No. It was not nominated for a Best Musical Tony and was therefore not allowed to perform a number on the show. Worthiness has nothing to do with it.

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