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Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 3/8/20  Mar 9 2020, 03:59:22 PM

I have to say, across the board, this is better than what I expected to see. With coronavirus fears ramping up and up, I thought we'd see more shows dipping further this past week, but so far, so good. Let's see if Broadway can keep it up.


And compared to other shows, North Country isn't doing fantastically, but this was opening week, and I suspect the rave reviews could have a positive effect, especially if the coronavirus concerns don't surge.

Jagged Little Pill Understudies  Mar 5 2020, 12:02:35 PM

Has Ezra Menas been on for Jo yet? Not a commentary on Patton, but I think it would be thrilling to see a non-binary actor in the non-binary role.

Jagged Little Pill Understudies  Mar 5 2020, 12:02:30 PM

Has Ezra Menas been on for Jo yet? Not a commentary on Patton, but I think it would be thrilling to see a non-binary actor in the non-binary role.

What made Natasha Richardson so brilliant as Sally?  Feb 21 2020, 04:34:46 PM
Agree with Bettyboy. She was the life of the party, but there wasn’t a moment that her performance wasn’t shot through with something like desperation. She played the show on a knife’s edge between passion and pain, and when she cracked, it was somehow devastating and inevitable. She was always going to fall apart. She was never going to let herself be happy. She knew that she had a core of misery that she tried to out-dance but never believed she would. She was just so human. So electrifying bu

Darling Grenadine tix for tonight  Feb 21 2020, 03:39:36 PM
Have 2 I cant use for tonight at 7. Would love to get the $30/each I paid as I know its sold out. Thanks!

Unknown Soldier - Playwrights Horizons  Feb 18 2020, 01:46:43 PM

theaterdarling said: "With so much dramatic real estate wrongly apportioned to seeing young Lucy with the unknown soldier, I'm surprised, to the other extreme, one important character in this multi generational tale is never seen. That omission was so glaring to me."


I'm so, so curious who you mean by this, theaterdarling, but for spoilerish reasons don't know how to phrase the question. I can't seem to send a PM, but if you can to me, I

Unknown Soldier - Playwrights Horizons  Feb 16 2020, 10:49:06 PM
It is indeed 90 minutes, and it’s gorgeous. Margot Seibert gives a particularly lovely performance, but the whole cast is flawless. Given that it’s very early in previews, I’m particularly impressed. It doesn’t scream for a more commercial run, but it’s wonderfully done. I didn’t know what to expect, knowing Friedman mostly just from Bloody Bloody, but this is lyrical, wistful, and romantic.

Jeremy Jordan to join LSOH beginning March 17  Feb 5 2020, 04:07:14 PM

I've seen both Seymours so far and would happily go back to see a third take, but...I really would like to see a new Audrey as well. Tammy Blanchard is very talented, but this material just isn't suiting her gifts. 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 1/19/20  Jan 21 2020, 05:21:02 PM

Sincere question: how low would the incredibly long-runners need to drop in order to close? We know that Chicago has a very low nut. We know Phantom does boffo business during all tourist-heavy times. I'm not suggesting that I want them to close, and I know that there is no evidence that they're near closing. But in a very real way, I'm curious what it would take. Do they have another decade in them? Another TWO? With so many shows (also including Wicked and The Lion King) being f

Tina: The Tina Turner Musical - Reviews  Jan 9 2020, 09:34:43 AM

I'm with you, Miles. I also didn't see Warren, and though I'd love to based on the raves, I can't imagine sitting through this woefully inert, terribly scripted show a second time. It's possible to do a bio-musical well (I really enjoyed Jersey Boys, Beautiful, and Ain't too Proud), but this was a mess. A shame given the rich material and wonderful songbook.


Good luck with Jagged Little Pill. It's...something!

Tina Turner Alternate Schedule  Jan 9 2020, 09:30:25 AM

EthelMae said: "I have no interest in this show but if I did, how could you purchase tickets to it if9 times out of 10 the lead was out? Same over at WSS according to this chat line.

Didn’t happen with Merman, Midler, Murphy, Peters (in Dolly anyway), Lansbury, LuPone (at least my experience).

9 times out of 10 the lead was out? Where is that number coming from? Warren injured her ankle on Saturday and is out temporarily. Otherwise, yes, she ha

Which of the 20 Broadway shows of the Spring 2020 season do you most want to see?  Jan 8 2020, 07:01:19 PM

CoercedBull said: "My vote is for Flying Over Sunset, because at this point I just want to know what the hell it is! I have tickets for a late preview and can't wait."

Riiiiiight?? I'm beyond curious. It might be a disaster. It might be genius. We know so little that I can't wait. 


Otherwise, saw and loved Company and Caroline in London and loved both. Already saw and loved WSS. Am pretty excited for the Woolf and Take Me Out rev

Satine mid-show switch @ Moulin Rouge 1/1?  Jan 3 2020, 05:37:30 PM

I can't speak to her attendance (she's been on every time I've seen a show she was in--WSS, Murder Ballad, In the Heights, Brooklyn), but as for the question of whether to see it without her, I personally found her performance the only reason to see the show. That said, I wasn't a fan of the show. People who love it seem to love the whole thing, and I think I'm in the minority, but I would say try to reschedule if possible if she's out. As far as Burstein, he's one

Worst Broadway Show of the Decade?  Dec 24 2019, 06:18:29 PM
Aww. I quite enjoyed some of the shows being named here: Gary, The Play that Goes Wrong, The Encounter. Different strokes!

My pick comes down to a choice between a bafflingly bad revival and an execrable jukebox musical. The Cherry Orchard made me spend a few hours hating one of my favorite plays. Escape to Margaritaville aimed low...and still missed the target. For poor Lisa Howard being air lifted to and from cheeseburgers her fiancé doesn’t want her to eat because she is supposed to

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Dec 19 2019, 10:46:35 PM

jacobsnchz14 said: "Justin D said: "ok, well, one other exception, poor Judy, Addressing of Cats was a real let down."

Watch it in context and let me know if you feel the same.

Having caught it tonight, I will vouch for the fact that “The Addressing of Cats” is a low-point in an already dreadful movie. The Empire 25 audience openly laughed at Dench’s scenes.

Tonight at Moulin Rouge - Bad Theater Behavior  Dec 17 2019, 10:05:46 AM

SeanMartin2 said: "@ Mike:

I always find it amusing that, generally, we have no issue with sitting through a two-hour (or longer) film, but a two-hour play with no intermission? OMG! What a horror to endure!


Not to derail the thread (not that it's on rails to begin with), but there's nothing stopping anyone from getting up at a movie, using the restroom, and returning to their seat. In the theater, not only is it considered rude and

Audience Rewards  Dec 16 2019, 02:11:23 PM

JSquared2 said: "Sauja said: "Has anyone redeemed for tickets to The Sound Inside? Wondering about the location.

On a separate note, for Grand Horizons, I got Orch K 5-7.

Last week I had Orch H 6-8 for The Sound Inside.

I have the exact same seat locations as you for Grand Horizons

My belated thanks!!

Audience Rewards  Dec 11 2019, 04:46:00 PM

Has anyone redeemed for tickets to The Sound Inside? Wondering about the location. 


On a separate note, for Grand Horizons, I got Orch K 5-7.

WEST SIDE STORY (2019 Revival) Preview Thread  Dec 10 2019, 03:10:08 PM

I really believe that if Danel Fish's Oklahoma had opened on Broadway cold, it would have been decimated on the boards. I'm very interested to see what Ivo does. He's a director whose work I often love (View from the Bridge, Little Foxes, Crucible) but have utterly despised (Angels in America, All about Eve). What I truly worry about is that audiences will rebel, producers will force more traditional choices, and by the time it opens, this could be in no man's land stuck betwe

A Bright Room Called Day  Dec 4 2019, 11:30:43 AM

If anyone wants two tickets for next Thursday at 7, I accidentally bought a pair for the night of my office holiday party. Would love to sell for face value ($70 each) but am flexible!

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