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Member Name: catchycab
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Gender: Male
Location: TX
Occupation: Unemployed
Profile: My name is JD and I'm an 18 year old male. I live somewhere that isn't near NY. I'm currently trying to save up money so I can move over there.

What's new (01/21):
I'm looking for a job that way I can save up money to go see Spring Awakening in April or earlier.

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re: Vegas Producers Review?  Feb 5 2007, 08:59:47 PM

re: Presents Video AbboDANZA!  Feb 3 2007, 03:37:37 PM
Definitely not the best but still passable.

re: Spring Awakening love  Jan 21 2007, 01:05:57 AM
Oh man. That video mixed with dramaqueen2's post makes me want to see it even more. April is too far away. Argh.

re: What should Spring Awakening Fans call themselves?  Jan 17 2007, 12:58:52 AM
^ I can't help but feel as though you should have posted in the "Spring Awakening was a let down" thread.
Since I haven't seen the show and/or don't know when I will get the chance, I can't comment on your post. (Definitely have to before Skylar/Skylar and the others leave. Trying to get in for April but things ar

re: 'Grease' You're the One That I Want AUDITION QUESTION  Jan 14 2007, 11:29:39 PM
^ Ditto. Made my night.

re: NEW THREADS OLD THREADS  Jan 7 2007, 01:12:37 AM
I think it's just easier for them to link back to the old thread. The information is already there and re-typing something that has been mentioned before is sometimes a pain.

I'm new myself as well and I use the search tool. It's a handy tool, it's quick, it saves me from feeling/being treated like a "dumb-ass" or whatnot, and you can also find other items of interest as well in between search results.

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