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New Broadway Book:  Jun 27 2020, 09:26:09 PM

got the book last week...paid the ugggghh price but it was worth it to me...great read ...i cant wait until the other volumes come out...


Unpopular theatre opinions  Jun 15 2020, 09:13:18 AM

Cynthia Erivo...brilliant when singing...but so dull as an actress ...walked around like she was in a coma until she sang...Fantasia was a much much better Celle...but Erivo did just kill Im still here...not a dry eye in the theater.....

King Kong Cast Recording  Jun 9 2020, 01:18:29 PM

I left at intermission ..bored bored bored...first time ever doing that...the music...oh that stuff we heard between the gorilla puppet was music????

Smash Returns  May 21 2020, 06:00:48 PM

People who loved Smash are usually loving the Megan/Kat duo. I don't think either of them will be involved in this because they have kind of aged out of playing ingénues at this point. I even think Megan is now to old to play Marilyn if they did Bombshell..but on stage because of no closeups it could work...I think people love season one more than season two because two fell into a ridiculous plot of Karen just quiting a staring role in a Broadway Musical to go work with her boyfri

Bombshell Benefit Concert  May 21 2020, 05:51:31 PM

This was Kats first live performance in this kind of setting...she also was singing/dancing at the same time to say she didn't have breath control is crazy...she is the daughter of an opera singer/coach so I think she has been trained her entire life to use her voice correctly. Megan has the benefit of the Broadway community adoring her just for being Megan...she didn't have anything to prove. Kat rose to the challenge and together they kicked say one was better than the other

Bombshell Benefit Concert  May 21 2020, 08:34:22 AM

This was amazing. I had seen bits and pieces of the bootleg but it wasn't this clear. Can we please put to rest the Team Ivy/Team Karen of who is more talented....they both are see them both shine was incredible..Kat came out and killed it with her crystal clear voice and dancing and when you think it cant get better, Megan pulls out everything with They just Keep Moving the Line..(that song I can listen to over and over) ..The final Don't Forget Me duet should be recorded it

RAGS Original London Cast Recording  May 17 2020, 09:28:50 AM

Having seen RAGS in Boston with both Teresa Stratus (other wordly) and Christine Andreas who was excellent . I never thought the music was the problem. The Cast album was a great cd...beautiful orchestrations very lush and captured most of the original cast. I personally love the cd. This new cd has to many changes that do not work for me...The changing Blame it on a Summer Night to a duet (and no clarinet????) this was so beautiful and to me is kind of nothing on the new cd.and to change RAG

Kiss Of The Spiderwoman Revival?  May 8 2020, 12:52:59 PM


ing seen Chita in this 4x and i also saw MCAlonzo…i have a hard time picturing Audra McDonald....I also never liked the Vanessa recording it seemed they slowed down the music and it lost its energy when she sang..her voice was great just seemed dull to me...I think Vanessa live was very different because of her youth 

Patti LuPone didn't like 90th Birthday 'Ladies who lunch'  May 4 2020, 07:06:34 AM

what makes me laugh about Patti is she is always putting down other performers..she is rude and honestly comes across as a mean girl...she is always spouting off about Trump (who I hate) but she is constantly in the same mean , rude type of atmosphere...I agree it is kind of funny at times...and mean people can be very funny , until they are mean to you , then it isn't so funny. She is a talented Broadway star, I have seen her in Les  Miz and Gypsy and neither of them left me in awe.

Patti LuPone didn't like 90th Birthday 'Ladies who lunch'  May 3 2020, 09:01:20 AM

Christine Baranski  2 Tonys and an emmy

Meryl Streep 3 Emmys 3 academy awards  

Audra Mcdonald 1000 tony awards

Do you really think they care about what this bitter woman has to say. 

I used to love Patti but how high of an opinion of herself does she need...she is a star on Broadway and pretty much the rest of the country doesn't have a clue who she is ....She cannot praise any other performer , it is pathetic and sad...I get more and more disap

What Was The Worst Musical You Saw  Apr 13 2020, 11:51:19 AM

King Kong.....only show in 40 years I walked out at intermission...the Puppet was interesting for about 2 minutes ...the ship at the beginning was also for about 2 minutes...lead actress was just bad and the music .and the growling....awful...…….very strange that everybody hates CATS but it ran forever...mmmm I think people are afraid to admit they liked it or some of it....I know I loved seeing Betty Buckley belt out Memory also Lauri Beechman in the first National wa

Renee Rapp in Mean Girls  Feb 19 2020, 09:24:33 AM

saw both and to be honest Renee was much more believable because she iis a teenager ...she owned the stage and her voice is just on another level....Taylor is great but Renee is a teenager and looks like one which adds to it I think. ….oh did I say THAT VOICE live it is mind blowing

MEAN GIRLS To Welcome Social Media Star Cameron Dallas For Four Week Run  Jan 16 2020, 10:23:45 AM

Welcome to the land of the bitter bitter no talents...if everyone complaining think they could keep a show running with their vast amount of talent please contact the much as you hate the fact that someone who actually put him or herself in the position to be considered I give them kudos for it.....the bottom line is keeping the show opened financially...we have to remember the hundreds of people that get to keep jobs due to stunt casting (Chicago for instance) this keeps the s

Erika Henningsen to Depart Mean Girls  Jan 15 2020, 08:13:57 AM

I totally disagree. Damian does the narrative of the entire show pretty say anyone can 

play this part is crazy...STOP basically stops the show every night because of him and someone average would not pull this off. To say they could take someone with no real talent to replace him is ridiculous...the only part of this show that does not require much is Aaron to be honest. I think Damian is as important as Janice...and you cant stunt cast her or him..the 6 principles all r

Erika Henningsen to Depart Mean Girls  Jan 14 2020, 08:03:53 PM
Stunt Cast Damien??? Are you kidding. This is a really important role that requires a really talented person as far as I am concerned

TOOTSIE closing Jan. 5  Nov 12 2019, 09:50:03 AM

Tootsie failed because it wasn't good. A great lead wasted in a bad show, to blame the theater is funny.

The changing of the plot to a theater actor didn't help, what made Dorothy so popular was that millions were able to see her daily on TV...Broadway would never be able to accomplish this. I also listened to the PROM prior to seeing it and loved the music which made me go see the show (great) ..again Mean Girls and enjoyed the music which made me want to see the show (again a

Bootleg  Oct 24 2019, 10:44:42 AM

really.. " I stumbled across it on youtube while i was researching" lol... and you lecture about not watching them and state that I may watch it...such hypocrisy….1/2 of the videos that are on are from the cast members...Josh Lemon from the Prom posted many last show he stealing????  and don't give me "he may have got permission"  please ...he did it for his fans ..Bless him!!

While I may not think it is the coolest thing to do , I w

Bootleg  Oct 23 2019, 07:31:20 AM

Didn't Streisand use a "bootlegged" copy of her in Funny GIrl on her greatest hit album..

I have no problem with bootlegs and most here that do are on youtube watching them ...


LuPone on Sondheim, ALW, Laurents, Prince and more  Oct 23 2019, 07:22:55 AM

The ALW hatred is so were let go because financially it made more sense to bring in a guaranteed great reviewed star ..Patti did not get great reviews from the American press and Glenn got raves ..does Patti forget this is a far as Barbara releasing the songs first LUPONE-STREISAND hello what is she nuts ...does she really think her screaming the songs can compare to the beautiful renditions Streisand sang not to mention SHE IS STREISAND...Patti hated Paul Servino d

Alice Ripley to play 'Norma Desmond' in NSMT's "Sunset Blvd"  Sep 29 2019, 09:00:24 AM

seeing a young Norma as in the revival was a good effect....showed her young and beautiful...who cares what Joe looks like dead....this makes no sense to have a "dead" joe wandering around...too funny and Alice you should fire the wig maker..

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