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Member Name: JRybka
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Gender: Male
Location: College Park, MD
Occupation: Travel Advisor & Twitter Ambassador
Profile: Stand before me on the sign of infinity,
all you of the earth.
With the granting of the law of provination
comes the application of change.

I will give you the key.
And with this knowledge, please realise,
comes the responsibility of sharing it.
I will show you the way.

It's very simple. Throughout the universe
there is order.

In the movement of the planets, in nature
and in the functioning of the human mind.
A mind that is in its natural state of order,
is in harmony with the universe
and such a mind is timeless.

Your life is an expression of your mind.
You are the creator of your own Universe -
For as a human being, you are free to will whatever
state of being you desire through the use of your
thoughts and words.

There is great power there.

It can be a blessing or a curse -
It's entirely up to you.
For the quality of your life is brought about
by the quality of your thinking -
think about that.

Thoughts produce actions -
look at what you're thinking.

See the pettiness and the envy and the greed and the
fear and all the other attitudes that causes
you pain and discomfort.

Realize that the one thing you have absolute
control over is your attitude.

See the effect that it has on those around you.
For each life is linked to all life
and your words carry with them chain reactions
like a stone that is thrown into a pond.

If your thinking is in order,
your words will flow directly from the heart
creating ripples of love.

If you truly want to change your world, my friends,
you must change your thinking.

Reason is your greatest tool,
it creates an atmosphere of understanding,
which leads to caring which is love.

Choose your words with care.
Go forth ... with love.

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What is the best Stage Performance You Have Ever Seen?  Nov 12 2018, 01:28:42 PM

The one that still still haunts me to this day is (And I am not being was breathtaking) was Justine Bateman as Lulu in "Lulu" at the Berkeley Rep. 

Musical was probably Marin Mazzie in Ragtime. 

Wildhorn's Monte Cristo  May 24 2016, 04:44:43 PM

I think one of the problems is that Frank tends to write for the middle road.  He is the Lloyd Webber of America in many ways. He had some respect early on and then had some major misfires.  I genuinely enjoy many of Wildhorn's songs. It is a shame cause alot of his stuff is quite catchy. 

Unpopular Opinions  May 24 2016, 04:41:12 PM

Here is one from a blast from the past.  I actually enjoyed parts of Thou Shalt Not. There I said it. 

Saddest Bway Performances  May 24 2016, 04:36:15 PM

No one has mentioned it but in the revival of Follies but when Rosalind Elias sang "One More Kiss" -- the audience may not have known who she was but at 82 she could hold the entire theater in your soaring operatic voice. You could literally hear a pin drop at the Kennedy Center when she hit the last note.  There was literally a beat or two and then the place erupted in applause.  I had tears streaming down my face. 


The other was the end of Marry

Good Parts of  May 8 2016, 02:17:49 PM

I agree with the comment about how "One Last Kiss" is the true soul of Follies.  

I always enjoyed the song but then when i saw it on stage, it gutted me. It hit me so hard and blew me away. 


Poo Musical "Thou Shalt Not" ;-- two good parts. "Take Her to the Mardi Gras" and watching Norbert Leo Butz basically become the legend that he is now performing.... "Ain't it Sweet" 

Miss Saigon movie?  Mar 11 2016, 08:52:17 PM

I think it could be quite epic if done right. 

Report Abuse Links opinion thread  Mar 11 2016, 08:48:37 PM

I use my own name 'cause I do not "hide" behind my computer. 

You can be critical of someone.... that is fine. 

But when you bash them 'cause you think it is funny (for their looks or such) then you cross a line. 

Maybe I am a Polyanna (and I can handle it if you want to bash me) but calling someone a C on the page or a retard is rude.  How would you feel if you were calling your sister, mother or daughter a C or you had a child with dis

Riedel on the spring musicals  Mar 11 2016, 08:42:38 PM

I have a good friend who works behind the scenes of Waitress and the buzz surround it is excellent. 

Good Musicals with Bad Books  Mar 8 2016, 11:44:55 AM

Chess had some of the most amazing music.  I have seen about twelve different versions and while most of them where not great...

I think the Sacramento Music Circus version and the Danish Cast Recording (with Stig Rossen) were the best put together. 

Call me odd... most disturbing plays?  Mar 3 2016, 12:13:10 PM

I remember how incredible "LULU" was when I saw it at the Berkeley Rep. 







SPOILER:  The ending was really intense when jack the ripper slices Lulu's mouth off and it is in his hands dripping blood.  

Annie (Modern Stage Version)  Feb 17 2016, 02:13:19 PM

They actually have a stage version of Grease 2 called "Cool Rider" I have the recording. 


I think an update of Annie may actually work if done right. 

Passion ~ Themes etc.  Feb 14 2016, 09:37:14 PM

I had a fabulous conversation with someone about Passion and how this was very first true love story written by Sondheim.  It is his "love letter" to his partner Peter Jones. 

Tonys by Theatre?  Feb 9 2016, 10:42:10 AM

I think it is a cool idea. 

They have listed Emmy Winners by TV Channels (i.e HBO, NBC etc) 

They also have listed Academy Awards by Studio

So it would make a good project.  

The Future of Movie Musicals & Film Adaptations of Musicals  Feb 9 2016, 10:29:45 AM

Some posted CHESS as a movie. 


I love that idea. But if they did it they have to do the 2001 Danish Version.  The music and the way it was put together made the most sense to me. 


But yes i would pay big bucks to see that. 

Alice Ripley as Norma Desmond?  Feb 9 2016, 10:25:49 AM

Never thought about this but this was amazing! i think she would do wonderful. 

Anticiated Shows That Failed to Live Up to Expectations  Jan 1 2016, 08:13:13 PM

Thou Shalt Not




Batman on Broadway  Nov 29 2015, 09:29:01 PM

I actually have some of the songs from the Jim Steinman "Batman" -- I love his music so I enjoyed it. 

Broadway Shows that are rearly revived?  Nov 29 2015, 09:55:55 AM

Phantom of the Poopera

Starfish Boulevard 

A funny thing happened on the way to the Flatulence


Monologues from musicals  Nov 20 2015, 10:40:45 PM

I always thought the two monologues from A Little Night Music during Send in the Clowns always was very powerful. 


Very moving play experiences  Nov 20 2015, 02:43:01 PM

I usually see musicals when I go to Broadway for some reason so my moving play experiences are not from NYC. 


I remember seeing "lulu" at Berkeley Rep and being absolutely blown away. It was one of those shows that has haunted me for years. I still remember the end with Jack the Ripper literally holding Lulu's lips in his hands "saying such a pretty mouth... such a pretty pretty mouth" -- haunting and stunning. 


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