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re: Final Performance of GREY GARDENS is now sold out  Jul 16 2007, 10:10:29 PM
Don't wory, Stacey will be taping the final performance of Grey Gardens.

re: LoveMusik Cast Recording?  Jul 16 2007, 05:17:21 PM
^ Danke

re: LoveMusik Cast Recording?  Jul 16 2007, 05:09:11 PM
Pictures? Where?

Am I being completely thick?

Gypsy Reviews  Jul 15 2007, 11:29:24 PM
Wow, seems that Brantley is the only person who had anything negitive to say about.. ANYTHING.

I generally agree with him, but... woah. Could not have a more different opinion on LuPone's Rose.

re: which actress do you think will play a great Rose ?  Jul 15 2007, 10:44:37 PM
Oooh... Donna. I'd never thought of that... maybe... a definate maybe...

re: My Thoughts on GYPSY  Jul 15 2007, 10:11:18 AM
*threadjack* What did she say?

re: My Thoughts on GYPSY  Jul 15 2007, 10:06:27 AM
"I was the only one waiting -- and asked her to sign my SUNSET Program from London"

You are lucky to be alive.

re: Broadway Barks today  Jul 15 2007, 09:40:47 AM
I think the real question is...

Can Bernadette Peters get any YOUNGER?

re: Your favourite overture?  Jul 15 2007, 12:59:37 AM
Gypsy. Duh.

Also love Light in the Piazza and Merrily.

re: Standing ovations for plays?  Jul 15 2007, 12:57:31 AM
B3TA07 - darling, you go up there, and do what Frank Langella or Vanessa Redgrave or countless other actors and actresses are doing every night. See if that's 'just talking'.

re: My Junk  Jul 14 2007, 06:43:44 PM
If you're ever gonna quote a bad lyric from Spring Awakening...

"Uh huh uh huh uh huh well fine
Not like it's even worth the time"

...NOTHING touches that.

re: Photos of COMPANY and TARZAN Load-Out  Jul 12 2007, 09:31:07 PM
I feel like the pillar should have been thrown into the audience after the final show.

That would cause a lawsuit.

re: Composers you want to hear more from . . .  Jul 12 2007, 09:16:48 PM
Finn and LaChiusa.. and Guettel of course.

re: Young Frankenstein's marquees already up!  Jul 12 2007, 07:26:34 PM
Well, size doesn't matter at the Drama Desk awards.

re: Shows that shouldn't/won't be revived  Jul 12 2007, 03:16:05 PM
I guess the reason husk is saying ALNM won't be revived is that... well, people (including myself) have been bitching about it for a while. Just frigging do it already!

re: Chat?  Jul 11 2007, 09:50:15 PM

This doesn't need a bump though.... I just like posting bumps.

re: Somewhat 'Off-Topic'.... Daniel Radcliffe On CNN  Jul 11 2007, 09:49:03 PM
Thank you skittles... and yes, I did see it... my comment was bitchy, I do admit to that, but come on, this is Broadwayworld. Get over it.

re: Somewhat 'Off-Topic'.... Daniel Radcliffe On CNN  Jul 11 2007, 09:20:48 PM
BTW, the new movie is excellent !!!!

..says who?

re: Tony Awards '08: LuPone vs. Murphy  Jul 11 2007, 09:20:16 PM
Yo, americanboy. I'm saying that in those performances, in those shows, with those specific awards, that would be my... I dunno.

No reason to get pissy. Oy.

Even though I fully 'got' Ebersole's performance in Grey Gardens, and was entirely blown away, something moved me in a more profound way about Murphy's. I'm not necessarily saying one was better, I’m saying that one hit me deeper for any number of reasons (ex – my connection to the piece/character, her new take on the role

re: Your favorite Musical with under 6 people???  Jul 11 2007, 08:47:07 PM
In Trousers and Tick Tick Boom.

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