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this thread is SO [title of show] cuz it [you know what] ROCKS!!!  Sep 17 2008, 07:28:57 PM
Rather, I just watched that. Funniest. thing. ever.

"You're still scraping by."

re: What are the best coffee table books on broadway topics these days?  Sep 14 2008, 08:27:14 PM
I agree Besty. It's a gorgeous book. HUGE pictures, too.

re: What are the best coffee table books on broadway topics these days?  Sep 14 2008, 04:58:08 PM
I LOVE The Fourth Wall.

I also (quite embarrassingly) own The Grimmerie and the Rent bible.

re: Favorite Short songs  Sep 13 2008, 07:41:04 PM
I Am Playing Me and What Kind of Girl Is She? - [Title of Show]

re: Chorus Line film  Sep 13 2008, 12:13:04 PM
Well, at least Nicole Fosse is in it.

And was anyone else appalled by the Cassie in the movie? Oy. I just kept thinking about how I didn't want her to get picked.

re: Chorus Line film  Sep 12 2008, 01:57:55 AM
Ha, I actually just got done watching a couple of minutes ago. I'll admit, I own it.

I do enjoy it, but it is EXTREMELY flawed. And "Surprise" has to be the dumbest song ever.

re: Bailey Hanks, new Legally Blonde Costumes?  Sep 8 2008, 11:35:55 PM
she always seemed a bit heavier... a bit chunkier... than Laura.

Huh? Seriously?

re: Christy Carlson Romano in........ Ave. Q. WHAT!!  Sep 5 2008, 12:36:37 AM
Weird. I wouldn't have expected that.

re: Get thee to the Shubert Theater...  Sep 4 2008, 10:29:33 PM
Are there any pictures?

re: Legally Brown: The Search For The Next Piragua Guy  Sep 4 2008, 07:05:57 PM
Oh my god. That was the greatest thing ever.

re: Bailey After Blonde?  Sep 3 2008, 02:20:55 AM
She'd be great as a replacement when Hilty leaves 9 TO 5.

I could actually see that.

I don't think her voice is at all right for Glinda.

re: Which cut Gypsy songs do you wish actually made the show?  Aug 31 2008, 05:43:17 PM
"Small World/Momma's Talkin' Soft" is definitely the only one I would actually want in the show. The others are fun to listen to, but I really enjoy what the song does for the girls.

re: Spring Awakening Open Call San Francisco  Aug 31 2008, 05:34:25 PM
Also, if anyone has ideas for a 16-year-old mezzo, I would eternally be in your debt. :]

re: Gypsy 2008 Broadway Cast Recording  Aug 30 2008, 04:47:14 AM
When I bring friends to see PATTI LUPONE GYPSY, they are strictly warned not to initiate any conversation with me at the end of either act because I need time to "come down" from the brilliance of Patti's performance.

When I saw it, I went to Sardi's afterwards with my sister. She asked me what I thought of it. I just stared at her blankly, because I literally couldn't get words out of my mouth.

With that said, I'm loving this recording! I kind of hate "Smile, Girls" but

re: Anyone else find the fact that Young Frankenstein comes after 'The new  Aug 28 2008, 09:17:33 PM
Less amusing, more annoying as f***.

re: Bernadette Peters Gypsy cast recording  Aug 25 2008, 02:58:56 AM
Eh, I thought it was good until I heard other recordings.

re: 'the [title of show] show' - Episode 10  Aug 25 2008, 02:35:53 AM
Although the obvious choice would be Cheyenne, they might throw us a curb ball like in that "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" episode on that The Simpsons.

I think the term is "curve ball." ;D

re: 'the [title of show] show' - Episode 10  Aug 23 2008, 05:26:09 AM
I'm pulling for Laura. Just sayin'.

re: Julia Murney as Evita at Sacramento's Music Circus  Aug 19 2008, 12:53:47 AM
Come on y'all, I had to find SOMETHING to pick on her about.

No, you guys are probably right. It's my own fault, because I just kept thinking "Queenie from The Wild Party" while she was singing. Haha. But she was fantastic.

I have to agree about Kari Yancy as The Mistress. That song was probably the highlight of the first act for me.

Me too. And I brought my sister, who knew nothin

re: Julia Murney as Evita at Sacramento's Music Circus  Aug 18 2008, 05:26:11 PM
I saw it last night, and loved it! I agree with everyone in that Julia's second act was very strong. Her "Don't Cry For Me..." almost brought tears to my eyes [Ha, I just realized how ironic that sentence was]. I would have liked a little accent, but eh. She made up for it. Her acting was spot-on, as well.

I also really enjoyed Kari Yancy, the Mistress. I thought that whole scene was staged so beautifully.

Overall, wonderful. Very sad now that it's closed. :[

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