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Gender swapped Tell Me On A Sunday  Jul 25 2020, 04:33:23 PM
This is so funny.

For my high school senior project, I did a production that was recreated for a gay man. Did the entire Broadway first act, including the bonus song “Nothing Like You’ve Ever Known.”

I love this show. I’d love to see it return.

Young Jean Lee v/s Jeremy Harris  Jun 14 2020, 11:31:59 PM

My biggest question is, assuming everything my sources say is factual (what I depicted was Lee's own recounting of the situation, so who knows any alterations she made / if her perceptions are altogether accurate) and this playwright never worked again, why did Lee feel the need to bring it up again years later at a moment in time that is centered around black and African-American experiences? I would sort of understand if it was some big playwright who was being produced every other seas

Young Jean Lee v/s Jeremy Harris  Jun 14 2020, 06:25:44 PM

For anyone interested: Link

Young Jean Lee v/s Jeremy Harris  Jun 12 2020, 02:39:13 AM
Actually, Lee has a nasty little habit of taking phrase or even sentences said in her class and using them verbatim in her work. I had multiple friends in her class tell me how shocked they were when they saw the show and realized that she had just taken things they said - often personal things said under the pretense of privacy and emotional rawness that theatre schools are infamous for - and used them in her work with no credit.

If I recall correctly, there might have been a controve

Young Jean Lee v/s Jeremy Harris  Jun 12 2020, 12:41:20 AM

Apparently Lee considers this play a reason she hasn't produced a "new" play since 2013: "After that show, I haven't produced a new play since. There are many reasons for this, but all the different ways one gets treated like garbage as a woman of color in the industry is definitely one of them."

Young Jean Lee v/s Jeremy Harris  Jun 11 2020, 11:42:00 PM
As for the play in question, I vaguely remember someone telling me about the scene in question - if I recall correctly, it was a professional in the mainstream New York theatre scene. Anyway, the sentiment they presented was that it was proof of how unpleasant Lee was to work with.

Young Jean Lee v/s Jeremy Harris  Jun 11 2020, 11:37:18 PM

I’ll just say that plenty of my (undergrad) peers took classes from Young Jean Lee (both as actors and playwrights) and none of them have one word of praise for her.

Also, right after the 2016 election, she started her class with the phrase, “Let’s talk about 11/9” and everyone just assumed she meant 9/11 until someone had the balls to ask her to explain what the hell she was taking about. I think of that when I need a good laugh.

Rodgers & Hammerstein thread con  May 29 2020, 11:01:01 PM

Gaveston, I love Del Rey very much (she is probably my favorite musical artist of this century, along with Lady Gaga) but do note her most famous record, Born to Die, is certainly her most pop-oriented. Although it has her gorgeous ballad "Video Games", it has her weakest lyrics. In a highly publicized (and misogynistic) review, Pitchfork called it something along the lines of "the musical equivalent of a faked orgasm." As her career has gone on (and she prov

Rodgers & Hammerstein thread con  May 29 2020, 08:31:51 PM

Blue, I was talking more in terms of Allegro as a whole - score & book. The King and I certainly has a score that I believe works far better in the context of the show, but is is - generally speaking - a collection of songs sung by the principal characters about their actions & feelings. Allegro has a wonderful score, but it isn't exactly a work that works just as a listening experience. The complete recording is tiring too listen to because so much of t

Rodgers & Hammerstein thread con  May 29 2020, 05:45:17 PM

I generally detest all Gilbert and Sullivan, but Ronstadt's "Poor Wand'ring One" is certainly one of the best - and unexpected! - performances of that song in existence. She is truly one of the most versatile artists of the last 60 years.

Thomas Kail, For Some Reason, Is Remaking FIDDLER ON THE ROOF  May 28 2020, 09:39:00 PM

Adding on to what Hogan said, the cream rises to the top. Anyone remember the Jessica Lange film of Streetcar? The BBC film of Suddenly, Last Summer? Luckily, Vivian Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor's brilliant performances in the original version of each respective film are readily available, and often re-broadcast on cable. And each film only shines better when compared with any successor. Although it is surely blasphemous to say now, I'm sure Natalie Wood's Maria wi

Rodgers & Hammerstein thread  May 28 2020, 08:45:26 PM

Gaveston, if you enjoy Amy Winehouse, I recommend Lana Del Rey. She's covered some older songs, including "Blue Velvet", "The Other Woman", "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" and her original songs are quite gorgeous. I personally recommend her albums Ultraviolence and the unprintable Norman Fvcking Rockwell! (which I personally would compare to Joni Mitchell's Blue in terms of astounding singer-songwriter works). As for Swift,

STREETCAR With Gillian Anderson Streams Today 5/21  May 27 2020, 12:32:35 AM

I wish the BAM production starring Cate Blanchett was available to watch. Despite a few minor quibbles with the directing (a cutting of the script) it's the best of the major productions I've seen. Blanchett was stunning and her Stanley was unconventional yet thrilling. 

I didn't care for this production at St. Anne's. The director had a vision, but I didn't think it particularly fit with the piece (if you're going to use music to address Blanche's

Show Boat revival?  May 27 2020, 12:06:20 AM

Lincoln Center is certainly where a Show Boat revival should be done - the original was a Ziegfeld production, remember!

Interesting how people want to change the ending "without changing a word." Would be quite difficult with Show Boat as I don't think a single major production has used the same script/score. I would be intrigued by a production that was mostly based around the original script - see how much of it is workable and would play well nowadays.&

Bombshell Benefit Concert  May 20 2020, 10:08:16 PM

Megan gave a masterclass with “They Just Keep Moving the Line.” One it my favorite performances... ever. I love Katherine - I wish her “Never Give All the Heart” wasn’t so breathy. It was odd to see her with her feet crossed by the piano. Regardless, this was amazing. If you haven’t heard Katherine’s last album “I Fall In Love Too Easily,” it’s quite good. Jazz standards sung very lovely - albeit in a pop and breathy fashion. Her &ld

Bombshell Benefit Concert  May 20 2020, 05:38:35 PM

A friendly bump in honor of tonight.

I will admit, I love Megan Hilty ("They Just Keep Movin' the Line" is thrilling), but whenever I re-watch SMASH, I unabashedly love Katherine McPhee. And I know this is sacrilege to say, but Season One is sooooooo good in a soapy Desperate Housewives kind of way. Excited for tonight!

Also - I miss PalJoey

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Dec 21 2019, 08:07:46 PM
Just got out of the theatre.

This is a terrible film - the CGI has pushed it into the pantheon if legendary all-star disasters, but even without that factor, this movie is truly horrible.

Hooper is an incompetent director, who seeming randomly splices together extreme close-ups with extreme wide-shots that almost never work to tell a story. Because the CGI doesn’t allow many of the actors to... act, the lengthy close-ups, particularly on Judi Dench and Francesca Hayward, tell

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Dec 21 2019, 01:01:28 AM

Does the movie cut The Jellicle Ball?

This board in the old days  Nov 25 2019, 04:05:44 AM
Well, this thread made me teary.

I lurked on here long before I ever posted, and I would often read through the archives to some now-legendary threads (remember the 40 page Women On the Verge preview thread?). I remember scrolling through the boards underneath my desk in high school on my iPhone 4, desperate to know what Namo, or Gaveston, or Pal Joey had commented. Though I lived in CA, I would await first previews and opening nights to read the reactions. And best if all, we had theat

Chicago Search For Roxie..  Sep 11 2019, 08:01:46 PM

Well, maybe we'll be able to see Countess Luann's audition tape - I'm sure Roxie is the role she was eyeing all along.

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