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Greatest Song of All Time From a Musical  Jul 30 2020, 11:11:34 AM

I will go with Jennifer Holiday singing "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"......  one of the most electrifying performance/songs in my 40 years of theatre going.

Tickets Refunds  Apr 30 2020, 09:41:56 AM

Wow - still waiting for a refund for Mrs. Doubtfire.   I was in the city back in Feb and got the tickets at the box office for 5/2 matinee.   I obviously do not know the logistics as to how the refunds are done BUT... dang they announced the closing extension about 4/8 and still no refund for a performance that would have been 2 days from now.   Under the circumstances most people need their money back and not really concerned about trying to reschedule for futur

Tickets Refunds  Apr 21 2020, 04:29:48 PM

Hello all,  I am just curious (and impatient to know) if anyone else has received any refunds for tickets purchased at the Sondheim box office?   my tickets were for 5/2. 

Tickets Refunds  Apr 9 2020, 06:01:34 PM

I have tickets for 5/2 performance of Mrs. Doubtfire which i purchased at the box office.   I received an email yesterday which directs me to telecharge to indicate if i want to exchange or refund on the order status page.  but... you enter your email and your "order #' and it does not work - gives the message that "We're sorry, we are having a problem with this feature on our site.  try later."  Wish they just refunded the money automatically like t

Mandy Patinkin Tour  Jan 31 2020, 11:43:13 AM

Thanks for all the information.  I did just get a good "inexpensive" ticket.  It's always a joy to hear him sing.  I remember seeing him years ago at a solo concert/Broadway show he did - think it was at the Helen Hayes theatre.   and.....  Amazing memories of Sunday in the Park With George with him and Bernadette.


Mandy Patinkin Tour  Jan 31 2020, 09:48:01 AM

Does anyone have any reports on Mandy's current concert tour "Diaries"?   He is playing at Proctor's in Schenectady, NY tonight.  Thinking of grabbing a ticket.

Toronto Tour of "Hello. Dolly" cancelled  Dec 20 2019, 11:55:38 AM

I hope there is no cancellation for Schenectady.  I have tickets (via the subscription series).   Actually, Carolee is originally from Albany NY. (neighboring city to Schenectady).  So this final Dolly stop would basically be like a home coming for her.  

Tale of the Allergist's Wife  Nov 19 2019, 03:11:30 PM

Surprised there is no feedback today regarding last night's benefit "reading" of the show.   Any reviews from anyone that may have gone?

Frozen Tour  Nov 12 2019, 11:06:14 PM

Seeing the show this Saturday night the 16th.  Will plan to report back. 

The Inheritance - Previews  Nov 12 2019, 11:03:50 PM

My partner and I seeing it on the 30th also.  Very excited... in spite of all the difference of opinions.

Be More Chill or The Prom?  Jun 6 2019, 02:39:48 PM

The Prom

Who will succeed Betty Buckley in HELLO, DOLLY! tour?  Jun 6 2019, 02:36:22 PM

I sure hope she continues with the tour until the stop at Proctor's Theater in Schenectady, NY in May 2020.  She is originally from Albany NY (right next door) so it would like a bit of a "homecoming" performance.  


The Prom...GO SEE IT!  May 8 2019, 08:42:43 AM

Every time I listen to the recording or think of the show.  I smile!

Bill and Hillary Clinton at TORCH SONG Tonight  Nov 26 2018, 08:46:50 AM

Jessie Tyler Ferguson was at the 11/23 Friday night performance.

THE CHER SHOW Previews  Nov 25 2018, 04:18:05 PM

Saw the show on Friday afternoon.   Overall, had a good time and enjoyed the show.  (Been playing my old Cher abums all weekend)

I feel the three main problems of the show are the that is book is clunky at times.the choreography is very generic with no wow factor, and i just did not sense any chemistry with "Sonny and Cher".

spoiler alert: (lol) It was tough watching a grown woman play a 4 year old on a tricycle,

Lots of pluses....   per

THE CHER SHOW Previews  Nov 20 2018, 12:46:27 PM

Thanks for the information!

THE CHER SHOW Previews  Nov 20 2018, 12:19:43 PM

Now that previews have been in play for a while.... does anyone who has seen the show lately have the current running time?  Trying to finalize some plans for after the show this weekend.

What is the best Stage Performance You Have Ever Seen?  Nov 5 2018, 11:30:28 AM

Jennifer Holliday - Dreamgirls

ANASTASIA National Tour  Oct 15 2018, 03:13:27 PM

The curved versus flat was the one part of the set that I thought was different but I could not recall for sure.   My guess is the design was changed to accommodate the different size stages at various theaters. 

ANASTASIA National Tour  Oct 15 2018, 09:07:25 AM

Saw the show this past Friday night in Schenectady.  I am no expert on this show but the production seemed the same as when I saw it in NY.  All the performances of the touring cast were excellent, as were the costumes and set. Great show!

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