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re: What shows did you do in high school?  Sep 5 2017, 03:34:58 PM

Middle School - Story Theater & Your A Good Man Charlie Brown

Freshman - Carnival (roustabout)

Sophomore- West Side Story (Baby John)

Junior - Don't Drink The Water & Guys and Dolls (Niclely Nicely)

Senior - You can't Take It With You & She Loves Me (Head Waiter)

Great Comet recording  May 17 2017, 12:45:31 PM

Plus the delicious Amber Grey! I adore the new high note in Charming, still the best song to me. Plus if you by the book they put out, the libretto includes the updated lyrics, with tons of notes by Malloy and comparisons to War and Peace. 

First listen HELLO, DOLLY!  May 9 2017, 02:22:31 PM

I was thrilled to see these posted early...then disappointed.  All the best words have been used already, flat and low energy. I don't see the show til August, and I expect what I see in the theater to be amazing, but this isn't. The modern Broadway album can be tricky and this one needed some tricks from the Golden Years. I'll continue to relish Pearl Baileys title track recording.

2017 Drama Desk Nominations & Awards  Apr 27 2017, 10:59:01 AM

A little shocked by no love for Groundhog Day and tons of love for Bandstand. Plus I adore Come From Away, but...Best Costume Design? 

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Previews  Apr 5 2017, 02:16:50 PM

I feel that we've been very lucky over the last 20 years when it comes to musicals, why they're have been some stinkers, it's been a 2nd golden age. Back in the 60s through the 80s some many crap musicals made it to Broadway that you've never even heard off that were gone after a handful of performances. Though it does feel lately a lot more crap is making it to Broadway and it sucks especially with ticket prices what they are. But I still find those awful shows very interesti

Question about Present Laughter  Apr 5 2017, 02:08:55 PM

It's really really boring and was soooo long when I saw it, plus this is the 3rd revival in the last 20 years, and they're not doing anything new or revolutionary like some oft revived shows (Glass Menagerie, Long Days Journey, etc.). It all felt very forced as a whole, plus I looked back and they rarely ever shower Present Laughter Revivals with much Tony love. Noel Coward can come off very dated.

Help choosing on stage seats  Mar 28 2017, 03:50:33 PM

I sat on the second row of banquet seating on stage left! Such amazing seats, I'd seen the show twice before and this was the best seating, plus the opportunity to walk through the bunker and enter through the stage doors is amazing and adds to the excitement of the show. Such great interaction with cast made eye contact with Grace McLean several times and then got her letter during Letters! Plus it's amazing seeing all the action that also happens in the  theater, including some

PRESENT LAUGHTER Previews  Mar 23 2017, 12:28:07 AM

I saw it today and it ran 2 hrs and 40 minutes. Act one didn't end till 3:24. Very overly long and slow, very disappointing, no fire. I've always wanted to see Kline but left underwhelmed, the ladies were great though.

GROUNDHOG DAY Previews  Mar 16 2017, 11:50:20 PM

I was there tonight, and while it was unfortunate about the set, the show went on! The cast performed with enthusiasm and gave it all they got under difficult circumstances, I don't feel it's completely fair to critique what was presented. But I will say there is something great there, I really wish we saw all of act 2, because I felt the songs were superior then those in the first act. I keep singing "if I had the chance again". Also appreciated the darker tone of the mater

Cats Cancelled Performance  Aug 24 2016, 06:35:10 PM

The actors were spot on considering the constant banging going on! Yea the show started at 3pm they let us in at 2:25

Cats Cancelled Performance  Aug 24 2016, 06:13:53 PM

I was at the matinee, there was a water main break and they were having air conditioning problems, the performance started an hour late. Throughout the end of the first act all the way to the end there was a constant banging coming from the floor, assuming it was a pipe. Couldn't serve any fountain of mixed drinks and the water in the toilets was brown and not flushing right. Was a long afternoon, was so hot in there! But the show went off without a hitch, bravo to the cast!

What are the worst musicals you ever saw  Jun 6 2016, 01:50:49 PM

I hardly ever post, but this is the strangest thread I've ever read! I've been seeing Broadway shows for almost 30 years and acted for many years and I've seen and been in AWFUL shows! But really Once, Fun Home? Compared to In My Life, Lestat, Metro, Scandalous! Confused, it's one thing not to like something, but being the worst show you ever saw?!  I didn't like Mary Poppins, 9 to 5, or Big Fish, But they were not the worst shows ever I just didn&

Pippin previews start tomorrow  Apr 16 2013, 02:12:12 PM
I saw It last week, and it is extremely enjoyable production! I always have lots of problems with the 2nd act of the show, find it sometimes boring, well alot boring! I'm baffled how people do not like Rachel Bay Jones. Her characterization of was one of the best i've seen! Just helped make the second act work for the first time for me. But I'm also a sucker for quirky, and she bought plenty of that. Plus, the decision to use her and Lewis as the sad outcast clowns in the first act was reall

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