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Griffin Matthews’ Post  Jun 1 2020, 08:10:24 PM

Among other things, Matthews says that "she has no real black friends and has never needed to have them because that's not part of the equation of rising to the pinnacle of success on Broadway.  Think about that.  White people literally need not one black person to become a Broadway sensation."  (That's all a direct quote, with no intervening words removed.)  He concludes that "Broadway is racist."

I assume he's talking about Dian

Hugh Jackman Says MUSIC MAN Still On Schedule for September  May 24 2020, 01:05:36 AM

" Tell Michael Aronov I said hello. "

I guess I'm out of it.   What is this referring to?  The only thing I know about Michael Aronov is that he was great in Oslo.

Frozen on Broadway - Where did they go wrong?  May 15 2020, 04:32:01 PM

One of the major problems is the lack of spectacle.  When I first heard Frozen was coming to Broadway, I thought, "Wow, the set will be incredible."  And it just wasn't.  The set was very ordinary.  Projections are not spectacle. And the ice coming out of the floor looked plastic and cheap.

Beauty and the Beast has a big, elaborate production number, and the beast transformation is really well-done.  Aladdin has a big number, too.  Mary Poppi

Brian Dennehy Has Passed Away  Apr 16 2020, 11:25:44 PM

He was very friendly when I saw Love Letters and signed for everyone who was waiting.  Maybe they were autograph dealers who came every day.  I've seen plenty of actors get fed up with them.

Drama League's Distinguished performance Award 2020  Apr 16 2020, 01:22:07 PM

I think the winner will be either Christian Borle or Danny Burstein as a kind of "lifetime achievement award."  The only other two possibilities are Adrienne Warren and Laura Linney, but I think they are much less likely.

My guess is Burstein, because his performance will have been seen by many more people than Borle's.

I agree with others that Karen Olivo, Joaquina Kalukango, Jonathan Groff, Ian Barford, and Conrad Ricamora will get nominated.

1776 Broadway revival cast for 2021  Apr 16 2020, 01:03:01 PM

Valentina3, was the production you saw gender-flipped (Martha and Abigail were played by men) or all-women?  The concept you describe would work better if those roles were played by men, but the Roundabout casting is not that way.

One of the Roundabout cast members was born female but now identifies as non-binary, has had top surgery to remove their breasts, and uses they/them pronouns.  (This is all public information on their website.  No secrets here.)  There may

Tickets Refunds  Apr 4 2020, 12:54:39 AM

Although I realize it's more of a nuisance, given what's been said about the trouble and expense of a dispute to TDF or any other non-profit, it would be a nice thing to give them one more chance, warn them first that you are going to dispute, and see if they respond.

Someone else can clarify because I am not an expert on this, but I believe the federal law is that you have 60 days from the date of the statement that the charge is on to initiate a dispute.  I don't kno

New York Times TONY voter poll out for 2019  Jun 7 2019, 10:36:43 AM

I think the Tonys said they weren't going to check with the shows about who went because many voters have access to free tickets through other mechanisms (friends, work connections) that the theater wouldn't always know about.

2018 Tony Awards- Best and Worst Dressed  Jun 10 2018, 07:48:15 PM

Andy Mientus's getup is a classic example of "Are you wearing your clothes, or are your clothes wearing you?"  He looks like he's wearing a costume. 

Anyone know why Phillip Boykin has missed so many shows during this OOTI run?  Feb 4 2018, 05:32:46 PM

There seem to be a lot of absences for this show.  And it's still early in the run so there probably aren't that many scheduled vacations yet.  

Fastest win to EGOT LMM or Pasek/Paul  Jan 28 2018, 09:40:07 PM

Yes, it's silly to respond to a comment from almost a year ago, but Justin Hurwitz did the right thing at the Oscars by starting to talk before Pasek and Paul got to the stage.  The clock starts when the names are read, not when they get to the stage.  If he had waited, they would have had even less time.

I don't think the Moana song was all that great, but City of Stars isn't all that either.

Wednesday night Spongebob Audience  Dec 9 2017, 10:51:55 PM

I have noticed that some of the worst audience members can be actors in the business.  Some of the best audience members can also be actors in the business.  I think most actors are very respectful audience members.  

I don't know if the badly behaved ones are like that because they can't stop performing, they think it's supporting the people on stage, they think the rules don't apply to them, or what.  But they can be extremely a

Crazy For You revival  Nov 23 2017, 06:23:00 PM

VernonGersch, my completely speculative guess is that it didn't actually fall apart, but rather, like Something Rotten, is skipping the out of town tryout and proceeding directly to Broadway.  As ACL2006 said, the possible impetus was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory closing, meaning the Lunt-Fontanne is now available.  

The other typical reason for a last-minute cancellation is a sudden loss of funding, which seems less likely for a revival like this.

BCEFA Refuses My Money  Nov 5 2017, 09:50:01 AM

Anshel2, I'm sorry that happened.  That is definitely not BCEFA policy.  I have gone after shows several times to get BCEFA merchandise (which is part of the reason why the security guy at Hamilton pissed me off so much).  

To put it bluntly, BCEFA wants your money.  They are not going to turn it down without a very good reason.  It sounds like they should have trained this volunteer better, though.

BCEFA Refuses My Money  Nov 5 2017, 12:29:49 AM

I had the same problem at Hamilton last year.  The security guy wouldn't let me in to buy a poster after the show, and wasn't very nice about it.  And they definitely had the posters, because other people were walking out with them.  I was kind of upset at the time.  But that had nothing to do with BCEFA.  Broadway Cares is a great cause. 

Alan Tudyk departs Meteor Shower due to  Oct 10 2017, 12:18:11 PM

I'm not sure why people started thinking that Alan Tudyk has a big head and quit.  The press release is very neutral.  I'm guessing he got fired for whatever reason.


I didn't realize that there is a market for Playbills from fairly recent shows.  I was surprised people are paying $10 or more for Newsies Playbills at Ebay.  (For OBC, it looks like at least $30,)

I had my own multiple-item-buyer issue the year after Wicked came out. I wanted to buy the original program (it had OBC photos only), but some guy was in the process of buying all of them and wouldn't let me have one as well.  Not the worst thing that's ever h

The Portuguese Kid (Previews)  Sep 27 2017, 11:48:54 AM

AfterEight has given decent reviews to a few shows recently.  I am glad he or she is enjoying himself, but I find it a bit confusing.

Dear Evan Hansen Stage Door  Jul 3 2017, 12:20:12 PM

At first, I thought that Twitter account might be a troll/parody account, since the woman is supposed to be a doctor and old enough to have a daughter in law school, and her tweets are so antagonistic and nutty.  But sadly, I think it is a real account.

Apparently, she's no better with her patients.  Her online ratings are awful and the comments from patients say things like, "She's just a mean person."

Stage Door Question  Jun 20 2017, 10:42:55 PM

For a show like Anastasia, the ensemble members might have their own Sharpies or be given them by security, but for many plays and even many musicals, ensemble members are not consistently asked to sign and often do not have a Sharpie on them.  So I would bring Sharpies if it's not too much trouble to do so.


I also agree with dramamama that 99% of stage door fans are great, but there are definitely some rude fans sometimes.

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