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The Nutcracker Question  Sep 15 2019, 09:03:53 PM
In my experience, no. Nutcracker is NYCB’s biggest money-maker; they even suspend their under-30 discount prices for the run.

Funniest Performances You've Ever Seen Onstage  Jun 5 2019, 07:27:14 PM
I have to throw Laura Benanti in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown into the mix. The night I saw it, she couldn’t breathe without getting a laugh. We were putty in her hands.

KING LEAR Previews  Mar 2 2019, 01:17:16 PM
Russell Harvey plays the Duke of Cornwall. He signs most of his lines but also speaks. Michael Arden is credited as his Aide. He signs the spoken lines to the Duke and speaks his lines for the other actors/audience. Regan signs a few lines to him, and Oswald signs and speaks his lines while addressing Cornwall.

Gloria  Feb 17 2019, 06:33:25 PM
Saw this in original run at the Vineyard. Loved it.

Even though the theater was well air conditioned, my body started sweating as we reached the end of act three. Once I left, I realized that it was because I was anticipating another event like what ended act one.

DADDY previews (New Group/Vineyard co production at Signature)  Feb 17 2019, 01:35:03 PM
Caught the show Wednesday night. For a three hour play, the pacing is very swift, and I was left feeling like I could watch another two hours.

The three leads (Alan Cumming, Ronald Peet, and Charlayne Woodward) are well matched and delivering fierce, powerful work. Also loved the three ladies who made up the gospel choir. They sound incredible and maintain a solid presence throughout.

I loved how ambiguous the ending was and how I’m still turning over this play five days late

KINKY BOOTS- sets April 7th closing  Sep 28 2018, 10:28:02 PM
Might not be possible with his schedule, but I’d love fo see Billy Porter close out the show.

Edie Falco in The True  Sep 2 2018, 06:49:37 PM
I’ll be there next Sunday. The space is very intimate with great views from the balcony.

Official Bernadette Peters in Hello, Dolly! performances thread  Jul 15 2018, 06:30:32 PM

msmp said: "Dollypop said: "A blazing performance this afternoon!!!!!"

Were there any speeches or anything, given it was Bernadette's final performance?

No speeches. But the love on that stage-for the show and its star-were apparent in every moment. A spectacular afternoon. 

Dame Laurie Metcalf  Jun 12 2018, 11:11:24 AM
Who knows if she and her team would want to go from Albee to Albee and it was also on Broadway so recently, but I so want Metcalf to tackle Martha.

Nina Arianda - Come back to Broadway!  Apr 5 2018, 12:45:38 PM
After enduring the live broadcast of the Young Vic Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, I’m dying to see Nina take on Maggie the Cat.

Official Bernadette Peters in Hello, Dolly! performances thread  Nov 26 2017, 05:28:16 PM
I too will be there January 20th. Bernadette in Gypsy at the Shubert was my first Broadway musical, and I love this production so much I’ve already gone three times.

I anticipate being overjoyed and overwhelmed and over par!

BERNADETTE is DOLLY - official  Sep 9 2017, 02:27:59 PM

Just got center balcony for the first preview.

And dear God, that commercial. 

For Peter Pan on her 70TH Birthday  Aug 28 2017, 01:16:18 PM

I have to provide a contrary voice and say I was very moved by it and genuinely enjoyed it, and I despise Peter Pan. 

Riedel on Amy Schumer's box office power  Aug 18 2017, 09:05:03 AM

Whatever his box officr draw, Driver would be a fabulous Pale. Would love to see a Burn This revival happen. 

Director's Cut of DREAMGIRLS film to be released  Aug 3 2017, 06:19:12 PM

I'm trying to remember...did they film Anika Noni Rose singing "Ain't No Party" or not? If the new footage includes that....I will at least look for it clipped on YouTube. 

In What Role Should Jane Krakowski Return to Broadway?  Aug 2 2017, 02:14:13 PM

In my mind, she's perfect for Charity. 

Rose in GYPSY - Could She Have Really Been A Star?  Jul 30 2017, 01:29:38 PM

Does anyone know if Dorothy Loudon ever played Rose? I feel like she would have been excellent. 

2017 Shakespeare in the Park  Jul 15 2017, 08:36:43 PM

I feel like all the reporting surrounding Julius Caesar didn't hurt them either. 

2017 Shakespeare in the Park  Jul 13 2017, 02:38:48 PM

CPD, my friend and I felt that the rule was build Hippolyta's costumes first.... and then see what budget we have left for everybody else. 

Stars reviving their iconic roles.  Jun 27 2017, 04:26:55 AM

I don't think many would call these her "iconic roles," but I see no reason Streep couldn't take another go at Arkadina or Mother Courage. 

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