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Anybody else looking forward to SUNDAY in Philly?  May 12 2010, 11:30:04 PM
I'm excited.... I hear good things from rehearsals.

(Shameless Plug) On another note... "Reefer Madness: The Musical" opens tomorrow at Drexel... really great production. Come check it out!

Dream cast the LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE musical  May 2 2010, 03:32:25 PM
I agree. Toni can sing... might as well be her.

Assistance in contacting Rob Ashford, please.  Apr 13 2010, 04:09:19 PM
As dumb as it would sound (addressing to the theater) it actually probably will be delivered to him. I did the same thing for Jerry Mitchell and got a response that way.

Middle Aged Actress Needed for Short Student Film (South Pasadena)  Mar 21 2010, 07:09:55 PM
Just had an lead actor drop from the film I am producing... if anyone knows someone pass this along....


We are looking for a middle-aged (50-60) dark-haired (preferably) actress to be featured in a short dramatic student film.

Joanie is an earthy California housewife who must bring her family together again for her second marriage.


Please email with an attach

Mandy Gonzalez Joins WICKED as Elphaba March 23  Feb 23 2010, 01:18:19 PM
I said this like five years ago.... glad it's happening. She will be great!

Mrs. Stone's 'Nine' in six words  Jan 10 2010, 02:30:19 AM
Cinema Italiano was trash. Awful. I started laughing out loud with some of those lyrics "scenes I see to guidos pov" ehh...

re: Jackie Hoffman Sings from the Taylor Swift Songbook  Jan 2 2010, 12:18:09 AM
so funny.

re: Has anyone else stage doored NINE?  Dec 28 2009, 03:00:06 PM
I saw it today and Eva Longoria was on for Fergie because right before Be Italian she got sick.

Also, everyone came out, but I was kind of mad cause Kate Hudson refused to sign my copy of Almost Famous, but she did really like the "Penny Lane" tee-shirt I made her.

re: What's Shoshana's secret?  Oct 20 2009, 10:14:10 PM
I was thinking that that it's something entertainment related if it's in the NY Times.

What's Shoshana's secret?  Oct 20 2009, 09:56:08 PM
Not sure if anyone has heard anything... just saw this pop-up on facebook...

Shoshana Bean BIG NEWS TOMORROW. . .11:30AM EST. . .it will be tweeted, emailed, facebooked, livelined, shouted from the top of our apt bldg, it will even be in the NY TIMES!!!!. . . so you will hear somehow. Just stay tuned and be ready. I've been wanting to tell you guys about it for 3 mos now! ugh. see how good I am at keeping secrets???

re: Avenue Q at New World Stages next month?  Sep 14 2009, 12:18:41 PM
Foa is in NCIS: Los Angeles so he is in LA filming.

re: US Nat'l Tour of IN THE HEIGHTS gets its Daniela!  Sep 3 2009, 04:27:43 PM
I hope this is true. Isabel is literally pheonemal. The girl has a killer voice. All the best of luck!

re: Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs Welcome Son  Sep 3 2009, 02:21:34 PM
Mazel Tov!

But... just because the parents are actors doesn't mean the baby will be necessarily... just saying.

re: Jessica Biel- I'll Know  Aug 9 2009, 12:37:37 PM
I for one have re-played her "If I were a Bell" over and over. I am extremely impressed. Wish I could have seen it.

re: THE FIRST WIVES CLUB Previews?  Jul 27 2009, 09:57:57 PM
How did the stage the end of "You Don't Own Me" when they walk out the doors and into the street?

just kidding.. too soon?

Go for Diversity  Jul 17 2009, 04:41:10 PM
Yeah I would go with another show.

My high school director really wanted to do the show. The school board wanted certain "language" changed to be more appropriate. He did not want to do that, because it would not have been how it was during that time... so new shows were picked.

re: Samantha Harris in CHICAGO....?  Jul 8 2009, 09:06:52 PM
She is very sweet. I worked with her at "The Insider" and she would always talk to everyone and was extremely friendly. I am hoping to get to NYC to see her.

p.s. The girl who gives her the flowers is Jen her asst. Great girl as well.

re: Photo Coverage: Samantha Harris Makes Her Broadway Debut As 'Roxie Hart  Jul 8 2009, 10:50:17 AM
I'll defend Samantha. I've worked with her and she is extremely nice... not a diva at all. Talks to everyone.

re: FIRST WIVES CLUB cast photo  Jul 3 2009, 12:26:47 PM
thats the press photo?

re: re: re: Weird Broadway Dreams......  Jul 2 2009, 09:05:08 PM
Funny this thread is here. I had a weird dream last night. Me, Leslie Kritzer and Michelle Kittrell all got drunk and saw "UP" together.

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