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Diana going to Netflix  Aug 12 2020, 12:02:07 PM
Why the long wait for release til next year though? Hell, they should just stream it live.

Off-broadway still open?  Mar 12 2020, 06:17:01 PM
The Unsinkable Molly Brown is cancelled.

Harry's Last Stand will play to 50% audiences.

Dana H will play to 50% audience begining April 1.

Medea at BAM  Mar 8 2020, 09:22:35 AM
This was fantastic. It closes today and its a shame it's not running on Broadway. It should be, was my favorite play since Betrayal and A View from the Bridge. I think I like a certain type.

Jurrasic World Live Tour at barclays  Feb 21 2020, 05:08:29 PM
Is this worth seeing? Or is it pretty much just for kids?

Macbeth Previews.  Feb 10 2020, 03:06:44 AM

How does the Hunter Project remount compare to the original?

Timon of Athens at TFANA  Feb 7 2020, 04:26:27 AM
Another short run at TFANA much like Fefu and friends. This ran for 4 weeks with no Wednesday and Thursday performance last week and no Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday performance this week. I think this was on TDF early in its run, but not any time recently? I used to use their new deal offer all the time but I just aged out of it and its a shame they don't offer any other sort of rush options. Seems like the runs are too short with too many subscribers filling up the few performances.


2020 Tony Awards Eligibility Meeting #2  Jan 30 2020, 06:09:27 PM
So Freestyle Love Supreme, American Utopia, Harry Connick Jr Cole Porter, Derren Brown Secret and Slava's Snowshow all not eligible.

TOOTSIE closing  Jan 5 2020, 06:44:15 PM
I ended up buying a $62 rear orchestra ticket an hour before showtime on Tickpick. Good app, no fees makes it cheaper than stubhub. Minutes before showtime rear mezz tickets went as low as $27.

A nice final performance, no audience screaming, just extended applause for all the lead entrances and after big jokes. A speech by Julie Halston at the end thanking everyone and the creatives in attendance.

TOOTSIE closing  Jan 5 2020, 11:20:20 AM

If anyone has an extra rush or lottery ticket for today let me know.

Is anyone on the rush line now? Are they doing rush?

Edit: rush sold out at 12:15

TOOTSIE closing  Jan 4 2020, 05:33:01 PM
Anyone have an extra lotto ticket for tonight?

I tried rushing on Monday an hour before curtain and the attendant said they only sell rush at 10am. Yet they had a ton of unsold side orchestra seats.

Tootsie Rush  Dec 29 2019, 03:38:04 PM
Anyone get rush tickets recently about an hour before curtain?

Thoughts on these off Broadway and off-off shows?  Dec 12 2019, 11:04:56 PM

Anna Karenina: A Riff at the Flea

Orpheus & Eurydice at Soho Playhouse

The Wild Parrots of Campbell at Cherry Lane

With a Little Help it's John Belushi at Theater 80

Ray Gun Sayonara and The Listening Room at New Ohio Theater


A handful of member reviews for them on Show Score but I'm wondering if anyone here has any thoughts?


Betrayal Previews  Dec 4 2019, 03:18:01 AM

Revisited this a second time last week. Still phenomenal performances from the cast.

This was the best production of a play on Broadway since Van Hove's A View from the Bridge. Maybe I just prefer tense spare staging with economical writing as opposed to drawn out stuff like The Ferryman. Anyone agree? Name something better since then. (I haven't seen Harry Potter or Angels in America) Edit: Okay just remembered Choir Boy was really great as well.

See this before

Fefu and her friends  Dec 1 2019, 10:53:05 PM
Oof, I realized I'm 31 now and no longer eligible for their 30 and under program. This is selling really well, why aren't they extending this? I would've grabbed a ticket on TDF.

2019 thanksgiving parade broadway performances  Nov 28 2019, 12:20:52 AM
So is Mean Girls the only performance on CBS this year?

Post lotto suggestion  Nov 26 2019, 11:22:49 PM
Betrayal, Christmas Carol, Freestyle Love Supreme, Lightning Thief, The Rose Tattoo, Slave Play, The Sound Inside linctix, To Kill a Mockingbird, Tootsie

Maybe Beetlejuice and Jagged Little Pill

Fefu and her friends  Nov 26 2019, 07:00:59 AM
How is this? Is it worth seeing for the immersive elements? Besides that is it worth seeing as a play or does no plot make it a chore?

EVITA transfer?  Nov 25 2019, 11:24:51 PM
What is the other show Solea might be in?

The Wrong Man  Nov 20 2019, 01:50:19 AM
I saw this with Ryan Vazquez in the lead and really enjoyed his voice. It sounded a lot different than Henry's voice in previous shows I've seen him in. But I still wonder if they both sound alike though, has anyone seen the both of them?

Ciara Renee was also out and I would've liked to have heard her instead, but her character didn't have many songs so no big deal I guess. The ensemble member covering Ryan's usual role was very good as well.

Someone posted on 8/8 before this s

We Will Rock You Tour  Nov 16 2019, 07:02:20 AM
Anyone see this here in NY? I'm thinking of skipping it based on reviews here and online. I loved Bat out of Hell but this looks like it doesn't compare at all. Is the running time 2:45?

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