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Shows You've Discovered (or Rediscovered) While in Quarantine  May 20 2020, 02:10:25 PM
Falsettos. I can't believe I missed the most recent revival. I'm kicking myself.

The most recent recording and the original are both amazing pieces of music.

SUNDAY postponed in London  May 5 2020, 09:46:14 AM

Jordan Catalano said: "Postponed. It’s the word I’ve been praying for, as far as this is concerned. I’ve been so worried the whole transfer would just be cancelled altogether, what with Jake’s film schedule (whatever that may look like now) so this is a huge sigh of relief to wake up to today."

My thoughts exactly. I am excited to revisit this production when it's able to safely start. 

SING STREET @ NYTW  Apr 21 2020, 08:41:29 AM
The album sounds fantastic. What a beautiful group of songs. I can't wait to see this on broadway. We absolutely loved the NYTW production...

What's the 1st show you're planning to see when the quarantine is over?  Apr 16 2020, 09:25:22 AM
Return trips to Jagged Little Pill and Hadestown! Excited to see Flying Over Sunset and Caroline.

WHEN WILL THEY ANNOUNCE  Apr 4 2020, 04:27:50 PM

Jordan Levinson said: "I highly doubt New York theatre- or live theatre in general- will return ever again.I believe all theaters around the world will be demolished in no time. Theatre is a dying art form anyway, and it had lost much of its appeal before this crisis. I may sound like an extremepessimist, but this is unfortunately true.

If the world were to return to some sort of "normalcy" in the future, it would have no face-to-face interaction, meaning no fune

SING STREET Will Transfer To Broadway  Apr 4 2020, 01:22:11 PM

ggersten said: "Someone asked me about the film, and I told them "there was to be a stage show" and when I checked the official website for the stage show, I saw that there is a cast album. When did they record it? When did they release it? (I have not listened yet)"

The cast recording was supposed to be released 3/26 to coincide with the first broadway preview. That didn't happen. 

Rebecca Luker  Mar 21 2020, 12:31:44 PM
I saw her in Fun Home a few years ago when she filled in for Judy Kuhn. She was excellent.

WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? Announces Broadway Closing  Mar 21 2020, 08:59:54 AM
Damn. I was really looking forward to this.

Broadway Coffee Table Books  Mar 16 2020, 04:00:54 PM

Wildcard said: "Since time is now in abundance due to lockdowns, I finally was able to re-arrange some of my books. Here are my books based on Broadway musicals


The RENT and Wicked Pop Up Book are two of my favorites.  

Which shows will Covid-19 end?  Mar 15 2020, 10:24:38 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Well “Sing Street” has already said they’d aim for a Fall opening. "

Where did you see that? 

Which shows will Covid-19 end?  Mar 15 2020, 09:58:10 PM
Poor SING STREET doesn't stand a chance. So sad.

Broadway and the Coronavirus  Mar 15 2020, 03:31:40 PM
Any best guesses as to what productions are planning to come back/reopen and what likely won't?

Broadway to Close?  Mar 12 2020, 10:56:49 AM
I have a ticket to Whisper House I'm trying to get rid of. I paid $27.50, which I believe was a special price for the first few preview. Let me know if anyone wants it. Just asking what I paid.

It's for this Friday, March 13 at 7pm at 59e59.

Company Previews Thread  Mar 11 2020, 12:34:34 PM

RippedMan said: "I think it's tough in 2020 to have a lead in a big broadway musical who doesn't have the vocals for the part. In the 70s you could get away with it. But not now. There's too much talent out there. Give me Mueller as Bobbie."


Rosie/Gaga lead Funny Girl to reopen the Palace!  Mar 9 2020, 06:59:44 PM

Tag said: "From Rosie's blog yesterday:

Fan Question:

Any new developments in doing “Funny Girl” on Broadway?

Rosie response:

there's a bit of noise about it now


I am excited

I'll believe it when it happens. I would be thrilled; not getting my hopes up. 

Six Rush or Lottery News  Mar 7 2020, 04:33:49 PM
Forgot to add in my post above, Toby Marlow was behind me in the beginning of the show and it looked like he was enjoying himself! Such a fun show.

Six Rush or Lottery News  Mar 7 2020, 04:31:38 PM

starcatchers said: "steven22 said: "I haven't done standing room since the original production of Spring Awakening. I just walked by the Brooks and was able to get a standing room ticket for the 3pm show easily.

Has anyone done standing room for SIX?

I have, and I loved it. The view is excellent.

The show was spectacular. Absolutely enjoyed everything and standing room is a complete bargain. Full view. Plenty of room to

Six Rush or Lottery News  Mar 7 2020, 01:27:39 PM
I haven't done standing room since the original production of Spring Awakening. I just walked by the Brooks and was able to get a standing room ticket for the 3pm show easily.

Has anyone done standing room for SIX?

Jagged Little Pill Understudies  Mar 7 2020, 10:20:55 AM
I'd love to be able to find out with a little advanced notice if Laurel is going on next time! I've been waiting to see her. I do love Elizabeth Stanley in the role though!

“Diana” cancelled tonight 3/5/20  Mar 6 2020, 07:04:45 PM
Holly Ann Butler is on tonight as Camille. I just walked by the theater.

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