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Member Name: Elphaba
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Gender: Male
Location: Palm Springs, CA
Occupation: Library Sales

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discount codes  Dec 13 2013, 01:04:15 PM
thanks all

discount codes  Dec 12 2013, 04:53:51 PM
Big Fish, Kinky Boots, Matilda...not even sure about the trip yet, just getting ideas of costs, thanks.

discount codes  Dec 12 2013, 02:11:27 PM
sorry if this has been asked before, but found nothing when I searched. Is there a single location/website/etc where discount codes for current shows are listed?
Thanks in advance

WICKED As An Animated Film  Dec 11 2013, 09:28:20 PM
good grief, I would scream and claw my face if this happened.

re: banned  Aug 1 2013, 01:34:11 PM
I would totally fight this battle if I were you. With all going on around the world in regards to LGBT rights, THIS one show teaches about love and acceptance. And for a school in Marin County to ban it is simply wrong.

I would approach the media, cause in your area they would be interested and demand the reasons. It is not inappropriate, it is needed. There are still high and middle schoolers killing themselves because they feel less than human. Who knows, maybe seeing this could even

CARRIE Cast Recording  Jul 18 2012, 09:50:02 PM
love the stared part, Taz!

BIG The Musical  Jul 8 2012, 11:11:23 AM
I think we have our answer

Most boring musicals  Jun 17 2012, 01:56:24 AM
In the Heights
First Wives Club

The Actual Drowsy Chaperone Marquee for Sale  Jun 11 2012, 05:35:53 PM
This is one of the times when I wish I was not unemployed! This would have made a very special birthday present today for a very special someone. What an amazing thing to have.

Can't believe Leap of Faith nominated, but Raul Esparza not  May 3 2012, 02:04:06 PM
I was surprised too, considering how good he was in it in LA...

Anyone seeing FOLLIES in LA tonight?  May 3 2012, 02:03:24 PM
have tix for June

A Room With A View : A New Musical  Mar 15 2012, 07:06:06 PM
seeing it April 8

Silence! the Musical... Interview with Stephen Bienskie  Feb 17 2012, 02:09:00 PM
It was one of the funniest shows we have ever seen! Loved it!

Carrie Article from 1997  Feb 17 2012, 02:08:11 PM
We enjoyed it

Less than a week until CARRIE comes back to NYC  Jan 31 2012, 09:08:22 PM
just ordered tickets for Sunday night!

Community Objections to Productions  Sep 21 2011, 02:52:35 PM
I would say that those who object should not spend their money to see the production....

Why is Priscilla not doing better business?  Jun 3 2011, 12:53:49 PM
I saw this in London about 3 weeks ago, and felt it was overdone. Now I hate that word, but what it fits. It seemed forced, like they were trying to get a specific reaction from me, rather than the reaction I wanted to give. Not sure that makes sense, but it's the closest I can come to describing it.
When I see a show, I want to become immersed in it, to the point where I feel I am not in an audience, but rather am part of it as a watcher....but this was never like that, as truly I knew I wa

One performance you would like to go back in time to catch...  May 29 2011, 03:27:10 PM
OBC Titanic
OBC 1776

My BOOK OF MORMON CD just shipped!  May 17 2011, 03:27:10 PM
downloaded on iTunes last night!

Tony Winning Actress Sada Thompson has died...  May 6 2011, 12:11:26 PM
loved her in family, and actually all she did.

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