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Thanksgiving Day Parade 2020 - Broadway Plans  Nov 26 2020, 09:43:19 AM

THE PROM new song and release date  Nov 17 2020, 06:57:04 PM

Kad said: "I think folks are wildly overestimating the material's strength for the Oscars, even in a weird year. This is far lighter fare than the Academy goes for (and, imo, I thought the show itself was solidly B-tier stuff, too)."

Exactly. Will we see Meryl get a Golden Globe nomination? Almost certainly. But I'll be shocked if we see any Oscar nominations for this.

NBC will present THE GRINCH musical this December starring Morrison  Nov 11 2020, 12:44:14 PM

BJR said: "Wait, why are they using British performers? ... Don't we have plenty of American actors out of work? Is this filming in the UK?"

The second sentence literally says "from the Troubadour Theatre in London"...

What The Constitution Means To Me is now on Prime  Oct 20 2020, 09:53:08 PM

Kitsune said: "There were two (alternating) young women who participated in the debate at the end. I vaguely recall that each wrote their own case as to why the Constitution should be Kept / Abolished, so I don't think it was totally scripted."

Actually, the text was fully scripted and the same for both girls. I saw each of them on two separate nights, and the text was exactly the same.

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 02:16:42 PM

JBroadway said: "Surprised "A Christmas Carol" was eligible for score even though it was mostly just re-arranged versions of existing Christmas music. Also surprised it wasn't eligible for Best Orchestrations (if it had been eligible, there would have been 4 nominees instead of 3). I'm also surprised it got left out for Best Play in lieu of Grand Horizons"

Christmas Carol was eligible for Score because of all of the original music that underscores t

GoldDerby Tony Predictions  Oct 15 2020, 01:52:53 PM

It's a little bit different with a play. Almost the entirety of the show was underscored by music that was original. While many of the sung songs were pre-existing, there's a whole instrumental score that people forget. Notice that he's not nominated as "Music and Lyrics by..." but "Music by..."

GoldDerby Tony Predictions  Oct 15 2020, 01:06:19 PM

According to these guys, A Christmas Carol was ineligible for Best Score. Guess they were wrong.

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 12:18:45 PM

sparksatmidnight said: "roseaddams said: "Has there been a single musical category where the nominees weren’t Moulin Rouge, Jagged Little Pill, and Tina?"

JLP and Tina weren't nominated for Best Actor...

Which makes sense considering they weren't eligible in those categories.

Also, what does Paul Alexander Nolan have to do to get nominated for a Tony. Almost the entire cast of Slave Play was nominated, but not Paul

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 12:16:32 PM

How did Kyle Soller not get in when they nominated 6 people for Leading Actor in a Play? That's nonsense.

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 12:15:31 PM

imeldasturn said: "lol doesn't Betrayal have an author?"

It's been on Broadway before. Remember, they only list the authors for revivals now if those shows have never appeared on Broadway, making the authors also eligible for the Tony Award.

The Prom Movie Pictures/Articles  Oct 7 2020, 04:13:26 PM

I fully thought Corden was Ross Mathews in the Sardi's photo.

YES! Jay Armstrong Johnson YES!  Oct 7 2020, 02:58:36 PM

Julia Murney looks like the highlight of this to be honest.

Who was the best Amanda Wingfield?  Sep 22 2020, 01:14:39 PM

I really hated the Judith Ivey production, but she was very good in it. Conversely, the best production I have ever seen is the Cherry Jones production, but I thought she was the weakest in the cast (though that's not saying much since I thought all of them were extraordinary). But comparing her to other Amanda's, I think I like Cherry the best.

4th of July poll: Favorite American History Theater That's NOT Hamilton?  Jul 4 2020, 07:59:38 PM

Hamilton wishes it were half as good as 1776.

OUR TOWN revival starring Dustin Hoffman; Bartlett Sher directs  Jun 30 2020, 08:50:03 PM

Rudin wants a star to sell tickets? Get Meryl! 

Dreamcast: Desiree Armfeldt  Jun 25 2020, 12:58:30 PM


Drama League's Distinguished performance Award 2020  Jun 18 2020, 09:51:25 AM

I love Danny, but I cannot believe this is the role he wins a Drama League Aware for. This was definitely a "career" award.

West End not expected to resume performances until at least 2021.  Jun 17 2020, 08:49:46 AM

This is specifically about Cameron Mackintosh's 4 shows, not the West End in general. They have made the active decision to keep those shows closed until 2021, even if the West End opens sooner.

Songland Ben Platt  Jun 9 2020, 08:35:58 PM

I watch every episode and honestly it was the first time this season where I thought the correct song wasn't picked. To me, "Ghosts" was the better song by a significant margin. And honestly, I thought the song he chose sounded way too much like "You Will Be Found" from DEH.

Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 4 2020, 09:07:25 AM

disneybroadwayfan22 said: "Elizabeth Aldrin’s US stories just got worse!!! And she wasn’t fired after that?!?!?!

The tweet is gone. What did it say?

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