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Greatest Theatrical Comedy Performances You Have Seen  Jul 15 2020, 08:15:14 PM

The funniest performance I ever saw in a show was Christian Borle in Peter and the Starcatchers. There's a moment - if you've seen the show you know what I mean - that stopped the show dead for a solid three or four minutes because the laughter was so extreme. I've never laughed that hard in a theater, and I saw Nathan Lane in The Producers (my runner up choice).

What Are Great Musical Roles That Don’t Sing Much  Jul 15 2020, 12:13:03 AM

The King also has Song of the King. Not a big song, but it's there.

AMA with Chris Lanceley  Apr 1 2019, 11:36:58 AM

Chris Lanceley from The Play That Goes Wrong will be doing an AMA at the r/Broadway subreddit this Saturday, April 6. Come on over and post some questions for him.

Broadway Music Game on HQ  Sep 25 2018, 01:31:53 PM

Count me in as one of the .98 cent winners :)


I hope they do that again also - that was a lot of fun. I stumbled on the Flowers for Algernon question, but fortunately I had an extra life so it didn't kill me.

Broadway Music Game on HQ  Sep 22 2018, 11:54:12 PM

I've been playing for a year now. I won once in July, and I won the recent Disney night. I have a good feeling about winning Broadway musicals :)

ABC's ENCORE! Into the Woods with Kristen Bell streaming now  Dec 11 2017, 08:43:07 PM

I was figuring they did the whole show but only showed us Act One. Children Will Listen and the Into the Woods song they did show are from the end of act 2,,,,,

SUNDAY revival recoups and cast recording released in June  Sep 30 2017, 10:00:27 AM

I didn't get to see the production, thinking Gyllenhaal was just stunt casting. Holy crap, was I wrong. The recording is fantastic. I was  moved to tears during Beautiful, one of my all time favorite songs. 

It's hard not to hear Mandy and Bernadette in those roles, but this album actually made me forget them. 

So, so good.

Rank the Tony performances  Jun 12 2017, 10:21:30 AM

1. Great Comet - I want to see this show so badly - and now I want to see it even more. Fantastic performance.

2. Miss Saigon - yes, it was a weird opening, but the star of that performance was Eva N. She was fantastic.

3. Falsettos - not sure why people keep saying it was a medley - it was one song, and I thought it came off well here.

4. DEH - I have SERIOUS problems with the book of this show, but the score is solid (not as good as Comet, IMO). Solid performance.

Best Movie  Dec 23 2016, 10:01:19 PM

Drive It Like You Stole It from "Sing Street."  If you haven't seen Sing Street yet, it's streaming on Netflix and absolutely worth watching - it's fantastic.

HAIRSPRAY LIVE! Viewing Thread  Dec 7 2016, 09:38:28 PM

That was so dead on I'm assuming Hamilton reference.

HAIRSPRAY LIVE! Viewing Thread  Dec 7 2016, 08:07:33 PM

She sounded horribly out of breath

FALSETTOS Previews  Oct 9 2016, 08:00:14 PM

Saw the show yesterday when the cast was almost killed when a piece of the cube that got stuck under the lowering set piece caused the entire thing to fall forward before popping the piece out from under it (I exaggerate a bit, but for a moment it looked like the whole thing was going to fall over). I've loved the score of Falsettos for years. The changes didn't really bother me - they didn't seem to add much, but I don't think they took anything away either.

The real p

What show are you surprised hasn't had a Broadway revival?  Aug 31 2016, 01:27:26 PM

Grand Hotel was the first show I thought of also. With such a large and potentially diverse cast, I'm surprised it hasn't been revived yet.

Any thoughts on 'The Total Bent' ? - Toss your hesitations aside  Jun 24 2016, 10:57:32 AM

We saw this last night. We came out saying what everyone on this thread said - the music and performances were fantastic, but what the hell was the show about?  My wife said, "This actually made me feel like I'm not smart enough to understand it."  I think the show was just a mess as far as the book went - what there was of a book - but the music and the performances were truly outstanding.  I'd want a cast album just to be able to hear some of those songs aga

Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 31 2016, 07:39:55 PM

Given that her father died last night, it's hard not to give Vanessa Hudgens a little bit of a break...

BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 30 2016, 10:39:57 AM

It seems that the people who went, for the most part, had positive experiences. The negativity seems to be coming from people who didn't go/see the event as beneath them.



BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 26 2016, 10:06:32 PM

Ha - I thought I saw that tweet! I was too tired to scream. :)

That was another great idea - showing tweets on the screens. I got up there a couple of times :) 

BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 26 2016, 09:36:04 PM

Yeah, that Ragtime password was kind of painful. My wife leaned over to me and said, "Just say COALHOUSE!"  That should have been WAY faster than it was, but it did give us "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat," so it does kind of even out.

The age differences weren't as noticable to me. I only really saw it at the Sondheim meetup and at the Why Didn't It Run panel. I'm in my late thirties - I got a huge kick out of Ben Cameron's reactio

BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 26 2016, 05:45:35 PM

The Why Didn't It Run panel was one of my favorite hours of the con. It went so quickly because it was fascinating. Viagas and Filichia know their stuff and it shows. Both are pretty opinionated and not afraid to speak their minds.  It was definitely a highlight for me.


BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 26 2016, 01:12:17 PM

That's an excellent suggestion. Peter Filichia runs trivia games in his column all the time - I would guess if asked he would be willing to do it as well. (His panel about flops was awesome, btw - though I'm saying this as a personal friend of his).

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