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What will happen to Tony Awards?  Mar 12 2020, 05:01:00 PM

For a show like 'Six' that already has an established name for itself, it won't matter too much. But the shows that needed to build a buzz like 'Flying Over Sunset' or 'Diana', I can't imagine how they'll work things out after the cancellation finishes. It's really concerning for the brand new shows that aren't already established; will they be able to pick up ticket sales once things reopen?

KING KONG Reviews  Nov 8 2018, 10:38:26 PM

As an Australian, I am so embarrassed this is the show we've decided to try and export to the world. We can do theatre so much better than this. 

BEETLEJUICE - Pre-Broadway Tryout in DC  Oct 14 2018, 11:12:41 PM

Does the Playbill have a song list?

BEETLEJUICE - Pre-Broadway Tryout in DC  Oct 13 2018, 07:33:52 AM

darquegk said: "I want to believe when it comes to the score: King Kong has cycled through several creative and it looks like Perfect did touch-up work but was just giving songs to plug in. He's been THE composer attached to this project for several years, and I'd like to think its where his talent and passion was better placed. (The realist in me still thinks it should have been the next Tim Minchin show...)"

I don't know if we'll see any more Broadw

KING KONG - Previews  Oct 5 2018, 11:55:24 PM

WhizzerMarvin said: "Hasn’t this show been in development for like a decade? It seems like there have been countless productions, workshops and creative teams attached over the years, including the likes of Craig Lucas, Marsha Norman and Jason Robert Brown, and yet this is what they finally decide to serve up to us?

King Kong is written like a jukebox musical, but instead of hanging a book on a pre-existing catalogue of songs, an entire show has been built out from a

KING KONG - Previews  Oct 5 2018, 11:05:18 PM

joanntom said: "So far it seems that there's one carry over song from Melbourne."

Was it the Full Moon Lullaby one? At the time back in 2013, that was the closest one to being the "breakout" song.

KING KONG - Previews  Oct 3 2018, 11:01:20 PM

In Melbourne 2013, the show was fascinatingly bad. The irony was the show was theoretically saying to us "how horrible that these characters want to keep King Kong locked up so people can gawk at him", and yet the show itself did nothing but ask us, the audience, to gawk at the big puppet. There was one scene that ran for 10 minutes with virtually no dialogue when Kong was revealed, which relied on nothing but the puppet's sheer being to be impressive, which may have worked

GROUNDHOG DAY Previews  Apr 7 2017, 12:28:51 AM

I don't see it as arrogant at all; even shows that completely flop on Broadway nowadays get cast albums, and its a good idea to get the cast album out as quickly as possible. Ticket sales are pretty low for the previews, so when the awesome (they would hope) reviews come out, its a good idea to have the cast album ready to purchase to keep building on the buzz.

Documentary about Merrily We Roll Along  Sep 22 2016, 05:02:07 AM

Scripps2 said: "I think I recognised a middle -aged James Weissenbach in the trailer - it will be very interesting to understand how this impacted on his life. I'm glad he felt able to participate."


Not just James but Frank Rich as well is in there, talking about his scathing review that arguably killed the show. I've been looking for the original reviews by Dennis Cunningham and all them for YEARS and am so glad that Lonny Price was able t

FLOYD COLLINS general length  Sep 2 2016, 05:57:30 AM

This show has to make a return to New York sometime soon. I feel like when Guettel finally premieres a new piece it should come to Encores! or at least Off-Center. Can you believe its been over a decade since he premiered a new show? Fortunately I believe Millions will have its world premiere at the Signature Theatre next year if I've read correctly.

But yeah, Floyd is in my top 5 favourite theatre scores of all time. I have to see it staged one day.

My Fair Lady Sydney previews  Sep 1 2016, 11:29:22 PM

The show is planning to tour to Melbourne and Brisbane; in Melbourne it will be performed at the Regent Theatre. It holds almost 2200 seats and so the stage is pretty large too; its where Wicked, Lion King, King Kong and generally the "spectacle" shows go. I'm not sure how MFL will look given its intentionally old-style design.

Documentary about Merrily We Roll Along  Aug 24 2016, 11:19:41 AM

This has been in the making for years and years and years! Can't believe its finally released. But with such little notice!

I've also read that Sondheim and Price will be in atten

Adam Guettel  Jul 7 2015, 08:29:05 AM

I've heard Guettel's new work in a couple of concerts over the last couple of years. Millions seems to be his main project and its been workshopped a couple of times from recollection. There's also an adaptation of "Days of Wine and Roses", and "The Invisible Man" in the works. Millions sounded like there will be some really great stuff in it, although the entire show sounds like it will be riding on two 11-year olds since typically-complex Guettel music. Look forward to seeing how it goes ah

Ticket for SALE for Constellations - Tomorrow's Tuesday Performance - $25  Feb 16 2015, 12:20:49 PM
Hi all, I booked a ticket recently for Constellations through the MTC's 30Under30 Program but have just decided I would rather see something else that night. Bought for 30 but would be happy to sell for 25. Its in the rear mezzanine at E113. Let me know if you'd like to purchase it and we can arrange a time to meet ASAP. Thanks all!

Update: SOLD. Thanks!

ON THE 20TH CENTURY Performances Delayed  Feb 6 2015, 11:57:59 PM
What luck. When I purchased a ticket through HipTix a few months in advance, they had already sold out of the first preview so I decided to go the second one. And now its the first one! Most cool.

LADY BE GOOD at CITY CENTER/ENCORES  Feb 4 2015, 11:31:28 PM
Saw tonight's performance, really good fun! Yes a preposterous plot but that's all part of it. All the cast seemed really at home with the farcical style of the piece, especially Douglas Sills. Danny Gardner forgot his lines about halfway through the second act but quickly opened his book and got the audience to chuckle along. I also really liked how "meta" the show became as it went on, especially with the books they all held.

Tommy Tune I found a bit underwhelming though. Yes he's a l

Wildhorn's  Feb 1 2015, 11:27:13 PM
I am one of the loyal/fanatical following. Not much of an anime person but I adore Death Note; have done for a while. I never imagined it being able to translate well to the stage though, and unfortunately I've never been a fan of Wildhorn's music.
Its a very psychological show, not like most other animes filled with violence; this one does have violence but its not its prime focus. Its focus is the cat-and-mouse plotting between the two rivals Light and L. Light has a notebook that can kil

Phantom Understudy  Feb 1 2015, 11:11:28 PM
I thought we had verged onto the topic of understudies in general. Whoops

Phantom Understudy  Feb 1 2015, 09:20:30 PM
Rob McClure's understudy went on for the first time yesterday, Zachary Prince. His delivery appeared to be far more understate than that of McClure, and considering the fact he only had a couple of days' rehearsal, he did an excellent job in the evening show.

Code for $20 off first purchase on TodayTix  Jan 26 2015, 06:37:01 PM
Travelling to NYC for the first time in a few tdays. On a budget. The code is URWTX. Anyone who chooses to use it will be heavily in my gratitude.

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