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To Kill a Mockingbird Rush  Feb 18 2020, 10:52:10 PM
Anyone else rush recently? I'm planning on going tomorrow for the matinee. Any idea how early I should head there?

SIX - Preview Thread  Feb 12 2020, 10:12:48 AM

Good luck! Let us know seat locations, what time you got there, how many ppl were in line, etc. thanks :)

Inheritance Rush Predictions?  Feb 11 2020, 10:42:37 AM


Anyone rushed this show recently? Seat locations or any advice of how early to get there (part 1 only) would be much appreciated!

Ari'el Pulls out of Lincoln Center Joseph; Noah Galvin to replace him  Dec 10 2019, 09:16:17 AM

Wow. I'm so upset. Ari'el is the reason I spent so much $ and am making the trip to come see it (from Canada, at that!) I'm a little surprised with who they replaced him with, and not at all looking forward to seeing it now.

Waitress tour - Desi or Christine?  Jul 19 2019, 11:43:55 AM

Thanks everyone for all of the advice! I feel like I'm going to love either of them :)

Waitress tour - Desi or Christine?  Jul 18 2019, 11:44:50 AM

Hi everyone,

The Waitress tour is in its final stop in Toronto, ON. I live here and am so excited to see it until I found out that Christine Dwyer is only on till the start of August, then Desi Oakley takes over Aug 2-12. I love them both! Any thoughts on who I should see!? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure I could go wrong here!

Shoshana Bean In Waitress  Apr 21 2019, 05:21:38 PM

Was anyone else at the 4/17 evening performance? I thought Shoshana was incredible. Her voice was top notch as always, and her acting was mostly superb. She kept breaking character in the second act with all the bad idea reprises and laughing so hard, even laughing through singing. She couldn't get it together. It was a little odd and really did take away from the brilliant work she had been doing.

To Kill a Mockingbird Rush  Apr 16 2019, 06:06:08 PM

Anyone rush this lately? Gonna try tomorrow morning. Does anyone think 8:30am is too late?

Oklahoma! lottery  Apr 16 2019, 02:52:01 PM

That's great to hear - did you go straight to the box office when it opened, or could you use the lotto losers code later in the day that you tried the lotto? I tried to use the code online a few times and it said 'site down' - so I wonder if I went to the box office like 5 hours later, if the code would still work. Thoughts?

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Apr 16 2019, 02:49:27 PM

I agree - I highly doubt they'll have any rush tix for opening day. If you do go, go at like 4am. 

Waitress Rush Tickets  Apr 14 2019, 12:14:31 PM

Awesome, thank you!

Does anyone know if Shoshana has any planned away dates? I'm praying she's in for all 8 shows this week and I've been watching her insta stories and it seems like she is...but I'd be devastated if I went and found out she wasn't there

Waitress Rush Tickets  Apr 13 2019, 02:44:21 PM

I waked by around 8am this morning and it looked like there were a good 10-12 people in line, you would have been one of them :) Where are the seats located?

Tootsie Rush  Apr 13 2019, 02:41:45 PM

hey! in front of the big glass doors :) I did rush this morning and got there around 8:30am and was 7th in line. Got orchestra seats extreme sides. Good luck!

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Apr 12 2019, 09:30:47 PM

wow, sorry to hear that! I'm in town for a week and wondering what time anyone thinks I should head there tomorrow morning (Sat)? There's two shows so more choices but I feel like more people will try for rush then...

Once on this Island lotto  Sep 22 2018, 08:12:34 PM

Thanks! Yes, I think it's the most expensive lotto (that I've seen!) I'm hesitant to use the code as I don't want to pay $20 more in fees...

Once on this Island lotto  Sep 22 2018, 12:31:24 PM

Amazing, thanks! Was it $40 or $50?

Once on this Island lotto  Sep 22 2018, 12:30:39 PM

Thanks! I've seen it at full price already so want to try lotto this time as technically, I don't 'need' to see it again but loved it too much not to! 

Once on this Island lotto  Sep 21 2018, 08:39:19 PM

Has anyone done the Once on this Island lotto lately? How many ppl approx show up and how many tix do they normally give away? Thanks for any help!

Carousel rush  Jul 1 2018, 08:46:37 PM

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know how early I need to go to Carousel for rush, and seat locations? If there's already a thread, sorry I've missed it, please point me there. Heading to NYC late July, will only be there for a Fri/Sat/Sun rush. Thanks!!

Indecent rush recently?  Jul 26 2017, 05:54:20 PM

I rushed this past Sat. I got there at 9:20am and was 13th in line. I got 2 tix in the first box for the evening show. Good luck!

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