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Opening Spoilers Not Working?  Jul 23 2020, 11:19:55 AM

It ha s indeed been fixed! (at least on my end!) Thank you, Rob!

Opening Spoilers Not Working?  Jul 22 2020, 09:51:38 PM

JBroadway said: "That’s been happening to me recently too.

But luckily I discovered a workaround: if you click “Quote Message” as if you were going to respond, the message should show up in the reply box with the spoiler text visible.

Oh, that does work! Thank you.


Opening Spoilers Not Working?  Jul 22 2020, 09:14:21 PM

Sorry to post this on the main board, but it's quite annoying...!

So I don't know if anyone is having this issue, but for the past two weeks or so, I haven't been able to open the spoiler toggles in any posts, on any browser (I have tried on the app, on my laptop on Chrome, on my laptop on Firefox, and on my phone on Safari), and I just can't read them! Is anyone else having this issue?



Alternatives to the Broadway Flea Market  May 15 2020, 02:26:45 PM

Another, perhaps pipe dream, idea that I had was possibly to do the flea market pub-crawl style. All 41 of the theaters themselves are sitting empty; each theater could have a table and you just limit the capacity of how many people can go into each of the houses at a time. 

Alternatives to the Broadway Flea Market  May 14 2020, 07:10:29 PM

Due to Broadway being suspended until at least September 6th, it looks like the Broadway Flea Market will probably be suspended as well.

I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is not something that is a high priority at all! But it is always a fun day, and it truly is a day where so much of the theatre community comes together for a good cause, some good deals and finds, and in the case of the past few years, some good weather! I've been attending with my dad for year

Disney on Broadway Concert Canceled  Apr 13 2020, 03:21:43 PM

No word yet on when, but it seems it will be un-canceled!

Bright Star  Oct 12 2019, 04:40:11 PM

I LOVE this show. I fell in love with it about a month too late, but I did get to see the reunion concert at Town Hall they did in December 2016, and that was wonderful. As others have stated, it's not perfect, but it's sweet, the score is different than what we usually hear on Broadway, the cast was AMAZING, and it would have been interesting to see what would have happened had the show opened a) in a different season, and b) in a different theatre (because the Cort is a little out o

Karen Olivo Out Of Moulin Rouge Sat Night - No Audience Notice  Oct 6 2019, 08:43:53 PM

Perhaps it was so last minute that the Playbills were already stuffed by the time the decisions was officially made? Just a thought!

Glad you enjoyed the show! I'll win the lotto one of these days :)

"Slave Play" Broadway Reviews  Oct 6 2019, 08:33:17 PM

"Time Out" is positive, with 4 out of 5 stars, and they have named it a Critic's Pick.

"Slave Play" Broadway Reviews  Oct 6 2019, 08:11:20 PM

Same, n2nbaby!

But also, I can't seem to find any of the reviews yet. I keep refreshing a Google search of "Slave Play Broadway" with a time filter for the past 24 hours and it's just the same few articles from yesterday. 

"Slave Play" Broadway Reviews  Oct 6 2019, 06:47:41 PM

I couldn't find a thread for this. Very interested to see how they compare to the reviews from NYTW!

Post 'em as they come!

The Official TDF Thread  Sep 28 2019, 06:30:11 PM

Has anyone else bought for The Lightning Thief yet? 

Times Square Partial Power Outage  Jul 13 2019, 07:44:32 PM
In line to pick up lotto tickets for Tootsie... we’ve been here for about twenty minutes and they are just trying to keep the crowd informed. (And doing a great job!) Emergency lights are on but all the marquees around us are out. A little eerie.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but it would Equity’s call to make regarding cancellation, no? Or at least a factor?

I realized that I am more anxious to read a Whizzer review than any critic.  Mar 17 2019, 05:48:33 PM

BalconyClub said: "There was a show maybe a year or so ago that used one of Whizzer's own words in their pull quote headings.

Great insight to all things. Fine work, Whizzer!

Oh, wow! That's so cool. Does anyone know what show it as? Just curious.

Ditto to everything that has been said!

HERCULES to Play the Public Theatre this summer!!  Feb 6 2019, 11:47:58 AM

slow_the_rain said: "teatime2 said: "The guy playing Hercules is gonna be amazing."

Jelani? I’ve heard it’s Jelani.

"He was my first thought too! And he would be amazing!

I always presumed that if/when this came to the stage the role of Hercules would have to be played by two different actors, with the switch happening during "One Last Hope". We shall see!

And another exciting question.

Where is everyone?  Dec 10 2018, 10:45:14 PM

Miles2Go2, thank you! Glad you're still here too! Like I said, the good usually outweighs the rougher patches! :)

Where is everyone?  Dec 10 2018, 10:36:39 PM

PattyO'Furniture's post really struck a cord with me. I haven't been here quite as long, but I have very similar feelings.

I am an extremely positive person. I'm happy when the people around me are happy! I want to put good into the world- now and always.

I love coming on here. I love being "in the know" and really feeling like I am part of the community, and for the most part, I always do!

But I did watch what happened last night, and it made me

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Previews  Nov 4 2018, 12:13:10 PM

BroadwayBeebe said: "For those interested in Rush I went at 6:30 tonight and got two $49 rear side orchestra seats. They were perfect and I felt the price was reasonable."

Has anyone else done rush? I am hoping to go on Thursday, 11/8 and was thinking of getting there around 9:30am... should I aim for earlier?

Cody Simpson to make Broadway debut in Anastasia as Dmitry  Oct 31 2018, 09:59:09 AM

I'm on the tail end of Cody Simpson's generation, and I am very curious to see how he will do. I'll be eager to hear reports from those of you who see him in the role!

However, I would buy tickets to return in heartbeat if Kelsey Grammer ever reprises his role as Vlad from the movie, akin to Jonathan Freeman in "Aladdin" and  Sasson Gabai in "The Band's Visit" right now. That would be inspired casting.  The role onstage is larger

Extra stuff  Oct 1 2018, 08:53:12 PM

I tried to not go so crazy this year, and it ended up being one of my favorite years. I found and bought:

- A Playbill clock where the numbers are Playbills for shows that have their respective number in the title: $20

-A Matilda pencil case - $1

-2 Finding Neverland pens - $1 each

-Jane Eyre souvenir program in great shape (complete with insert) and it's SIGNED - $5 (my favorite find of the day, and probably in my top three finds EVER - finding a full cast sig

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