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CAMBODIAN ROCK BAND  Jan 16 2020, 07:31:40 PM

Saw this in Chicago. One of my favorite shows of 2019 and an utterly brilliant piece of theater. Emotionally wrought and brilliantly constructed. An absolute must-see, especially for those who have been following the career of Lauren Yee, one of our most exciting contemporary playwrights.

This board in the old days  Nov 14 2019, 02:41:46 PM

"Back in my day, we used to talk about people's personal lives in a public forum without their consent, and got to spread harmful rumors about people's behavior left and right! Now that I don't have permission to be a jerk to someone, things have gotten boring, and I don't like that for some reason. Those were the days!"

Original cast of THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL to film show for Nickelodeon?  Oct 17 2019, 12:08:17 PM

Thrilled that they're getting most of the Broadway cast for this, and thrilled more people will get to see this joyful show. One of my favorites in recent memory, this is wonderfully good news!

Rialto Chatter: Will MRS. DOUBTFIRE Musical Land on Broadway Next Year?  Oct 16 2019, 11:48:41 AM

Girl from the North Country is a musical. It has been classified as a musical on numerous occasions. The songs used in the piece are used as they would be in any other musical, they just happen to be previously written songs. It's a musical.

Sam Rockwell & Laurence Fishburne Will Lead AMERICAN BUFFALO on Broadway  Sep 18 2019, 05:28:27 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "I’m so curious why they chose this play when the last revival lasted a week."

Came here to say this. I'd rather see celebrities using their power to develop a play by a new playwright. This seems like a tired production.

Hugh Jackman in The Music Man  Sep 14 2019, 10:31:50 PM

People ask why we're not seeing more diverse, original, interesting musicals on Broadway and then you take a look at this thread and then you remember.

Rob McClure...Mrs. Doubtfire...  Sep 6 2019, 09:03:59 AM

Why? This is something that has been done in the world of comedy for years. But, if it offends you so, then I highly suggest you stay away from watching Monty Python's Flying Circus or some of the Bugs Bunny cartoons that are out there."

Even Shakespeare had men dressing as women! ....just saying

Shakespeare had men dressing as women because it was literally illegal for women to perform in that time!

The concept of time eludes y'al

Rob McClure...Mrs. Doubtfire...  Sep 5 2019, 11:21:37 PM

Islander_fan said: "DrowsyKaye said: "I, for one, can't wait for the day musicals written by men about the humorous exploits of men dressing up as women cometo an end."

Why? This is something that has been done in the world of comedy for years. But, if it offends you so, then I highly suggest you stay away from watching Monty Python's Flying Circus or some of the Bugs Bunny cartoons that are out there.

Yep, emphasis on “do

Rob McClure...Mrs. Doubtfire...  Sep 5 2019, 09:48:21 PM

I, for one, can't wait for the day musicals written by men about the humorous exploits of men dressing up as women come to an end.

Hugh Jackman in The Music Man  Sep 5 2019, 02:49:40 PM

Truly inspired by this recent casting announcement.

What's next for HERCULES?  Sep 3 2019, 05:10:53 PM
Y’all, they’re barely halfway through the run, can we stop with all the speculating already? Just let them enjoy their success and bask in their wonderful production.

Hercules Audience Reviews  Aug 31 2019, 10:47:01 PM
Just got out of the show tonight. Apologies for typos.

The Public Works mission in itself is noble and powerful and a necessity to this city and this country and to our shared humanity. With Shakespeare and Greek plays in its past, it’s wonderful to see them be able to take this Disney show, something comparable to a modern mythology, and share it with the people for the people. Anyone looking for a super Broadway-ready tight polished piece of theatre is looking in the wrong place: this

Head Over Heels - Regional Productions  Aug 13 2019, 04:04:10 PM

inception said: "The Chicago production has now extended until September 8. Tickets on Goldstar for $28. Is this worth seeing? Will be in Chicago for my first time ever, staying in the Loop area, & not renting a car because all the advice I get is not to. Is Theater Wit in a safe area to travel to via public transit?"

lol. yes, it is in a "safe area." 

What I can no longer like?  Aug 9 2019, 02:08:14 PM

I know it's the middle of August, but you wouldn't believe it with the number of snowflakes piling up in this thread.

To all y'all complaining that you can't "like things" any more, you've had over a centuries' worth of musical theater entertainment created directly by and for you. Sorry that people outside of your experience are finally getting the chance to air their, deserved, grievances. 

Like whatever the heck you like, just don't

Half Time cast recording to be released  Aug 2 2019, 12:39:26 PM

I also saw it in Chicago under the "Gotta Dance" moniker, and remember having a blast. It's absolutely not the most perfect, polished piece of musical theater writing, but it's such a joy and a fun harmless piece of wonderfully performed feel-good theater. The whole cast (the late Engel especially) elevate the piece to ecstatic heights. I'm thrilled it's preserved in some capacity, and hopefully it finds a good life in the regional theater/licensing market.

Tom Kitt/Yorkey Musical  Jul 31 2019, 04:24:28 PM

I do love the original film this is based on, and David Hyde Pierce, I suppose, is the Celebrity Theater Equivalent of Richard Jenkins (my vote would've been for Peter Friedman for this role, but I "get it" I guess).
I do worry about that Kitt/Yorkey score. Nothing in their catalog makes me think this atmosphere of a show would be up their alley. I'm super excited to be surprised and proven wrong though!

Amelie - Revised production in Germany  Jun 25 2019, 03:14:10 PM

Thanks for all this, this is so wonderful!

Is anyone else having trouble listening to this on Spotify? Every time I try to play a track, it just...doesn't. Maybe it's just me...

We're Only Alive for A Short Amount of Time - Public Theater  Jun 13 2019, 12:31:30 PM

Starting this thread since this new show begins previews at the Public tonight. I caught it at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago last fall and it surprised me in the most heartbreaking, beautiful way. I'm super excited to hear the response from New York audiences. And David Cale is just one of the best storytellers of the stage these days.

Is anyone going tonight, or soon? 

Ms. Blakk For President at Steppenwolf  Jun 7 2019, 05:03:58 PM

Chris Jones' review is entirely odd and frustrating in that he's trying to prescribe what he thinks the show should be rather than evaluating what it is. Don't let his words fool you. This is my favorite play showing in Chicago right now and I hope this production has a future life. To me it reads like a brilliant piece of political theater matched with an immersive party atmosphere. It's a blast. Check it out if you can.

AMERICAN UTOPIA comes to Broadway  May 17 2019, 02:09:02 PM

Alice147 said: "DrowsyKaye said: "I saw this tour last year and it's truly a thrilling performance. Curious how much, if at all, they're going to deviate from the concert-feel of it all. I'm definitely gonna try and check it out."

Does it have a narrative arc? I'm intrigued by the description on Playbill: "theatrical concert experience"!

Definitely doesn't have a coherent narrative arc to it, but maybe they

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