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If Hello Dolly could extend it's run?  Mar 26 2017, 11:41:48 PM

Fran Drescher.

Debbie Reynolds Rushed To Hospital  Dec 28 2016, 09:33:15 PM

"I miss her so much, I want to be with Carrie." Todd Fisher tells us Debbie cracked early Wednesday morning from grief. She was at Todd's home during the morning hours, talking about Carrie's funeral, when she made the comment. Fifteen minutes later she had the stroke."

Predict When These Shows Will Close  Aug 2 2016, 12:11:54 AM

The only thing that's gonna shut Wicked down is the apocalypse.

Beauty and the Beast revival  Jul 31 2016, 01:44:15 AM

I feel as though one day we'll get a Beauty and the Beast revival by Disney. The name sells itself and has the potential to bring in major money for Disney, long-term. It's everything theater goers and tourists want to see and has lots of stunt casting potential. Just wait for Aladdin to close.

Ariana Grande cast as Penny in  Jul 7 2016, 05:22:55 PM

I would die and go to heaven if Ellen was cast as the Female Authority Figure.

Ariana Grande cast as Penny in  Jul 7 2016, 03:37:21 PM

After SNL, and the delay in her tour, I thought this was a possibility. And when I saw her Snapchat story a little while ago with her playing all those Hairspray songs, I was hopeful. Glad this is happening - may not be the biggest fan of her music anymore, but definitely a perfect fit! Ariana Grande, Kristen Chenoweth, Martin Short, and Jennifer Hudson all in the same cast? Thank you God.

Wicked OFFICIALLY coming to theaters  Jun 16 2016, 07:09:39 PM

Depending on how Beauty and the Beast goes, I could actually see Emma Watson being a contender for Glinda considering she still reads early 20s on camera.

Wicked OFFICIALLY coming to theaters  Jun 16 2016, 03:09:43 PM

I get dream casting is fun, and I do it sometimes as well, but do you really want a 35 year old playing a teenager?

Wicked OFFICIALLY coming to theaters  Jun 16 2016, 02:27:16 PM

Yeah, it's not that far away considering we'll most likely know casting information by the end of next year, or early spring 2018 considering filming will most likely begin somewhere between spring and fall of 2018.

Wicked OFFICIALLY coming to theaters  Jun 16 2016, 01:53:48 PM

Lots of things can happen in 3.5 years. However, I'm shocked they'd put this right near the final installment of the new Star Wars trilogy. Nevertheless, I'm definitely excited! Wouldn't be surprised if that date gets tossed around quite a bit though.


Really makes you wonder who will star in it since 3.5 years is quite a long time. Heck, we could get 2 new Ariana Grandes in that amount of time that could become top contenders. 

Hairspray Live! DREAMCASTS  Apr 15 2016, 09:32:57 PM

After watching Parks and Recreation last night, it made me curious to see how Jim O'Heir would do as Edna. He has such great comedic timing, but unfortunately, doesn't have the same draw as some other candidates might. 

Cirque Du Soleil Paramour  Feb 13 2016, 12:21:02 AM

The filmstrip scene from IRIS is in the show and it looks like the opening announcements will be the same as well.

HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  Feb 3 2016, 04:19:33 PM

After Grease Live! NBC better step it up for Hairspray. It really was cool seeing a full, 360 sets in Grease as opposed to The Wiz live's proscenium setup. Felt more like a live production. Also loved the end going into "We Go Together" with the trams. It just FELT fun. Hairspray has so much energy and I would love to see them really step it up this year and be innovative like Grease.



aida movie  Feb 2 2016, 06:42:51 PM

I definitely think it will happen...eventually. I think it's one of those things right time, right people things. I have always wondered why it hasn't happened yet. It seems like one of those movies that would do well at the Oscars.

Grease Live! Official Thread  Feb 1 2016, 02:18:38 PM

Looks like Grease Live! passed The Wiz in ratings. Good day for live theatre!

What should be NBC's next Live Musical ?  Dec 8 2015, 02:33:45 AM

The more and more I think about it, the more I think HAIRSPRAY would be a great choice. Not only does it have a fresh feel to it, but it also can be, stylistically speaking, interpreted a variety of ways. Plus it offers a wide range of stunt casting and opportunities for POC. I know for The Wiz, some people like Latifah and MJB only rehearsed for a few weeks, and I think there's a few roles in Hairspray that big names could portray without having to dedicate the time to a multiple month r

What should NBC's next Live Musical Be?  Dec 5 2015, 03:41:14 AM

^ CATS - I meant more in the sense of whether or not Disney would ever license it out for such a large-scale production that wasn't apart of an asset of the Walt Disney Company.

What should NBC's next Live Musical Be?  Dec 5 2015, 02:00:05 AM

I think whatever show they do needs to feel fresh, even if the material is dated. The reason The Wiz worked so well was not just because of the stellar cast, but because they were able to make it feel more new/fresh/contemporary than they could with Sound of Music and Peter Pan. And whatever they pick next can't be considered a classic to the general public. Titles in the vein of Sound of Music and the King and I have film versions that are too iconic to be touched (in the general public&

The WIZ LIVE : post your comments and thoughts live during the show here  Dec 4 2015, 01:15:40 AM

Are we not going to talk about that incredible note that one male ensemble member hit during Ya'll Got It?

THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Dec 3 2015, 07:01:15 PM

Any place to live stream it online?

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