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Actors With Unhealthy Singing Technique?  Jul 14 2020, 12:44:44 AM
Someone enlighten me as to what happened to Allison Fraser’s voice. She seems to have some damage from years of possible improper technique that other women her age don’t seem to have. When I saw her in Dear World I was shocked by how poorly she sounded, it even seemed she had trouble maintaining her speaking voice.

BroadwayWorld Book Club Week Nine Discussion Prompts: Final Thoughts, Outtakes  May 28 2020, 09:11:38 PM

2020 BCEFA Easter Bonnet Collections  Mar 9 2020, 03:32:39 PM
Any news from the weekend?

2020 BCEFA Easter Bonnet Collections  Mar 6 2020, 09:53:01 PM
Looks like certain shows are beginning collections tonight. Post here if anyone knows whats being offered.

WSS 2019/20  Jan 9 2020, 10:23:36 PM
Ben is a stellar dancer, he always seems to be giving 150% which I appreciate. I remember watching him in “Tuck Everlasting” and thinking, who is that kid?! One of the few redeeming parts in that show for me. It’s a shame gimmicks are being used at the expense of the performers, is there no one on the creative team, not even the choreographer who will step up and say this isn’t working and it’s hazardous to the performers. I haven’t seen it yet, but is it adding anything to the story to have a r

WSS 2019/20  Jan 9 2020, 08:55:01 PM
What is the choreography like in this show that it’s now taken out two performers? Ben was a Newsie, can there be a more physically demanding dance show?! I’m being facetious, but really, how intense is the choreo?

Remembering Jerry Herman  Dec 27 2019, 10:23:38 AM
He brought such joy to many. This time of year we always watch Mrs. Santa Claus at my house starring Angela Lansbury and Terry Mann.

Red Bucket Follies Collections  Dec 5 2019, 08:14:32 AM
^ I know they have posters and playbills. I think the prices were mentioned in this thread somewhere.

Jordan Fisher—DEH  Dec 4 2019, 12:06:11 AM
Sorry, Broadway debut is a better statement. Either way, it wasn’t a lie so much as my own ignorance- which you did nothing to educate me on, so we both lost out- words matter, yours and mine.

Jordan Fisher—DEH  Dec 3 2019, 11:26:55 PM
Hamilton was his big break, everything of note that’s happened in his career has happened since that. Hamilton has no reason to stunt cast, especially not for an ensemble role, albeit a named ensemble role.

Jordan Fisher—DEH  Dec 3 2019, 03:04:46 PM

Key changes are done all the time in MANY shows, that in itself isnt a big deal.

I get that key changes happen, but they're usually reserved for a "name" or someone of note- tell the actors auditioning with the original keys and getting rejected that it's not a big deal. As an Artist myself, I think it's at least worth mentioning. Elphaba has options on changes she can make as are taught to her by the Music Director (many who have played it freely talk ab

Jordan Fisher—DEH  Dec 3 2019, 12:46:03 PM

I'm predicting key changes, no way he has the chops for this role- I like the guy, but even in Grease Live which showcased him at his best, Rent not withstanding, his vocal range seemed to have a definite topping point.

Editing a thread title  Nov 12 2019, 07:44:30 PM
^ interesting point, but while not great numbers, Club Knocked up and Dear Old Shiz do serve a conventional purpose- they’re both scene change songs. They arguably would stop the show if it were to go to black and come up on a new scene, so they both keep the momentum going into the next scene- and the latter gives Glinda a chance to change and not only for the set to change.

Elaine Stritch Biographies  Nov 5 2019, 08:34:02 PM
^its not a very glamorous time in her life, but neither was the documentary- however, it is important to realize that the documentary and “The End of Pretend” she had direct input in- the other book is secondhand and interviews, if you want it from the horse’s mouth, those are the better options.

Elaine Stritch Biographies  Nov 5 2019, 12:08:59 PM

I read "Still Here" a couple of weeks ago.  I was disappointed, frankly.   There just wasn't enough in-depth analysis of why Stritch behaved so badly to everyone.  Her family life was portrayed as loving.  She really didn't have a lot of personal drama.  She made some bad career decisions and maybe that was the reason she drank so much and was just such a demon to people, but that's my interpretation, not the author's.  For some

Red Bucket Follies Collections  Oct 25 2019, 10:46:54 AM

Looks like Red Bucket Follies collections are beginning- post here what the shows are selling.

Bad Shows vs. Being a Victim of their time?  Oct 10 2019, 06:11:38 PM

Hamilton closed every show that season- the only one that survived was Waitress. I think American Psycho was an excellent show with poor timing in regard to when it opened. 

EVITA City center  Oct 9 2019, 04:39:25 PM

What a snooze fest!

Two New Books on Elaine Stritch  Sep 30 2019, 11:04:22 AM

I would read The End of Pretend if you're looking for something more than a Biography or second hand accounts of Elaine. End of Pretend is told from direct interviews with Elaine by her friend John in the last years of her life.  It presents not only a loving fan's tribute to a life well lived in the theatre but also an insight into what made Elaine tick in her own words an interactions with Bell.  I was fortunate enough to go to the school John is the Chair of and was there

BCEFA FLEA 2019 COLLECTORS UNITE  Sep 23 2019, 04:49:30 PM

Grand Total this year- $870, 167

Last 2 years- $906, 825 (last), $1,023,309 (record setting year before last)

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