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Laura Osnes?  Apr 22 2019, 03:15:47 PM

Believe it or not, Laura just did the recent developmental sessions for DON'T STOP 'TIL YOU GET ENOUGH. Unclear as to which role. Seems odd, but lot can happen between now and summer 2020.

king kong broadway cd  Apr 19 2019, 01:03:29 PM

At present, no cast recording will be created. However, a few numbers that heavily feature Ann will be recorded (with some additional material that's not in the show) and distributed to Tony voters.

Second Stage Musical Concerts - L5Y, N2N, Dogfight, Saturday Night  Mar 14 2019, 03:12:25 PM

JSquared2 said: "I'd say that whoever is "producing" this series is doing a halfassed job of it -- but that would be giving them far too much credit!"

I agree!!! Last week, my source told me Jeremy Jordan was likely playing Eddie in Dogfight. But this lack of announcement could mean anything goes...

Audra returning to Broadway...?  Sep 20 2018, 04:57:36 PM

It is definitely Terrence McNally

Waitress broadway Dr. Pomatter  Aug 7 2018, 05:41:42 PM

"Brandon is definitely the HOTTEST out of all the guys that have played dr pom"

Holy S**T... just were not joking... !!

Freaky Friday Disney Channel soundtrack  Jul 31 2018, 02:41:28 PM

Was at the premiere last night at the Beacon and only 10 (ish) songs make it into the Disney Channel adaptation. Also, I believe the speech beforehand informed us that a new finale was written for this film. But Heidi is truly the standout- hilarious and pipes of steel.

LSOH Kennedy Center  Apr 16 2018, 05:35:56 PM

JSquared2 said: "Any particular reason?"

Nope! Just think it would be interesting.

LSOH Kennedy Center  Apr 16 2018, 05:13:54 PM

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an actress of color to play Audrey!!

HEAD OVER HEELS at the Curran - Reviews  Apr 13 2018, 05:29:38 PM

newintown said: "Other than the infamous Rebecca, has there been a Broadway show in the last 20 years or so that never played a performance, despite front of house going up (like it is for Head Over Heels)?"

Does NERDS fall into this category?

Actors' Equity Launches Campaign For Tony Awards Categories To Recognize Broadway Ensembles  Apr 11 2018, 12:52:15 PM

I agree, I would love these ensembles to be better honored for their hard work, but can you imagine how many more actors being billed as "Tony Award nominee/winner..."? There's gotta be a better way! :/

Tee Boyich: Mean Girls Understudy Goddess  Mar 20 2018, 11:43:46 AM

Tee has also been involved with the show since the first readings and labs (she originally played Cady!). So, she definitely has had a lot of familiarity with the material, but wow, it's still very impressive!

Come From Away rush  Mar 2 2018, 04:51:25 PM

I went to the box office around 3:00-3:30pm on Tuesday (2/27) and got 2 standing room tickets that were dead center. $32/each, I believe

Ladychrist Ladystar @ Highline Ballroom  Jan 17 2017, 01:16:07 PM

Incredible, as expected! Seriously amazing vocals from pretty much everyone- they killed it! Great opportunity for these powerhouses to rock out on the score. Keala Settle did not appear, so Peter was played by Pearl Sun. Minor shout outs to Shayna Steele (Simon) and Alex Newell (Mary), who were just phenomenal! There were quite a few sound and lighting issues throughout the night (mics going in and out, or not turned on during a song; lights would darken on the performers occa

Best Confrontational/Argumentative Duets?  Dec 27 2016, 04:48:32 PM

haha, I happen to love "Dotty and Caroline" from Caroline, Or Change... it frequents my mind often.

ONCE ON THIS ISLAND Returning to Broadway  Dec 15 2016, 09:50:47 AM

The cast for the reading is pretty much a blend of actors from "The Color Purple" and "Spring Awakening". Carrie Compere is Asaka. (Cynthia, however, is not currently involved).

Cher: The Musical  Nov 17 2016, 04:49:13 PM

Charlie to the Lunt-Fontanne  Oct 13 2016, 01:57:29 PM

Yes, the recent lab productions used adults as the kids (per Jack O'Brien's new concept), with the exception of Charlie. Additional of note casting: Lisa O'Hare was Mrs. Bucket, Jackie Hoffman was Mrs. Teavee, F. Michael Haynie was Augustus, and actually Trista Dollison was Violet.

Top Hat Coming to Broadway?  Oct 13 2016, 01:47:06 PM

A source from RKO Stage informed me about a month ago that they are planning to open on broadway in the 2017-2018 season. They want to strengthen the book material I believe in the meantime.

Cynthia Erivo's last day in The Color Purple  Sep 8 2016, 12:09:29 PM

Cynthia's current contract term is only through mid-November at the moment. But I agree with dramamama that they'll probably extend/keep her as long as possible.

Cherry Orchard (Access 10) Ticket exchange  Aug 11 2016, 11:57:55 AM

Hello.. I have 2 Access10 tickets for The Cherry Orchard on Saturday, September 17th at 8:00pm. I am looking to exchange these tickets with someone specifically for the Thursday night performance on September 15th. Please DM me with any leads! Thanks a bunch.

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