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Jerry Seinfeld: So You Think New York Is ‘Dead’  Aug 25 2020, 03:22:45 PM

singer234 said: "Yikes. Broadway can be CLOSED and you’ll still find people bitching and fighting on BWW. It’s actually kinda nice how some things never change."

Bitchiness never dies.  


Jerry Seinfeld: So You Think New York Is ‘Dead’  Aug 25 2020, 12:35:12 AM

SouthernCakes said: "Lived here for 8 years. And I’m still at a loss as to why people think it’s the greatest city in the world! I love aspects of
It, but greatest? Not to me. I think London got it right.


I love London but for vibrant raw energy give me Mexico City.

Seinfeld’s point is well taken: major cities have ebbs and flows; London survived the Bubonic plague in the 1600’s that killed off a quarter of the po

Unpopular theatre opinions  Jun 24 2020, 06:31:08 PM

Yes, "Newsies" has impressive choreography, but the show was incredibly dated and tired from it's premiere. Book and score are by the numbers.

Is Jordan Roth the most successful theatre owner?  Jun 20 2020, 07:05:11 PM

The answer is no. Jordan Roth is not the most successful theatre owner.

Am I Racist for Liking King and I  Jun 19 2020, 07:07:53 PM

Who gets to decide?

Even today, I will find myself singing along to "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah", does that mean I don't find the actual film it came from Disney's  "Song of the South" offensive or at the least problematic?   Some can't detach it from the movie it came from, so yes I can understand their visceral negative  reaction.

"The King and I " has one  of, if not the best score/numbers of

Broadway Musicals that Deserve Film Adaptations or Remakes?  Jun 18 2020, 11:45:27 PM

Would kill for a move adaptation of "City of Angels"

What Broadway Play Do You Regret Not Seeing?  Jun 13 2020, 02:09:12 AM

 As a teenager in NY, whose mom did let him go see Musicals on his own, and that was when the area was really sketchy, the original Pippin with Ben Vereen and Jill Clayburgh, and Mack and Mabel with Bernadette Peters.

DEAR EVAN HANSEN Film In The Works  Jun 13 2020, 02:02:42 AM

I don't think Platt is too old, just that I find his acting woefully unsubtle.  

Unpopular theatre opinions  Jun 12 2020, 11:26:11 PM

AADA81 said: "Sondheim's later scores, starting with Sunday in the Park With George, are overwritten, too obviously clever and over-reliant on rhyming patterns."

Listen, Sondheim can be too clever, and sometimes a song's melody get's lost the maze and never gets out.  

Unpopular theatre opinions  Jun 12 2020, 09:36:49 PM

joevitus said: "I may be the only person who agrees with you about Hello, Dolly!"

Wow, there are three of us.


Unpopular theatre opinions  Jun 10 2020, 11:40:02 PM

Alex Kulak2 said: "I don't want to click through 44 pages.

Andrew Lloyd Webber plagiarizes half his music and the other half sounds as complex as nursery rhymes.


That doesn't really qualify as an unpopular opinion.

Most Surprising Broadway Actor  Jun 9 2020, 03:02:07 PM

Not so much Broadway, as Broadway musicals but Anthony (Pyscho) Perkins was in two musicals,   Sondheim’s Evening Primrose and Frank Loesser’s Greenwillow.

I have the Greenewillow cast album, not bad actually....

Lea Michele- diva reputation?  Jun 5 2020, 02:57:54 PM

imeldasturn said: ""


So not established racist but transphobic?   Wow, not a good week for Lea.


Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 4 2020, 01:59:46 PM

JGPR2 said: "" Her. Career. Is. Over. "

So she stays at home and raises her child with her husband with millions of dollars in the bank, tough life -lol. She waits 4-5 years after the child is older and then does an "apology" tour and many people will let it go. You have professional athletes who commit a felony and all is forgiven.

Forget professional athletes, there are many male actors that have done far worse and come back and

FAYE FIRED  Jul 24 2019, 11:15:01 PM

I suppose that means no future Tony on Ms. Dunaway’s mantel.

RENT Live on Fox  Jan 28 2019, 01:54:23 PM

What a wasted opportunity.


Going Marie's Crisis: yay or nay?  Jul 30 2018, 03:05:31 PM

Always enjoyed Brandy’s (Upper East side).


Is it worth to travel from Brisbane AU to NYC just to see Cursed Child  Jun 20 2018, 11:32:34 PM
If you can afford it, go for it!!

what is the worse disney musical?  Jun 20 2018, 07:52:30 PM

The Little Mermaid.

Floating dead fish from the start.

heeeellllllll yeah  Jun 20 2018, 02:49:34 PM

raddersons said: "I can't believe people actually care about this. It doesn't affect you. Let me wear what I want."

As long as it’s not a leisure suit, I’m good.

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