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Hellen Mirren Against Reading Shakespeare in Schools  Nov 28 2020, 11:55:44 PM

joevitus said: "It's always about the particular person and play. I just think trying to create a default judgement--students should/should not first be exposed to Shakespeare in the theater--is an inherently emptyargument. Depends on the student, the class, the productions available. Both have strengths and weaknesses, and it always comes down to the individual experience."


Sure, that's all true. I think it's probably less about "let&#

Hellen Mirren Against Reading Shakespeare in Schools  Nov 26 2020, 10:47:12 PM


Regarding the question of authenticity, and how it was "meant" to be experienced: the way I think of it is less about speaking the words in a specific rhythm or dialect that was true to Elizabethan England, and more about hearing rhythms and dialects that are true to now; that feel authentic to the actor, and by extension, the audience. Just hearing the words spoken out loud in a way that rings true to the audience is such a powerful thing.

However, t

A New Translation of OUR TOWN  Nov 26 2020, 01:00:41 AM

bk said: "I wasn't aware that Our Town was written in a foreign language, so I'm not understanding "translation.""


I was a bit confused for the same reason when I first saw the thread title, but if you click the link that the OP kindly provided, it offers some clarity. 

Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical  Nov 25 2020, 01:57:46 PM

Yikes, OF COURSE Ken Davenport would try to jump on this! He posted a video on TikTok saying he wants to produce the show on Broadway. From the comments, it looks like these poor kids are getting really excited and have no idea that Davenport is a sleaze-ball. 

I'm sure Davenport would like nothing more to take credit for the first TikTok-generated musical. The official billing of the show will be "Book, Music, & Lyrics by....TIK TOK USERS!" and then he'

Hellen Mirren Against Reading Shakespeare in Schools  Nov 25 2020, 09:29:10 AM
Speaking as a massive Shakespeare fan: I think there’s some truth to what she’s saying. I adore Shakespeare, and yet I can’t remember the last time I sat down and read a Shakespeare play for pleasure. It’s much better experiencing it in performance. And I do know lots of people, including die-hard theatre people, who were turned off from Shakespeare after reading it in school.

I don’t necessarily agree that eliminating the literary component entirely is the right way to go about it tho

Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical  Nov 24 2020, 10:31:44 PM

John Adams said: "RE: Humans and rats interacting in a production - I don't see how or why that could possibly be an issue. The imaginative solution that would make us all go, "Oh, YEAH! That works!" just hasn't been physically realized... yet."

Beautifully said. That’s why people hire artists: because they have the imagination to do things that people on message boards say can’t be done. There have been so many “unstageable&r

2020/1 Grammy Nominees  Nov 24 2020, 12:03:02 PM

I don't feel like offering predictions, because there's a lot that I haven't listened to, especially a lot of these jukebox musicals that released albums. But my personal picks would probably be: 


--Sing Street

--Cambodian Rock Band 

--Soft Power 

--The Mad Ones 

Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical  Nov 21 2020, 03:45:21 PM

For a bunch of young people playing around on social media, they're VERY good. Genuine kudos to all of them! I think it's a really fun social/artistic experiment, and most of them are doing a good job with it.

But most of the songs are pretty first-thought and simplistic, the kind of stuff that's frequently written for Broadway musical adaptations, but not the good ones. It's interesting because the big song that (seemingly) kicked this one off, "Remy

GREAT COMET -> West Coast + Streaming!  Nov 21 2020, 10:38:36 AM

There was some discussion about this when it was first announced a few months ago:


I'm somewhat familiar with the work of Shotgun Players - I've seen a few of their shows. They're a small, but very well-liked company in Berkeley. They're not exactly world-class, but they pick interesting shows an

Chad Kimball  Nov 20 2020, 06:55:47 PM

I also feel like it's worth mentioning that even if people stop actively posting about Kimball, in this or any other thread, that doesn't mean that he's magically in the clear. At a certain point, there will be nothing new to say on the subject, but people will continue to remember his words and actions, and judge them accordingly. 

Megan Mullally to star in Kathleen Marshall’s ANYTHING GOES in London  Nov 20 2020, 05:09:47 PM

I likewise don't claim to know what the actual situation is here. But it seems to me that, in the likely scenario that RTC gets some form of billing on this production, it wouldn't necessarily mean that they are actively involved with it. It seems like there would likely just be a note in the program saying "Produced in association with Roundabout" for contractual reasons, because the production originated with them, and it's being done with their cooperation (but not ne

OnStage Blog Picking Up Dropped NYT #MeTop Broadway Story  Nov 20 2020, 11:04:17 AM

EDIT: Never mind! See post below.

Megan Mullally to star in Kathleen Marshall’s ANYTHING GOES in London  Nov 19 2020, 07:14:08 PM

Billed as a “reimagining,”  but from the quote in the article, it sounds more like a “retooling” or “revisal” of the 2011 revival. Hard to imagine Kathleen Marshall really “reimagining” Anything Goes, but we’ll see. Mullally is an unconventional choice for Reno but I bet she’ll be a

Encores Will Present INTO THE WOODS  Nov 18 2020, 04:06:45 PM

JSquared2 said: "LizzieCurry said: "Then why not something like Urinetown? Well-liked AND hasn't had a major production here in a very long time."

You really think Urinetown is a more well known, well liked and popular show than Into the Woods??

I think Lizzie was saying the opposite. She didn’t say MORE well-liked, just well-liked. I think Lizzie’s point was that Urinetown isn’t as mainstream as something li

Chad Kimball  Nov 17 2020, 11:31:01 PM

We had this conversation on page 1 of this thread, back in July. 

OnStage Blog Picking Up Dropped NYT #MeToo Broadway Story  Nov 17 2020, 11:18:32 PM

Chad Kimball  Nov 16 2020, 03:11:54 PM

uncageg said: " And what word is "ratioing" supposed to be. I love the reply."

As someone who is rarely on Twitter, I was also confused to see this term popping here and there. But Google was helpful! According to

"On the social media platform Twitter, a ratio, or getting ratioed, is when replies to a tweet vastly outnumber likes or The Minutes - Moving Theatres  Nov 16 2020, 01:22:06 PM

SouthernCakes said: "Can someone spoil the big twist for me!"


Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content

Well, the big plot twist is that the town was the site of a horrible slaughtering of indigenous people, and that this small town's proud history has largely been either fabricated or misrepresented to make their ancestors s

The Minutes - Moving Theatres  Nov 16 2020, 12:15:30 PM

Jordan Levinson said: "I'm not saying the characteristics and effects of Trumpism will magically disappear, I'm just wondering if enough people- especially New Yorkers-would be eager to see a show so heavily involved with politics in a post-COVID world and after a frenetic/controversial2020 election season. I don't see this sticking around for a whileeven if it does eventually open."


Well, that remains to be seen I guess. I certainly hope pe

The Minutes - Moving Theatres  Nov 16 2020, 11:26:47 AM

Sadly, the things that defined the "Trump era" will not magically disappear when Trump leaves office. The social issues that led to his rise are still very much present, and will continue to be for some time. I also don't necessarily agree with Letts that the play is specific to the Trump era. After all....

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