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BERNADETTE is DOLLY - official  Sep 9 2017, 10:33:34 AM

Same here with the static seating chart.  Reloaded, got center orch, Row B for Apr 14! Excited doesn't describe how I'm feeling right now!

Bitter about tony winners  Jun 12 2017, 03:25:41 PM

LizzieCurry said: "Why bitter? What stake do you have in these awards that they penetrate your emotions so deeply?

I just don't understand this mentality — about any awards, especially if you yourself are not in the running.



Or, if you haven't seen all the nominees in each category.  If you haven't are you really qualified to make these judgements? 

Hello Dolly 2017 Cast Recording  May 12 2017, 10:57:06 AM

ONE STINKING PICTURE in the booklet. One. The one of Bette that we've all seen a bazillion times. 

HELLO, DOLLY! Reviews  Apr 20 2017, 06:24:54 PM

I don't care what the reviews say.

I know what I saw Apr 8, and that I was grinning from the first note of the overture until the curtain came down.

Ben Platt for Best Actor?  Dec 22 2016, 10:26:19 AM

David Hyde Pierce in Dolly? Or is that a featured part? 

Hello, Dolly  Sep 23 2016, 10:11:21 AM

Stage Door Sally said: "Just got an email with my tickets, beautiful . Now the waiting begins. So much can change in the next several months. I'm particularly concerned about the presidential election potentially changing the climate of the country for the worse, making this event and others less fun and/or doable.


Was thinking exactly the same thing but didn

Bette Midler Tickets On Sale?  Sep 16 2016, 11:31:58 AM

EthelMae said: "Am I wrong about this? I saw Ethel Merman's Dolly and as I remember it, she played 8 shows a week. And never mised one. I don't think any Dollys in the original show played 6 shows a week. Who in hell will buy tickets on a day Midler has an alternate going on? I don't care who it is. The only reason this show is having a revival is Bette Midler."


I'd pay to see Creel sing the phone book.  While I'd like t

The Broadway for Orlando single is now available  Jun 20 2016, 04:13:57 PM

It's available on iTunes now. 

Songs about Regret/Sacrifce  May 31 2016, 12:31:54 PM

"All The Wasted Time" Parade

"Hang The Moon" Bombshell (Smash)

She Loves Me Stagedoor  Apr 27 2016, 02:10:44 PM

potato2 said: "I was wondering if anyone has been to a Wednesday matinee lately for the show, and whether anyone from the cast came out?

Same experience as mpkie when I attended Wed matinee end of March.  Only Levi and Barasch came out.  Both were delightful to talk to. 




Show you wished had overtures. Or real overtures.  Dec 23 2015, 12:46:05 PM

Both revivals of La Cage. Hate that they scrapped the original. 

The King and I - Ken Watanabe and Kelli O'Hara Contracts  May 16 2015, 03:46:10 PM

...has finally fixed his fiction problem that plagued his early performances."


As of when?  I saw the show Saturday and there was still a diction problem.  Much of his performance was difficult to understand. 


Gavin Creel to Join  Apr 4 2015, 05:56:37 PM

I'm planning a trip to NYC Mother's Day weekend, May 9 & 10. Does anyone know if  Gavin will still be in Mormon then?

Melanie Griffith to join Pippin?  Aug 9 2014, 09:01:49 AM
"Now a show that really is tired and has most of the cast sleep walking through a show was "Phantom" which I saw on Broadway back in June."

I saw it in mid July and for me it was one of the most exhilarating nights of theater.

Santino Fontana with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir  Jul 22 2014, 06:33:06 PM
"Why is he singing with this bigoted group?"

Exactly my first reaction.

Norm Lewis Phantom stage door  Jul 15 2014, 03:26:39 PM
So does Norm. What's the big deal? Also, considering how exhausting the show must be, I'm sure we can forgive a few stage door occurrence where she doesn't stick around.

Norm Lewis Phantom stage door  Jul 14 2014, 10:49:27 PM
Sierra came out before Norm. She signed a few items, said she couldn't stay for pictures, then left. Nothing awkward about her, but definitely hurried. Greg Mills was in as Raoul. He was very gracious. Signed, posed for pictures and seemed very appreciative and almost surprised at the crowd reaction to him.

Norm Lewis Phantom stage door  Jul 14 2014, 03:06:33 PM
I was at Saturday night's performance. It took about an hour for him to come down, but so worth the wait. He was charming and very accommodating. There were approximately 30 people waiting and he signed everything, posed for pictures, chatted a bit. A class act all around.

Phantom - Majestic Theater Seating question  Jun 21 2014, 06:31:05 PM
Broadway Bob, I'm sitting front row, center orchestra in July. How is the view?

Right-wing decries  Nov 30 2013, 11:43:19 AM
F*** the right wing.

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