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Musicals that were announced but never materialised.  May 23 2020, 04:29:36 PM

INTERMISSION! THE MUSICAL! , a sensationally funny new musical from the master of wacky comedies including cinematic sensations Airplane! and The Naked Gun, Jerry Zucker. INTERMISSION! is the story of two dim-witted brothers who come to Potku-Potku (a tiny monarchy located... somewhere...) after receiving an email from someone they never heard of, claiming that money has been left to them by a relative they never knew they had. They each fall in love, get caught up in a military coup, join a

Love Never Dies coming to Blu-ray February 7, 2012!  Dec 6 2011, 06:38:54 PM
Love Never Dies Blu-ray

Next February, Universal Studios Home Entertainment will bring Love Never Dies to Blu-ray. Filmed before a live audience, this lavish musical picks up ten years after the events of The Phantom of the Opera in order to further examine the relationship between Christine and the Phantom.

From Universal's official synopsis:

"The year is 1907. It is 10 years after the Phantom's disappearance from the Paris Opera H

re: Catch Me If You Can (Sneak Peek in Seattle)  Jun 10 2009, 11:34:04 PM
I attended last night and now I'm really looking forward to seeing how this all comes together. I was sold before Norbert came out and I thought he would be the selling point for me. It was an amazing turnout for a Spotlight night and I think this will have a great run in Seattle.

I've already picked up tickets for July 23rd to see the first public presentation. My tickets are in row A in the orchestra, so I'm doubly excited now! I love the concept as described last night, and I lov

re: Shrek Opening Night Review  Sep 11 2008, 01:52:59 PM
I'm really not sure how the Seattle Times reviewer thought the tap dancing mice were goats...The song that's referred to involves the Pied Piper!

I saw the show again last night (after seeing the first preview last month) and I think it's become a much, much better show. When I first heard they were making a musical of "Shrek", I hated the idea, but I think this show has a lot of promise. I'm interested in reading more reviews, the press table last night had a ton of stuff on it, so I k

Fairytales Should Really Be Updated  Aug 18 2008, 01:03:48 AM
It's the only song from the movie that survived the transition.

Fairytales Should Really Be Updated  Aug 17 2008, 05:27:58 PM
The show curtain isn't very exciting. It's like a huge green "crepe paperish" drop. When the audience enters they see the drop and a giant tree. On the tree things were projected on it like sets of eyes, dripping slime and an occasional bug. It was very green. When I first saw it, I was instantly reminded of the set for Tarzan because the drop and the tree resembled a lot of vines.

There isn't a costume for Gingy. It's a flat puppet on a baking tray. The Sugar Plum Fairy (Haven) control

re: Shrek the musical  Aug 16 2008, 10:35:29 AM
Haven Burton plays Gingy and the Sugar Plum Fairy
Jennifer Cody plays Cobbler's Elf and a Blind Mouse
Bobby Day is Pig #2
Ryan Duncan is Pig #3 and the Pied Piper
Sarah Jane Everman is Ugly Duckling and a Blind Mouse
Aymee Garcia is Momma Bear
Lisa Ho is Baby Bear and the 3rd Blind Mouse
Chris Hoch is the Big Bad Wolf
Danette Holden is Flutterbell (the Tinkerbell)
Jacob Ming-Trent is Pig #1
Denny Paschall is Peter Pan
Greg Reuter is a Gnome (very Trave

Fairytales Can Be Rewritten  Aug 16 2008, 10:27:09 AM
Orchestrations were done by Danny Troob

Fairytales Can Be Rewritten  Aug 16 2008, 12:21:09 AM

Haven Burton u/s Fiona and Teen Fiona
Bobby Dave u/s Donkey
Ryan Duncan u/s Donkey
Sarah Jane Everman u/s Fiona
Aymee Garcia u/s Dragon
Chris Hoch u/s Lord Farquaad
Jacob Ming-Trent u/s Shrek
Denny Paschall u/s Pinocchio
Greg Reuter u/s Lord Farquaad
Noah Rivera u/s Pinocchio
Rachel Stern u/s Dragon
Keaton Whittaker u/s Young Shrek

re: Shrek the musical  Aug 16 2008, 12:16:56 AM
There's another thread answering questions like this, but to help you out:

1)John is great in the show. He's does a great job with Pinocchio and he uses a voice similar to the one in the movie. His costume is made up of tights with printed "wooden" arms and legs and with a short sleeve shirt and shorts. He also sports a nose that does indeed grow up to 3 times it's length when he lies. He has a pretty decent part (semi big role as "leader" of the fairy tale creatures) and he is hilariou

Fairytales Can Be Rewritten  Aug 16 2008, 12:03:03 AM
I saw it last night as well, and I can answer some more of the questions added. Those who chimed in before me did a pretty good recap so far. My seats were in the front orchestra section, so I may have picked up some nuances missed by others. I'll also add some other thoughts that I had on the show as well as my stage door experience.

1) Marissa O'Donnell was great, as was Leah Greenhaus as the young Fiona. I thought the show started to pick up with "I Know it's Today" with the thr

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