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Any news/gossip about Hughie?  Jan 27 2016, 05:31:51 PM

I saw Hughie in Lake Forest years ago with Jason Robards and believe me, it was a protracted yawn.  I'm an avid O'Neill-ite, but this was a downer and a bummer.   If Robards couldn't save it, no one can.  Avoid at all costs.

Swen Swenson  Jan 21 2016, 09:54:55 PM

I saw Little Me three times during the first two months of its original run and Swenson stopped the show cold with that number each time.  Let me know if you have any luck -- I'd like a copy too. 

Brian Bedford has died at 80  Jan 13 2016, 08:01:47 PM

I first saw Brian Bedford in 1957 at Stratford  on Avon, England in Cymbeline -- he played one of the long-lost sons.  I was 10 at the time and it was my first Shakespeare ever -- with Peggy Ashford playing Imogen. It started my life-long love of Shakespeare.   I 've seen him throughout most of his career, at least that part that reached New York.  RIP to a glorious actor who was a joy in all he undertook.  He will be missed.

Theatre World Volume 70  Dec 21 2015, 09:35:50 PM

What gives here?

ENCORES' Cabin in the Sky, 1776, Do I Hear A Waltz casts  Dec 7 2015, 07:37:10 PM

Who's playing Little Joe?


Worst Broadway Musical Season  Nov 28 2015, 04:32:17 PM

Don't forget 1984-1985 -- Big River and nothing much else; 1985-86 wasn't much better, but it did have Drood and several serviceable things in it. 

10 Broadway Landmarks That Are Gone (But Not Forgotten)  Oct 18 2015, 09:46:58 PM

When I was doing two shows a day (attending, not performing), my lunch stop was always JR's on 46th Street.   They were reasonably priced and their burgers were to die for!   I miss it every time I go to the city now. 

Playbill Broadway Yearbook 2015??  Sep 8 2015, 12:59:14 AM

Without having any direct contacts on this, my guess would be that it became too expensive because the audience it was seeking was too small or just not there.  I, too, have every edition and continue to revel in them frequently.  Pray that the same fate does not befall Theatre World, even though the editions come out way too far after any given season.  70 years ain't bad, though, and I have every edition since Volume One.  Broadway (and Off) has a limi

CYMBELINE at the Delacorte  Aug 2 2015, 06:13:24 PM

Cymbeline was the first Shakespearean play I saw, with my parents when I was 11 at Stratford-on-Avon, England.  I was way too young to understand it, but it was quite a cast:  Peggy Ashcroft (Imogen), Richard Johnson (Posthumus), Clive Revel (Cloten), Brian Bedford (one of the two lost sons).  It made a deep enough impression that I've been a Bardolator ever since.

Kelli O'Hara has won the Tony  Jun 8 2015, 01:27:45 AM

Kristin should be on the lookout for more over-the-top roles.  She'll get a Tony, sooner or later.  And we will applaud all the harder.



re: re: re: re: re: re: MIA TONY AWARD WINNERS  Apr 27 2015, 01:29:29 PM

David Caroll died in the early 90's, a victim of the AIDS nightmare.  A great loss to the musical theatre.

Riedel: Tony race heats up as Neverland fades, and Twentieth Century butts heads with King and I  Apr 17 2015, 10:53:39 PM

No one's said anything about Robert Fairchild for leading action in American in Paris.  He got the notices and everyone was very impressed whereas caveats were raised about Peter Gallagher and, to a greater degree, the man playing the King.  Anyone else think Fairchild may be in the running? 


Will Swenson Last Show May 10th  Apr 12 2015, 02:26:10 PM

I have total faith in Audra being able to pull it off, but am not so sure about Swensen. It's going to be a stretch for him.  I've always liked Will and wish the best for him.  I just have trouble seeing  him play a drunken, down-at-the heels, hopeless life castaway.  Who knows?   Good luck, Will. 

Can I borrow $900 For A Signed HAMILTON Poster?  Apr 4 2015, 10:19:15 PM

Are you  nuts:


Anyone who goes on chat room site to borrow money for a piece of junk is out of their mind.



Redhead, anyone  Mar 26 2015, 03:14:39 PM
I may have commented on this previously, but it's a lousy show that won the Tony's because of Verdon, Kiley, Fosse and the fact that, up to that point, there were no serious contenders. I saw the show several years later in Summer Stock and it fell flat as a pancake. No major songs and a loose plot, plus the absence of the reasons for seeing the show in the first place, contributed to it being a lackluster evening. Similar fate befell Hallelujah, Baby!, although it had a good score, if not St

Ethel Merman and Sondheim  Mar 26 2015, 01:15:23 AM
I've said it before on these boards, but as one who was lucky enough to catch Merman, Lansbury, Daly, Peters, and LuPone, Merman was the definitive Rose. The others, for the most part, had their virtues, but INMHO, LuPone was the only one who came close. And coming from the this old-timer, that is praise of the highest. But Merman's still and always will be Ethel's part.

Best staged number in theatre history?  Mar 26 2015, 01:04:49 AM
We'll; Take a Glass Together from Grand Hotel. Who could ever forget the sheer joy of Michael Jeter's performance, from which the rest of the cast followed suit. Will never forget it.

The Visit  Mar 24 2015, 08:07:29 PM
That clip alone is enough to make me want to see the show -- just got to be sure Chita's in the performance I good to.

The king and I previews thread  Mar 15 2015, 02:29:26 PM
I haven't seen the production yet, but for the unanimous carping about Ken's diction. I suggest that the powers that be make the decision to have him replaced with someone who can cope better with the language aspect of the role. I know it's a difficult decision, but so much of the show hangs on the verbal interplay between Anna and the King, audiences are going to be focusing on how poor the diction, how they couldn't understand him and runs the danger of his being booed at the curtain call.

Dame Edna's Glorious Goodbye  Mar 10 2015, 03:13:45 AM
Please, please, please come to New York, Dame Edna. I've never laughed as hard as I have when I saw you. We love you and are missing you something fierce. Please reconsider!

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