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Broadway Musicals that Deserve Film Adaptations or Remakes?  Jun 16 2020, 12:40:26 PM

I think the documentary "Every Little Step" is a perfect film representation of "A Chorus Line." In fact when Michael Bennett was first considering making a film version he said the film would have to be different to work and it should be a movie about people auditioning for the show "A Chorus Line." Very meta. LOL!

Musicals at the Golden Theatre  Jun 14 2020, 06:01:10 PM

The original FALSETTOS also played the Golden 1992-1994ish. I saw it there (my first Broadway show, in fact) March 1993 with Mandy Patinkin, Chip Zien, Stephen Bogardus, and Barbara Walsh.

Thomas Kail, For Some Reason, Is Remaking FIDDLER ON THE ROOF  May 28 2020, 06:25:18 PM

MichelleCraig said: "Globefan wrote: I think he could do it right

I can't imagine improving upon Norman Jewison's movie adaptation. Curious as to what Globefanfelt was done wrong in the 1971version...

I love the film, but they took out a LOT of the humor in the earlier part of the story which took away some of the feeling of devastation in the second part. The beautiful emotional roller coaster effect, I call it, that is so artfully writt

Tickets Refunds  May 15 2020, 12:16:40 AM

So the newest suspension extension was announced Tuesday and today I received my two end of June TeleCharge refunds into my account. I'm STILL waiting, over 35 days and counting, for my Harry Potter refund from TicketMaster from the first extension. Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!

This whole reassigning the tix to a new random date and then saying if I haven't confirmed after 30 days THEN they'll refund the money reeks of fraud and I'm getting impatient. ACCIO REFUND!!!

Old revival of Anyone Can Whistle  May 5 2020, 11:38:25 AM

joevitus said: "Love seeing this referred to as "old." Not wrong, just amusing to read (I was in my 20's when it happened). There was a cast recording released. Bernadette Peters as Nurse Apple, Madeleine Kahn as Cora, and Scott Bakula as Hapgood. Only Peters had the voice for it. There were new orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick (neither better nor worse than the original by Don Walker).Angela Lansbury, who narrated, had a cute line about having "once been a mayore

LaChiusa's Wild Party 20 Years Later  Apr 14 2020, 10:54:46 AM

I would love to see someone produce this and the Lippa version with the same cast and run them in rep. It was interesting enough to see the two different versions within days of each other with different casts, directors, designers, etc. But to see the same people show off two different composer's takes would be fascinating!

Addams Family... Ten Years Later  Apr 8 2020, 06:19:41 PM

I didn't have the hate for this show a lot of others did when I saw it on Broadway and actually enjoyed it quite a bit (other than that awful squid song - poor Terry Mann!) However, the re-writes that came around for the national tour (and which is the licensed version) was definitely a vast improvement and I think if that brilliant original cast had been allowed to perform that version the show would've been a bigger hit and found more love originally. 

Tickets Refunds  Apr 8 2020, 04:26:32 PM

I got an email about SIX which offered two options: reschedule or refund. Fine, I chose refund.

BUT, I got an email from Ticketmaster about HARRY POTTER with my tickets randomly assigned to a new date in November with no option for a refund. Has anyone else experienced this with this or any other show? I can't believe the POTTER producers would be so ridiculous in a time like this. How could they just assume someone could make it any old time like that? Especially with the state of

What Was The Worst Musical You Saw  Apr 8 2020, 01:12:45 AM

If we are counting revues... "Street Corner Symphony" which was a god-awful "Smokey Joe's Cafe" wannabe. Just abysmal! (Although I wasn't really a fan of "Smokey Joe's" either.)

Book musicals... I agree that "The Bodyguard" was pretty bad. And as beautiful as it was to look at on Broadway, the book of "Wonderland" was cringe worthy at least!

Celebrating Sondheim: 70s Summer Stock Style  Mar 27 2020, 09:57:16 AM

OMG!!! What a blast to hear Holland Taylor in this! That unmistakable voice! Haha! Thanks for this!!!

Papermill 20-21 Season Guessing Game  Mar 24 2020, 01:33:11 PM

So from the clues...

The two musical notes always made me think of the theme to Jaws. The name they gave to the (often malfunctioning) mechanical shark in the original Jaws was Bruce... Was that the clue?!?!?! REALLY random and out there if so. But at the same time... Brilliant!

Clue - the frames maybe look like spaces on a clue board?!?

AIDA - was guessed correctly earlier in this thread. Kudos to that person for being correct! YAY!

 Mar 24 2020, 01:22:55 PM

I've grown to like this number more now that I've seen the show in my *ahem* later years. LOL! And I know I'll get drawn and quartered for this but, I actually prefer "Just Leave Everything to Me." Probably because I experienced the movie first so my ear got used to it. I think it sets up Barbra's version of Dolly way better than "Hand In" would have. The two songs both set up the character perfectly, but with a very different tone and "Just Leave"

Stoned Seth Rogan Watches CATS  Mar 19 2020, 03:57:04 AM

dmwnc1959 said: "Robbie2 said: "5x can anyone sit through that crap of a movie at least once and you bought it? O MY!? I guess the younger generation or so likes that type of S$#%*! lol"

I’m almost 61 years old, so thanks for calling me the younger generation. LOL

As for sitting through this “type of crap”, I could ask the same of half the shows that were playing on Broadway u

John Cameron Mitchell ORIGIN OF LOVE Tour  Feb 18 2020, 02:37:44 PM

haterobics said: "

It's coming back! Tickets went on sale today at noon for the Thursday and Friday before pride weekend again:

Where did you find this graphic? I love it and woul

"Jesus Christ Superstar" Tour: 22-Piece String Section Added For Cleveland  Feb 9 2020, 08:15:24 PM

I had no desire to see this tour. I love the show, but am a little "Superstar"red out these days. But this article actually piqued my curiosity. Hmm...

HADESTOWN program book  Feb 5 2020, 05:58:12 PM

Is there somewhere I can order both this and the Beetlejuice program so I don't have to pay double shipping?!? Neither show had their programs yet when I attended them.

Putting It Together '93 Vs. '99  Jan 21 2020, 09:09:26 AM

A local theater is considering doing the Sondheim review Putting It Together and we're trying to decide between the '93 and '99 versions. Thoughts? Opinions? There are things I like better about each both song selection and structure wise. Would love to hear some of your thoughts. Thanks!

TWO BY TWO revival?  Jan 13 2020, 09:32:54 AM

I had the pleasure of playing Noah in this show several years ago. It is an audience pleaser, if done right. Noah needs a true comedian performance to be pulled off correctly - in the same vein as Tevye and, especially, Pseudolus. Nathan Lane could probably do it justice. Maybe Harvey Fierstein. I'm sure there's others, but no one else comes to mind right now.

Take Me Out - ticket info  Jan 7 2020, 09:19:47 AM

Can someone tell me...

If I get a pre-paid American Express card will it get me access to AmEx tickets? Never sure how that works. Was planning on buying my ticket to this next pay day but now seems like they won't be available to me yet. Arrgh!!!

Best Midtown Restaurants?  Jan 4 2020, 11:52:27 AM

Add another vote for both Glass House Tavern and West End Grill. And for breakfast I really like Bond 45 - they have a breakfast buffet that is divine. Glass House is especially convenient for between show dining if you're binge watching both parts of "The Inheritance" in one day right now!

I tried both Glass House and Bond 45 because of gift cards I got through the Audience Rewards program and have made return visits to both because I liked them so much, so if you have a

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