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The Chalk Garden with Angela Lansbury to open Fall 2015  Mar 30 2015, 03:15:00 PM
This would be a Broadway engagement not a tour

Shakespeare In Love 1st UK preview  Jul 3 2014, 06:42:20 PM
sorry forget to mention this is ala Peter and The Starcatcher, there are a few musical moments throughout but no full out numbers.

Shakespeare In Love 1st UK preview  Jul 2 2014, 06:49:04 PM
Am in the west end caught the first preview of Shakespeare In Love tonight, I will keep it brief but WOW, simply WOW this knocked me on my ass an absolute home-run and the sooner this comes to New York (with this cast) the better, bringing this to the states should be Disney's 1st priority right now because its going to be a HUGE hit in the west end, Lee Hall has done a fabulous job adapting the film, and the cast from top to bottom is phenomenal. Also Tom Stoppard was there this evening and he

What's going into the Nederlander?  Jun 23 2014, 02:22:01 AM
Wasnt the rumor they wanted the Nederlander for that revival of Forum?

HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME Reviews  Jun 20 2014, 02:59:00 AM
Already hearing this will close June 29th. whomp whomp what a waste

Jersey Boys movie looking at a weak 12 million opening  Jun 19 2014, 04:30:24 PM
theres a HUGE ad for it in Times Square right now.

Soul Doctor re-opening Off-Broadway Dec. 1 at Actors Temple Theatre  Jun 18 2014, 06:54:35 PM
theres no god, how is this possibly getting staged in new york again???

Re:  Jun 18 2014, 01:21:00 AM
signal boosted is not a real term.

Fly By Night at Playwrights Horizons  Jun 17 2014, 02:11:14 AM
^ that has no barring they are JUST releasing the cast recording for The Shaggs and that show was two seasons ago.

HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME Previews  Jun 16 2014, 04:01:49 AM
Today is 2Pac birthday, what a great present a mediocre musical. i'm assuming its frozen by now, this things going to get slaughtered on thursday.

The Killer at TFANA (Spoilers)  Jun 16 2014, 01:21:17 AM
I think Ma Piper was suppose to be a symbol for conformity, i mean her followers are LITERALLY goose stepping (i.e nazi's)


As for Paul Sparks character Edward I believe he is the ACTUAL killer, however!

the figure Berenger ultimately faces in the end is just a mental amalgamation of "The Killer" as he has had a mental break and ultimately is actually the grim reaper.

The Killer at TFANA (Spoilers)  Jun 15 2014, 10:52:16 PM
Saw this today, not sure what production the NYT saw because I loved this, absolutely hysterical and Shannon is giving an AMAZING performance as is Paul Sparks, in my opinion this was WAY better than their recent production of Midsummer Nights Dream

Donmar Warehouse's CORIOLANUS. transfer??  Jun 15 2014, 10:43:20 PM
they want to transfer it but Tom Hiddleston's film commitments are making it very difficult to do so and it wont transfer without him attached, earliest maybe Fall 2015.

Breaking News: AFTER MIDNIGHT to Close on Broadway in Late June  Jun 14 2014, 03:24:23 PM
something isnt right here, how would being closed one week allow them to keep running an addition 7 weeks....?

Was Random Number Generation removed from the revival of hedwig?  Jun 13 2014, 02:32:24 AM
just seems odd they included it in the OOBCR but its not in the revival, but Lena did it at an event.

Was Random Number Generation removed from the revival of hedwig?  Jun 12 2014, 03:59:45 AM
so what is the genesis of this song?

Was Random Number Generation removed from the revival of hedwig?  Jun 12 2014, 01:47:30 AM
so why is it on the OOBR? i'm very confused.

Was Random Number Generation removed from the revival of hedwig?  Jun 12 2014, 12:31:11 AM
So I noticed that Yitzhaks song Random Number Generation is missing from the revival recording, has it been removed from the actual show or did they just not record it?

DISGRACED to start performances September at the Lyceum  Jun 10 2014, 07:08:13 PM
in the meantime people should go see Ayad's new play at LCT3 The Who & The What, i saw it last night and it was rather good.

The Who & The What at LCT3  Jun 10 2014, 01:29:39 AM
Will keep this brief but caught The Who & The What at LCT3 at Lincoln Center tonight. Its the new piece from Pulitzer winner ayad akhtar (Disgraced) and to those who might think that play was a fluke, Akhtar proves he is the real deal with this one. The play concerns a Muslim family living in georgia whose lives are turned upside down when one of the daughters writes a potentially controversial book regarding Mohammad. This play is fast (1hr 45min with an intermission) crisp, funny and most imp

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