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Profile: Teknokrat - Don't use a credit card

Teknokrat - Credit cards are like two different slats. On the one hand, credit cards can be profitable. Especially when the situation is really an emergency. However, on the other hand, if you are not good at using this magic card, it will backfire on your own.

Teknokrat - Resolve Debt Immediately What is clear, debt is a bond, a request, and an obligation that must be resolved immediately. Don't get entangled in endless economic problems because of various debts.

Teknokrat - Ensure the intention and discipline to pay off debt in full. That way, what is done to pay off debt will run smoothly. Especially if that is intended. The intention to immediately be free of debt. Also, make sure to manage expenses well. Prioritize savings and save money, and don't exceed the 30 percent ratio if you want to borrow again.

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