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Broadway to Close?  Mar 12 2020, 01:12:32 PM
The League is currently meeting with DeBlasio’s office. Expect your announcement soon.

Broadway to Close?  Mar 12 2020, 12:10:01 PM

trpguyy said: "It also doesn’t make sense as reported earlier in the thread. Companies are being informed this morning? There isn’t an actor in a theater right now anywhere on Broadway. The only people in theaters right now are cleaning staff and stagehands of shows that have yet to open. Shows in rehearsals won’t have cast for another hour+, and these types of huge announcement almost always are in front of the entire company as a whole. "


Broadway to Close?  Mar 12 2020, 02:40:13 AM
Miles: they’ve completely closed my grandmother’s home to visitors. Said it’s too risky, because of the asymptomatic period. And they’re not wrong. Especially considering a number of people on this thread think her son should just keep going to work to put on their shows, despite the risk of these crowded buildings, despite the risk of transit, just so they can keep consuming them.

Not being able to visit our family members is awful. When Broadway closes, I’ll have three family members

Broadway to Close?  Mar 11 2020, 05:04:04 PM
So much for this being a rumor that started on reddit..... This is different from coming on the boards to discuss casting theories and shows that might open. Why anyone thought people would “invent” this rumor is beyond comprehension.

Broadway to Close?  Mar 11 2020, 04:08:54 PM

troynow said: "USHER at The Booth Theatre tested positive for the virus"

Unfortunately this is true. Will likely find out about closures by the end of today. Cannot believe they are just cleaning house and letting the patrons in tonight.

WEST SIDE STORY reviews: opens Feb 20 2020  Mar 4 2020, 06:27:52 PM
I’m glad to see someone else enjoys the faster tempos as well! I’ve seen it twice and the first time I thought that perhaps I was misremembering the original tempos. But they definitely serve to drive things along. I think that’s a highlight of this production that is easily overlooked.

Agree about Yessenia as Anita. My biggest issue was “A Boy Like That/I Have a Love.” Shereen’s voice is sublime, including in that number, but there is no way to blend it with Yessenia’s very, VERY diffe

Len Cariou Walks - Show Closes Early  Mar 4 2020, 06:21:44 PM

bk said: "And the press release headline is the height of hilarity: CARIOU AND LANSBURY - clever those people.


Best possible way they could have phrased this! And it’s not even untrue

Isaac Powell-West Side Story  Mar 4 2020, 11:27:36 AM
Love the sentiment here. I know he does 6 a week (still no marinees due to his continued recovery), and I don’t think him having the odd extra night off is unusual beyond that. I’m much more interested in the message. And that if you’re NOT able to give that performance, someone else goes on who is, because that’s what the audience deserves.

Yeah, he should have gotten more recovery time, but could we have survived an even LONGER preview period?

Love Never Dies to broadway 2021?  Mar 4 2020, 11:24:19 AM

Lot666 said: "spiderdj82 said: "I'm probably one of only a handful that likes this show and feel no shame....NO SHAME I TELL YOU!!!"

Why should you let other people shame you for what you like? As RuPaul famously said, "Unless they're paying your rent, pay them b!tches no mind".

If Love Never Dies ever comes to Broadway, I'll be booking the two shows back-to-back.

I will absolutely be doing the

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