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Completely inconsiderate that Broadway hasn’t cancelled all the April shows yet  Apr 6 2020, 07:03:40 AM

You're such a sanctimonious ****Jordan, reserving for yourself the right to comment on proceedings around here. 

Completely inconsiderate that Broadway hasn’t cancelled all the April shows yet  Apr 5 2020, 10:04:17 PM

Look at Jordan being so clever.

Completely inconsiderate that Broadway hasn’t cancelled all the April shows yet  Apr 5 2020, 08:42:01 PM

why has no one already thought of this?

oh wait

they have

in thread after thread

WHEN WILL THEY ANNOUNCE  Apr 5 2020, 05:34:53 PM

Any interest being made right now off advance ticket sales is fairly insignificant as rates collapsed weeks ago.

Should Congress Take $ Back from the Kennedy Center?  Apr 5 2020, 05:32:48 PM

The CARES act contains huge monies for medical needs:


For healthcare providers, the act has a range of measures. It appropriates $1.32 billion in grants for COVID-19 testing by federally funded healthcare centers. It authorizes expedited staffing of permanent direct hires for the National Disaster Medical System. It extends federal support for

Bootlegs during Quarantine  Apr 5 2020, 07:46:31 AM

Not a fan of bootlegs for the excellent reasons Kad previously noted. I've always wondered if any in-between step would be for theatre companies to make lower res videos available in a format locked to a smaller window (you can't make them full screen).  Dance companies have often done this with excerpts from their numbers.  It gives you a taste of the live performance, but is sufficiently inadequate that it would be unlikely to discourage someone from paying to actually see

Larry Kramer Takes on Trump Jordan Roth & More  Apr 4 2020, 07:50:54 AM

Issues can be raised as aggressively as one desires without including irrelevant attacks or commentary about how an individual dresses. People's policies or actions are what matters, not what they wear.

What the hell is with all the pro-trump advertising here?  Apr 3 2020, 04:21:12 AM

I bet some of those Ukranian women have hot gay sons who are single. Momma is just fronting for her boyz :)

April 13th ??  Apr 2 2020, 03:30:37 AM

I'm don't obsess over it. I think it is just a desirable courtesy on an active message board. It is hard to meaningfully engage in the conversation when the same topic is spread over multiple threads.  You have to go to each one to see what people are saying and where you want to engage. It doesn't take much effort to do a quick check to see if a thread exists for a topic before starting yet another one.

April 13th ??  Apr 1 2020, 10:51:50 PM

Understand your frustration, but there is not a single news headline about NYC right now that suggests in any way that Broadway shows will be operating on May 1.  All evidence is to the extreme contrary.

Broadway to Close?  Apr 1 2020, 05:04:28 PM

nycward said: "I think the real issue about when broadway will reopen is the reality of who in the hell will actually show up? I can't imagine that once Broadway gets the go ahead to reopen that there will be much of a tourist industry left and frankly I can't imagine being in a closed space of a Broadwaytheatre for some time to come. The economics will be bleak for a rather long time for not only producers and traditional backers but an audience that will have limited resour

April 13th ??  Apr 1 2020, 09:22:50 AM

CT2NYC said: "I still don't understand why these redundantthreads continue to get responses. There's literally a thread titled "WHEN WILL THEY ANNOUNCE," which in itself wasan unnecessary thread. Pretty much everything related to the closure is already being discussed in "Broadway to Close?," "Which shows will Covid-19 end?," and "Ticket Refunds." Considering most people are sitting home doing nothing, no one can say they don't have

April 13th ??  Mar 31 2020, 09:00:22 PM

This is already being discussed in at least a half-dozen other threads.

Broadway to Close?  Mar 31 2020, 12:28:16 PM

It is one thing for guidelines to allow for people to be out and about again routinely, but it is quite another thing for shows to be ready to welcome patrons again ... as others have previously noted here and in other threads. I'd imagine theater offerings will remain fairly slim during at least the early summer months.

Broadway to Close?  Mar 29 2020, 09:07:57 PM
No way of knowing for sure of course, but it is also possible that pent up demand for vacation, tourism, getting out, et al, might lead to less of a need for big stars, so long as appealing shows are on the boards.

PBS joins the trend of offering free online streams of musicals/plays  Mar 29 2020, 04:57:07 PM
Links worked fine for me.

Follies national theatre full show?  Mar 28 2020, 04:23:36 PM
I'm hoping it will be one of the NT Live shows they are making available.

WHEN WILL THEY ANNOUNCE  Mar 27 2020, 07:55:53 AM
A lot of people are going to want to do a lot of things. Much of it is unlikely to occur on the timetables they prefer. By many indications, we're going to remain in unpredictable circumstances for some time, so predictions of the future will remain unreliable as well.

COMPANY revival recording  Mar 24 2020, 11:06:01 PM
Sutton Ross said: "Play Esq,

Maybe worry and be concernedabout yourself and not how other people want to express their views? I would think that would be a very frustrating way to live your life. All opinions are valid here, even those you don't approve of and dislike.

We get it.

You're consistently hateful, dismissive, or treat others with contempt instead of trying a little civility or assuming good intentions.

Clearly th

COMPANY revival recording  Mar 24 2020, 05:33:44 PM
I really don't see the value in pouncing on people's posts when it is so easy to be a bit more generous with a response:

"I'd love a cast recording too, but there really isn't a safe way to do that right now. Hopefully, we'll still get one in the future even if the show doesn't open."

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