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Maybe Happy Ending at the Alliance Theatre  Feb 13 2020, 08:37:31 AM

I'm sorry you did get to see the show, but judging off of what ended up being the actual first preview, they really had to postpone. They had some major technical difficulties to work out with the stage before they could finish blocking. Since non-movie-to-musical new shows rarely transfer to broadway after just one try-out anymore, I'd be surprised (but excited!) if "Maybe Happy Ending" doesn't stop somewhere else first. This show is very different than KPOP so I don

Maybe Happy Ending at the Alliance Theatre  Feb 12 2020, 11:39:13 PM

I've seen it 4 times! The show has gotten rave reviews in Atlanta and has strong word-of-mouth, including more discerning theatre-goers. Michael Arden isn't the only big talent they have on it; scenic/lighting/sound designs are also spectacular and by broadway vets! The songs are charming but not really the kind to stick with you after one viewing. However, show as a whole is delightful and unlike much of what we see on Broadway nowadays (by the numbers jukeboxes or film-to-

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