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Nick Cordero Theatre  Jul 7 2020, 08:03:33 PM

Tag said: "Maybe renaming Stage 1 at New World Stages in his honour would be more appropriate. (where he got his start as the Toxic Avenger). There is a LONG list of theatre legends more deserving of a Broadway theatre named after them."


RIP Nick Cordero  Jul 7 2020, 08:01:43 PM

I’m so so sad about this.  Like many others, I joined Amanda at 6pm EST almost everyday to Live Your Life.  I truly hoped he would be able to get to the point to see his wife and son again, for both him and for them.  I saw Nick in A Bronx Tale, Bullets and the character we all hated in Waitress, Earl.  He was outstanding in all of them and his music and singing outside of his theater performances was also outstanding.

Rest in Peace, Nick.  You certainly

Older theatre fans: what's your opinion on new Broadway?  Jun 8 2020, 10:52:15 PM

 Don’t feel that way at all.  I feel the entire cast did a wonderful job.

Older theatre fans: what's your opinion on new Broadway?  Jun 8 2020, 08:17:30 PM

I really liked Nice Work If You Can Get It a few years back because of many reasons, Gershwin, a fantastic orchestra, great cast and ensemble, comedy, costumes and dancing.  It had all the elements of an old fashioned Broadway musical.  Yes, even an overture.  It’s probably the last show I saw that reminded me of old Broadway.  Probably not the cup of tea of younger fans but I loved it.  

Older theatre fans: what's your opinion on new Broadway?  Jun 7 2020, 11:11:28 PM

Jarathen hit on many points for me.  I truly dislike the jukebox musicals with the exception of Beautiful and Jersey Boys which I thought were beautifully wrapped in great books as well as great music.  Most of them seem more appropriate for Vegas than Broadway.

I also miss the days when musicals were original works and great new plays were being written and produced specifically for theater.  I can do without the Disney productions and a lot of the pop culture

Lea Michele- diva reputation?  Jun 7 2020, 08:47:46 AM

JGPR2 said: "Really, this had to be dug up again after the moderator shut down the other thread about her. Cmon people, move on."


Your Bucket List  Jun 6 2020, 08:26:51 AM

GlenCoco said: "Thank God that my elderly parents are still alive"

^^ beautifully stated

PLAZA SUITE Postponed to Spring 2021  May 31 2020, 10:21:38 PM

Oh, sorry about that!

PLAZA SUITE Postponed to Spring 2021  May 31 2020, 11:51:06 AM

ArtMan said: "Kimbo, You don't accept private messages. I wanted to let you know I won my dispute. I got the letter today, telling me. My temporary credit is now a permanent credit. The whole process took 3 months,"

It’s a shame how they handled this situation.  It’s not like they wouldn’t make the money back and more when Broadway reopens.  I’m glad you finally got your credit.  

NYT Poll Shows One Hurdle to Reopening Broadway: Fear of Jerks  May 26 2020, 06:33:11 PM

Totally agree.  I’ve already had the virus and have the antibody but will still not take the risk because of the behavior (or lack of) my fellow Americans.  People are being way too cavalier about reopening too soon and I don’t trust that people who have not been infected themselves or their loved ones, seem to feel this was overhyped by the media.  

Getting it off my chest  May 21 2020, 05:25:51 AM

I feel for you and all of us who appreciate the role that theater plays in enriching our lives.  My philosophy for this time is that everything we hold important to us, whatever those things are, will be enriched and enhanced even more when we are able to gather freely again.  In the meantime, keep those special experiences alive by watching whatever recordings, Playbills, ticket stubs, etc are available and try and remember how that show or moment made you feel.  Whenever thin

Smash Returns  May 21 2020, 05:18:59 AM

It would be so hard after such a long separation to recreate the same magic as season 1. That, for me, was one of the most incredible seasons of any TV show ever.  Season 2 was the polar opposite of that. I’m a firm believer that you can’t home again.  It’s never the same.  During this seclusion period, I’ve really enjoyed rewatching this amazing show and the incredibly talented creative performers. 

PLAZA SUITE Postponed to Spring 2021  May 13 2020, 10:04:45 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "You mean the phone number to a business that people are trying to call after normal business hours? That phone number?"

No Jordan, that’s the same number they’ve had people calling for weeks and no one answers and we get a message saying someone will contact us.  I don’t call after business hours.  If you think this is acceptable business practice that’s fine but most of us affected don’t think it is. &nb

PLAZA SUITE Postponed to Spring 2021  May 13 2020, 10:01:57 PM

JSquared2 said: "MCW1227 said: "It’s old term used when entitled rich people treat others like they are beneath them."

So then I imagine you're also fine when other racistsuse terms like ":how ghetto of them"?

Sorry, I’ve never heard that term used when referring to entitled rich people. 

PLAZA SUITE Postponed to Spring 2021  May 13 2020, 07:40:43 PM

You notice there is no mention of refund.  They provide a phone # that’s virtually impossible to get through in the hopes you get frustrated and accept the exchange.  

PLAZA SUITE Postponed to Spring 2021  May 13 2020, 07:35:08 PM

It’s old term used when entitled rich people treat others like they are beneath them.  

PLAZA SUITE Postponed to Spring 2021  May 13 2020, 06:28:35 PM

RWPrincess said: "I've started a credit card dispute. As much as I want to see this, it seems this production never sold out so I'm hopeful I'll be able to re-purchase cheaper tickets closer to the actual performance dates.

I wonder if SJP and Matthew Broderick are aware of what is going on with ticket refunds? She seems very fan friendly on Instagram and I doubt she'd approve of something like this happening with a show with her name attached to it.

Broadway Stars With COVID-19/Coronavirus  May 12 2020, 06:18:31 PM

Luminaire2 said: "Was just coming to post!! Amanda officially announced today! He is following commands. He is very weak. Can’t close his mouth, hard to
Open eyes! But he’s awake!!

I am practically crying over this.  I have followed Amanda’s IG everyday and feel like I know this family.  Nick has a long road ahead but a small glimmer of improvement is a start.  So inspiring,,

Ryan Murphy's HOLLYWOOD on Netflix  May 12 2020, 05:53:34 PM

As someone who is older than the average poster, I think knowing a little more of the history of this era made it a bit more difficult to watch at times.  I stopped at the awards episode but will continue to watch.  The mixture of reality and fiction made this harder for me to buy into .  I would have liked reality or fiction instead. And what was up with Rock Hudson’s teeth? I have seen many of Rocks movies and his teeth were not like that.  

Tickets Refunds  May 12 2020, 05:44:52 PM

RWPrincess said: "Artsylady10 said: "Has anyone had success with refunds from The Hudson for Plaza Suite? Haven’t been contacted, no refund yet for tickets I bought directly from the box office, no customer service, MUCH frustration! Thank you!"

There are several posts in this thread about this. My show date has passed and I have not been contacted. I've also tried calling and emailing the theater. The phone linehas a message and then immediate

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