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When is promotional or B-roll footage of shows filmed?  Jul 12 2020, 11:45:38 AM

Smaxie said: "Most musicals are shot with a dedicated call, but not always. Sometimes you edit froma combo of set-ups and candid footage from actual performances. Also, a performance can be recorded in its entirety, but an outlet cannot use more than 15 minutes of footage without concessions."

I seem to have gotten tickets to B-Roll performances a few times. Last year I sat next to a blocked off section of seats at Tootsie for camera space. No noises or distractions

Carousel 2018 Cast Recording  Jul 11 2020, 06:28:41 PM

I love this recording, the production I just enjoyed. Any chance to hear this score I will take it. I love the "June is Bustin' Out All Over" on this album specifically. Might be my favorite recording of this show.

Bernadette Peters. 2009 Concert.  Jul 11 2020, 06:25:08 PM

Ugh. She's so precious. What a doll.

First 2 Equity Shows Coming Back - Who's Going?  Jul 7 2020, 06:47:16 PM

I don't know how everyone else feels, but when theatre reopens one day... I will wait a little longer still to go. I want to see what people's experiences are, if it causes any issues, and for kinks to be worked out. 

Actors With Unhealthy Singing Technique?  Jul 7 2020, 06:46:01 PM

I think there is something to be said of the fact that Mueller did play the role the longest and without breaks coming back to it after time off. Plus, she rarely missed performances. She was definitely going to be worn out having done it for a full year whereas the others did stints for a few months / would come and go from the production.

Robbie Fairchild's new Floral Venture  Jul 6 2020, 08:27:30 PM

Dolly80 said: "BCfitasafiddle said: "That bouquet he posted on instagram is beautiful! A man of many talents. I love seeing performers hone other skills and create new ways for themselves to be creative. So versatile!"

I’m sure he’s very versatile ...

Oop. lol...

Robbie Fairchild's new Floral Venture  Jul 6 2020, 06:08:33 PM

That bouquet he posted on instagram is beautiful! A man of many talents. I love seeing performers hone other skills and create new ways for themselves to be creative. So versatile!

Randy Rainbow's Latest - "Poor Deplorable Troll"  Jul 6 2020, 05:58:58 PM

It keeps getting funnier! The videos are a bright light these days.

Best Cast of a movie musical ever, what's your favorite?  Jul 2 2020, 01:00:18 PM

It's a guilty pleasure, but... Hairspray. 2007. I mean, that was a stacked cast.

Broadway Musicals that Deserve Film Adaptations or Remakes?  Jun 28 2020, 01:55:15 PM

"Jarethan said: 

-- Merrily We Roll Along"


Merrily is happening!

 Jun 27 2020, 06:21:12 PM

Also Jay Armstrong Johnson. Shouldn't forget him!


"Artists in Residence"  Jun 27 2020, 06:16:37 PM

Has anyone listened to the newly released album, "Artists in Residence" yet?

All original songs that fit with this day and age by great Broadway composers and sung by people like Amber Gray, Victoria Clark, Santino Fontana, Patina Miller, Laura Osnes. Really nice songs. Everyone should listen!

Dreamcast: Desiree Armfeldt  Jun 24 2020, 09:07:09 PM

Hmm, or. Carolee Carmello.

Dreamcast: Desiree Armfeldt  Jun 24 2020, 09:06:42 PM

Victoria Clark.

At Home With Rebecca Luker: An Evening of Song  Jun 23 2020, 06:53:15 PM

Her voice sounds lovelier than ever. Her strength... unmatched. Incredible lady.

Vanity Fair First Look at WEST SIDE STORY film  Jun 21 2020, 11:25:35 AM

Not like Isaac is in a cast of saints himself.

Kat McPhee Next Broadway Show?  Jun 17 2020, 07:15:46 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: "You missed zero. She hasn’t been in the news regarding anything so that was a pointless statement."

Yeah I didn't think so. I follow her on platforms so I thought I'd see if she did something problematic. 

Kat McPhee Next Broadway Show?  Jun 17 2020, 07:06:01 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Well.... she’s cancelled now."

Uh oh. What did I miss?

A Toast to the Tonys that Might’ve Been  Jun 7 2020, 04:33:01 PM
Hard to believe today was the day. I didnt think Id spend it in the way were spending it. BUT. I just wanted to put out a little tribute message for the night. Its not been easy for all of us (especially at a time where we all get so excited and invested)! Im not a huge award show person, but I am a Broadway and Theatre lover and I love seeing people I admire earn praise. I cant wait for when the Tonys do happen, whether its sometime later this year, or in 52 weeks.

And to Ms. LUPONE w

Seth Rudetsky’s “Stars In The House” Concerts  Jun 1 2020, 03:12:26 PM

Not to mention, over $350,000 for the Actor's Fund. What an accomplishment. And now this for NAACP LDF.  We need more people like them. They're always striving to help.

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