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What should I watch in isolation?  Mar 21 2020, 02:43:26 PM
Broadway HD is the 7 day free trial but I highly recommend adding the channel to your Amazon Prime.
Otherwise the app for smart TVs has a ton of issues.

Their live broadway shows are mostly filmed in thr West End but there are some really good ones like Miss Saigon and Kinky Boots.

They don’t change their line up very often so I can’t justify paying for it every month.

2020-2021 Touring Season  Mar 21 2020, 02:36:21 PM
I hope Once on this Island extends their tour. I really wanted to see the show and it was only scheduled to tour a few more months.

2020-2021 Touring Season  Mar 12 2020, 11:17:47 AM

thejcm said: "Louisville:

Mean Girls (Nov 10-15)
To Kill a Mockingbird (Dec 1-6)
Waitress (Jan 5-10)
Hamilton (Feb 9-28)
Cats (Mar 16-21)
Tootsie (Jun 8-13)
Ain’t Too Proud (Jul 27 - Aug 1)

The only one I’m disappointed in is Cats but I’m glad to see were getting TKAM, I’m interested to see the casting for that. I was hoping we would have had Frozen (especially in place of Cats).

I'm dis

Best Midtown Restaurants?  Mar 9 2020, 01:44:37 PM

dramamama611 said: "I've been MEANING to go to Sylvia's forEVER. Thank you for the reminder: just booked a table."

Get the chicken and waffles - it really is the best fried chicken I have ever had.

And the peach cobbler is more like a peach pie with two crusts - but it's delicious.

The menu does have items on it that they don't make any longer - like the strawberry bread pudding - I was really looking forward to trying it but they stoppe

Best Midtown Restaurants?  Mar 9 2020, 10:43:02 AM

So glad I found this thread - I'm planning to go back to NYC in May and I too want restaurants that are not touristee. I like to eat where the locals eat.

On my last trip I did go to Trattoria Trecolori and I thought the food and service were very good. It's not a fancy place, it's casual Italian but they have an extensive menu and I will definitely go back.

As for Sardi's, I went there on my last trip and I wasn't impressed with the food or the service. It i

2020-2021 Touring Season  Mar 4 2020, 09:48:56 AM

ellbellthomps said: ""You didn't love Pretty Woman? It's coming to Indianapolis but I haven't heard anything about it and I don't remember when it was on Broadway."

No. You know those shows where you don't like or not like it? I'm in that boat. I didn't hate it by any means. It was open last summer or the summer before.

It was the same way I felt about Donna Summer. It wasn't bad, I just have no reason to ever g

2020-2021 Touring Season  Mar 4 2020, 09:42:37 AM

ellbellthomps said: "Really weird season for Buffalo. I've seen all the shows coming while they were on Broadway, and didn't love any of them so I'm gonna skip this year for my season tickets :/ first time in 3 years !

Hoping Rochester is closer to what Cleveland looks like.

You didn't love Pretty Woman? It's coming to Indianapolis but I haven't heard anything about it and I don't remember when it was on Broadway.

2020-2021 Touring Season  Mar 3 2020, 08:58:23 PM
Cleveland got quite a lineup- all new shows.

Buffalo’s lineup is great too.

Hoping Louisville comes through!

2020-2021 Touring Season  Mar 3 2020, 08:58:21 PM
Cleveland got quite a lineup- all new shows.

Buffalo’s lineup is great too.

Hoping Louisville comes through!

2020-2021 Touring Season  Mar 3 2020, 08:21:40 AM

Call_me_jorge said: "Beautiful has been touring since 2015. Much longer than 3 years."

I was guessing. I knew it had made its rounds.

If anything was still touring since 2015 I wish it was Kinky Boots. 

I'm happy with Cincinnati's season, I'm hoping Louisville has a great season too since it's closer to me. They announce next week. 

2020-2021 Touring Season  Mar 2 2020, 10:02:58 PM

angoradebs said: "dmwnc1959 said: "PNC Broadway in Columbus has announced their 2020/2021 season:

Yikes. If I was a Columbus subscriber, I would not be happy.

I wouldn’t be either.

Beautiful? That’s been touring what 3 years now? 

I was expecting Columbus to get several new shows. Oklahoma, The Prom, Tootsie, Ain’t Too Proud, so many new tours. At least they got Hadestown 


Hadestown cast replacements  Mar 2 2020, 05:28:28 PM
I sat in the Mezz and actually liked the view more than from the orchestra.
I was in the 2nd or 3rd row toward the center Mezz and the view was perfect!

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 29 2020, 04:05:30 PM

mufish said: "It seems like it may not technically be part of the tour and is rather a regional production, but the Huntington in Boston announced its 2020-21 season recently which will include What the Constitution Means to Me from 7/28-8/23.

I haven't seen it, but this seems like a good choice of venue particularly compared to the Opera House, which is too big for a lot of the musicals that play there anyway. The Emerson Colonial could have been OK, though probably s

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 27 2020, 08:55:25 PM

angoradebs said: "Cincinnati:

Pretty Woman - 11/10-11/22
My Fair Lady - 12/1-12/13
Frozen - 1/6-1/24
The Band's Visit - 2/9-2/14 (option)
Hamilton - 3/2-3/28 (subscribers have to pay for it up front but can have it removed later)
To Kill a Mockingbird - 4/6-4/18
Hairspray - 5/4-5/9 (option)
Ain't Too Proud - 5/25-6/6

Unlike last time Hamilton came through, this time subscribers will be able to buy additional Hamilton ti

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 25 2020, 10:52:43 PM

Babe_Williams said: "Has anyone seen the current My Fair Lady tour? I checked ticket prices for East Lansing (there are scores of tickets available for this weekend's shows) and they seem pretty outrageous. $97 before fees for a balcony seat. I didn't pay that much to see Lion King or Les Miz. 

That does seem kind of pricey for balcony seats. 

I just bought tickets for My Fair Lady in Columbus for March 14 and I paid around $120. That is for orche

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 25 2020, 12:16:18 PM

San Antonio Announced

My  Fair Lady -September 22-27

Jesus Christ Superstar -December 1 - 6

The Lion King -December 17 - January 10 2021

Tootsie -January 19 - 24 2021

To Kill a Mockingbird -February 16-21 2021

Beautiful the Carole King Musical -March 12 - March 14 2021

Mean Girls -March 30-April 4 2021

Riverdance  -May 7-9 2021

The Cher Show -June 20-25 2021

New WICKED Cast Replacements this month and next?  Feb 25 2020, 11:18:52 AM

Miles2Go2 said: "Make it four! Saw them together three times in span of a week when the tour touched down in Tulsa."

I saw Ginna Claire and Mary Kate in Indianapolis - there will never be another pair so perfect in those roles.

I was hoping to see Ginna Claire next month but now I hear she's going to be out for a bit. 


seeing a few shows in March  Feb 25 2020, 10:36:54 AM

Definitely not Beetlejuice, there are many f-bombs and a lot of raunchiness.

Has she seen The Lion King? The costumes are breathtaking.

My Next Trip  Feb 22 2020, 02:24:26 PM

"I have to say that I still think the best Wicked cast I’ve seen to date is still when I saw it 3× 2 years ago in Tulsa. My cast then included GCM (Glinda), Mary Kate Morrissey (Elphaba), Jody Gelb (Madame Morrible), Jason Graae (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), and Mili Diaz (Nessarose)."


Totally agree with you on this! I saw the same cast in Indianapolis and it sets a very high bar for me! If only Ginna Claire and Mary Kate could play the roles again -

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 13 2020, 08:55:00 AM


Mean Girls December 1 - 6

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory January 26-31

Jesus Christ Superstar March 9 - 14

Pretty Woman April 6 - 11

Dear Evan Hansen June 1 - 6


It's not a terrible season but after coming off our current season I'm disappointed. Only 5 shows instead of six - seems like they could have had an add-on.

And no shows until December - I don't think we've had a season that started so

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