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Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 4 2020, 04:27:13 PM
What was the other tweet from Elizabeth? Both of her tweets that were linked in this thread are now unavailable.

Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 4 2020, 04:26:23 PM
Completely agree with all of this. I don’t think it’s straight up racism, though it does of course play a part. I think it’s more likely classism, it seems like she doesn’t really like or care about anyone she deems to be below her. I think she would consider POC probably in this category, though it’s certainly not exclusive.

It makes sense now that she and Jonathan Groff were and are still so close, she regarded him as her equal during Spring Awakening. Similarly, how she regarded Cor

Jason Robert Brown Concert  Apr 28 2020, 12:17:54 PM

Truly loved this, and great production value. 

A little surprised/disappointed it was so short though.

Broadway Stars With COVID-19/Coronavirus  Apr 18 2020, 03:31:14 PM
Danny posted on his Instagram that Rebecca had beaten coronavirus! So glad they’re both doing great.

Very sad to hear about Nick. Hope he pulls through.

Any other broadway stars still battling? I think mostly everyone has recovered?

How is everyone doing?  Apr 1 2020, 11:02:55 PM
I’ve been mostly fine throughout all of this and been pretty optimistic. But the death of Adam Schlesinger has hit me hard. As well as the hospitalization of Nick Cordero. It’s all very sad and I hope it all goes back to normal as soon as possible.

Saving Playbills?  Apr 1 2020, 11:00:56 PM
Please donate them if you can! Housing works in the city accepts them I know. It would be great if you can give them to someone within an organization that donates items for the Broadway flea market (not sure how that works!) Just throwing them in the garbage makes me so sad.

SIX - Preview Thread  Feb 26 2020, 01:58:46 PM

If there is no filming in mega six, what do they say at the beginning?

Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content

In London they open it with the line “get your phones out you’re gonna wanna film this”? Do they say something else entirely?


Six Rush or Lottery News  Feb 13 2020, 09:28:06 AM

Myself and 2 people entered and we all lost. Took awhile for the message to come through too.

Six Rush or Lottery News  Feb 13 2020, 09:28:03 AM

Myself and 2 people entered and we all lost. Took awhile for the message to come through too.

BroadwayCon 2020  Jan 27 2020, 09:24:38 PM
I was there and have been there with a vendor in the marketplace for the last 4 years (every broadwaycon besides the first!). This year was truly underwhelming and lacking. I didn’t go to any programming as I was in the marketplace the whole time, but from friends who did, and people I spoke to, it didn’t seem like there was much to see. Especially geared towards the younger audiences, which is the majority of attendees. I agree with a previous comment that they have all of Broadway history to m

BCEFA FLEA 2019 COLLECTORS UNITE  Sep 22 2019, 10:44:21 PM

I also was underwhelmed this year. Got there at 9:30 and was able to get some good playbills I’ve been wanting. But beyond that was disappointed. 

What was at the curtain call table right when it opened?

I was also shocked at how many booths, not only had ridiculous prices, but were so unwavering. I came back at like 5 and couldn’t believe how many booths didn’t lower the prices. Funny to see a booth charge $40 for an item and an adjacent booth charging $5

Thanks for responses  Jun 5 2019, 10:22:21 AM

I’be been twice. My friend and I won the Tony student lottery in 2014 which was a fun time in itself, I wish they did that again. It was $40 I think for the top mezzanine but it was a perfect view and we had the best time. Saw plenty of nominated people on the way out too. Bought a ticket to go back the next year with some friends, and had an equally great experience. Perfect view, and still saw a lot of people. It’s a very unique and cool experience to see behind the scenes like

Kelli O'Hara shady comments about a Broadway producer  Apr 29 2019, 11:26:21 PM
Where is this from? What podcast? Thanks!!

Getting rid of 300+ Playbills  Jan 21 2019, 10:13:49 AM
Are these still available? Ive messaged twice now with no response.

Getting rid of 300+ Playbills  Jan 16 2019, 06:56:21 PM
Sent you a PM!

Absences at BroadwayCon?  Jan 14 2019, 04:11:37 PM
So I volunteered at BroadwayCon this past weekend (and have been every year) and I couldnt help but notice that there werent booths for, Playbill, or 54 Below there (cant remember if TheaterMania was there). These booths/establishments always had a pretty large presence at passed Cons and it was quite noticeable they were not in attendance. Additionally, only BroadwayWorld really posted or advertised about it during the event (not sure about leading up to it). Im just curious if the

Neil Patrick Harris and Rachel Bloom  Jun 12 2018, 12:04:33 PM
My whole watch party assumed he had been hacked due to his comments but especially because of the birthday gifts. But since no announcement was made, I assume that was actually NPH.... very bizarre

MY FAIR LADY Lottery  Apr 14 2018, 11:56:49 AM
Does anyone know if they set aside tickets for the lottery or is it just whatever is available? If a show is sold out, will no one win?

NY Daily News: Ruthie Ann Miles Injured, Daughter Killed By Driver in Brooklyn  Mar 30 2018, 09:57:17 PM
She’s out of the hospital and with family.

MEAN GIRLS Previews  Mar 22 2018, 05:25:22 PM
Does anyone have an updated runtime?

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