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re: 'Liza's At The Palace' REVIEWS  Dec 6 2008, 06:51:49 PM
Terrific, thanks for the responses. Just purchased my tickets for the 28th!

re: 'Liza's At The Palace' REVIEWS  Dec 6 2008, 06:07:28 PM
Currently buying tickets to see the show, but I've never been to The Palace. I'm looking at the rear balcony $55 tix. How are these seats? Will Liza look like an ant from up there?

re: Welcome Home Rapp & Pascal  Aug 4 2007, 08:13:04 PM
Today's show was terrific. But no kidding about the stage door- the scene was really crazy! People were crammed together in 90 degree heat to the point where they spilled out onto the street and the sidewalk across the street waiting for the actors to come out.

At first I considered hanging out to possibly see Adam and Anthony but there was just no way with that crowd.

Breaking In (A New Televison Series All About Broadway)  Mar 14 2007, 04:56:30 PM
This show sounds like a great idea! I can't wait to see it.

re: It's Just the 'Winter Garden Theatre' again  Jan 2 2007, 07:32:20 PM
Viagra Winter Garden Theatre-- If the shows here don't get you excited, nothing will.


re: Kathy Griffin should come to broadway.  Jan 2 2007, 07:29:04 PM
I love Kathy, but I don't know how well she would do on Broadway. I wouldn't mind finding out though!

re: Studio 60 on the Broadway Strip  Sep 27 2006, 07:20:51 PM
What did everyone think of Monday night's episode?

re: Studio 60 on the Broadway Strip  Sep 19 2006, 04:55:31 PM
This show was great! I'm definitely already hooked. I'm so glad to have something to replace my now pretty empty TV schedule (no Will and Grace and no Alias). Next week's episode looks like it may even be better than this week's.

re: Just back from first London 'Wicked' preview..........  Sep 9 2006, 03:02:37 PM
It seems that the technical difficulties they were having the other night continue on if Idina didn't fly. Either that or Idina was having difficulties of her own.

re: spamalot partial view seats  Jul 5 2006, 04:47:47 PM
Sorry to bring up a really old topic, but has anyone seen Spamalot from partial view seats? How "partial" is the view?

re: Les Mis tickets on sale today?  Jun 26 2006, 09:54:22 AM
"How limited is the run? It'll still be playing next summer, won't it?"

The run ends March 11.

re: Les Mis tickets on sale today?  Jun 25 2006, 09:14:30 PM
Do you think that there will be any discount codes for tickets to this limited run in the near future? Because I don't want to pay full price only to find out that if I had waited I could have bought tickets for less.

re: Which Broadway Stars Do You Cook For?  Jun 4 2006, 09:27:11 PM
I once cooked a huge meal for the cast of Sweeney. It was truly a learning experience.

re: Broadway Opening Night Parties  May 2 2006, 07:54:05 PM
I could be mistaken, but I'm fairly sure that they're invitation only.

re: Idina Menzel to Star in London WICKED  Apr 21 2006, 03:13:51 PM
I was so shocked that I couldn't even read the other posts because my mind is having a hard time grasping the fact that she is going to be Elphaba again after she spent so long trying to get away from that role!

re: What show (that you haven't yet seen) would you turn down a free ticket  Apr 5 2006, 10:06:43 PM
I don't think that there is anything I would ever turn down a free ticket to. I mean, come on people... its free theatre!

re: Tony Awards' Host Is Up For Grabs  Mar 30 2006, 04:10:29 PM
I agree with everyone who said that we need a new host. Hugh is good, but I think that 3 years in a row is enough already! Let's give someone else a chance. Who that someone else should be, I don't know. The Sex and the City gals idea was a good one, although not probable.

re: New Game: Test You Broadway Photo IQ  Mar 22 2006, 05:31:07 PM

re: Another teacher loses her job over her choice of school plays  Mar 21 2006, 03:25:29 PM
I think that the types of shows that high schools put on should depend on the students acting in it. If the students are mature enough to handle the material, the sky is the limit.

My school put on Cabaret last year as our spring musical and had no problems. I even live in a very, very Republican/conservative area of New Jersey and the show still went on. I do realize, however NJ Republicans are very different from, let's say, Utah Republicans. But still... its art people need to learn

re: Falling Asleep to CRs  Mar 19 2006, 02:23:07 PM
The Last 5 Years is a good one because its relatively calm.

I listen to my ipod almost every night before I go to sleep. It has a very relaxing effect especially if I've had a rough day and the music that I listen to is familiar and comforting.

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