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Funniest Scenes in shows  May 27 2020, 07:19:42 PM

Tootsie's restaurant scene killed me, which is arguably emblematic of the show as a whole because I don't think that that scene actually has a song in it, but god it was funny.

Best Broadway song ever?  May 19 2020, 11:46:43 AM

Oh, easy - Duet for One

Underrated and Overrated Broadway, West End, and/or Off-Broadway Musicals  May 9 2020, 08:17:48 PM

A specific duo: Ragtime is extremely overrated, and Seussical is extremely underrated.

People Who Saw Shows That Now Live In Infamy, What Was Your Experience At Said Show?  May 9 2020, 10:12:59 AM

joevitus said: "Dollypop said: "joevitus said: "Dollypop said: "Lordy me, how did I forget BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY's with Mary Tyler Moore and Richard Chamberlain? Edward Albee's book was exceptionally talky and leaden and it's true, the audience did talk back to the actors. At one point Moore's character asked the rhetorical question, "What am I to do?" and a male voice from the audience answered, "Go home so we can, too!"<

Sondheim's "I Never Do Anything Twice"  Apr 29 2020, 04:47:59 PM

I think my favorite thing about this song is how it shows Sondheim's skill at using the delay of a musical phrase to create a suggestive joke. The pauses after "Yes, I know that it's hard", "Came at my command", and "by fingering" linger just long enough to let you make the wrong connection that Sondheim wants you to make. Also, the fact that it opens with the suggestion of bestiality is pretty bold.

What Character in a Musical Most Resembles Trump?  Apr 23 2020, 12:43:07 PM

Patrick Bateman is definitely the best one so far - both are great stand-ins for the violent, perpetually-forgiven systems of capitalism. I can't remember if or how it's quoted in the show, but the last paragraph from the book feels chillingly relevant:

"There are no more barriers to cross. All I have in common with the uncontrollable and the insane, the vicious and the evil, all the mayhem I have caused and my utter indifference toward it I have now surpassed. My pain is

What Was The Worst Musical You Saw  Apr 14 2020, 12:12:55 PM

frontrowcentre2 said: "Now I rather liked URINETOWN, and THE BANDS VISIT and PASSION. I did not like SUNSET BLVD. The performance I atttended in Toronto starred Diahann Carroll who appeared bored and uninterested in giving any kind of star performance.

The classic film is still a favorite, but Lloyd Webber used too much of the film dialogue as recitative and brought nothing new or innovative to the stage adaptation. According to an article in SHOW MUSIC magazine he chose t

"Who's That Woman" staging  Apr 9 2020, 08:29:12 PM

It really is one of the greatest things ever put on a Broadway stage.

"Who's That Woman" staging  Apr 9 2020, 04:07:01 PM

I feel like the point of Who's That Woman is less to show what the women have lost in terms of dancing ability than to show what they've gained in terms of personality. There is, of course, the cynical edge that they might not dance as well as their counterparts, but typically the counterparts are also much less interesting as dancers (which also usually goes for the actors playing their younger selves), coming together as generic but technically achieved Sexy Girls as opposed to

Tickets Refunds  Mar 26 2020, 08:04:32 PM

Just as a note, as someone who is working on the other side of this situation, please do have patience. It's likely that the group of people working through refunds and credit/donation options is smaller than you'd think and extremely overwhelmed right now.

Use of Microphones on Broadway  Mar 25 2020, 03:04:22 PM

Matilda was incredibly distorted and I don't know why. My guess is that it probably starts with overamplification, which is something I'll never understand. I saw a production of Betrayal at a tiny theatre here in Toronto that had pre-recorded interstitial music that played between scenes, and it was so loud it made my ears crackle, and there was plenty of that in Matilda.

Game: Retitled Quarantined Show Titles  Mar 17 2020, 03:15:14 PM

kdogg36 said: "Company!?


”Have I Got a Test For You”

”No One Is Waiting”

”Another Two People” (just got off of the train)*

”The Ladies Who Practice Social Distancing”

* This idea was stolen from a post on the other board.

Don't forget "(Not) Getting COVID Today"

Today is for Amy!


A Sequel To West Side Story  Mar 9 2020, 05:18:10 PM

Isn't that the plot of the fake musical in Tootsie?

Non replica productions of Chicago  Jan 22 2020, 10:11:34 AM
German theatre is so great.

Helen Shaw takes down both BOM and Hamilton on Vulture  Dec 23 2019, 10:39:39 AM

joevitus said: "Charley Kringas Inc said: "I don’t get the “equal opportunity comedy” defence. For one thing, Parker and Stone have never punched up as much as they’ve punched down."

Wrong. And if you can't take a joke as being a joke, that's kinda on you.

So I take it you consider jokes about Africans being gullible baby-raping morons to be roughly equal to jokes about Mormons being insular, sheltered do

Helen Shaw takes down both BOM and Hamilton on Vulture  Dec 19 2019, 11:17:48 AM

double the posting double the fun

Helen Shaw takes down both BOM and Hamilton on Vulture  Dec 19 2019, 11:17:02 AM
I don’t get the “equal opportunity comedy” defence. For one thing, Parker and Stone have never punched up as much as they’ve punched down. Even if they did, are we meant to accept that jokes about how Ugandans are gullible baby-raping idiots are equal with jokes about how Mormons are repressed?

Helen Shaw takes down both BOM and Hamilton on Vulture  Dec 18 2019, 01:24:33 PM

I can't comment on the current audience of Hamilton, but Book of Mormon is an abominable show written by two of the worst people in popular media in the last couple decades (who haven't a: worked for Fox or b: raped anyone, to my knowledge) and it blows my mind that it's still pummeling along.

Anais Mitchell blames the patriarchy for people wanting perfect rhymes in theatre songs. Seriously.  Dec 17 2019, 12:19:19 PM

I didn't feel like I was getting caught up in false/slant rhymes in Hadestown, either, though it is frustrating in "Wait For Me" when Hermes's first stanza has a perfect AABBCDDE scheme, and then his second stanza is AA[slant]BB[slant]CCDE, before going back to the first scheme in the third stanza. But yeah, the loose rhyming of Hadestown feels organic, as does the obstinately unrhymed Natasha and Pierre - interestingly, though both draw from folk influences, the w

Favorite Stephen Sondheim Musical...  Dec 12 2019, 01:01:51 PM

Sweeney Todd is probably the most perfect musical ever written and the OBC album is one of the only ones I've never tired of hearing.

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