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2020 Tony Awards  May 16 2020, 04:50:50 PM
If there are 2020 Tony Awards, it will be very weak. Only a handful of shows deserve a nomination and very few, if any, deserve to win a Tony.

Frozen on Broadway - Where did they go wrong?  May 16 2020, 03:04:57 PM

As others have mentioned, the show lacked magic or the wow factor. It was fatal that the show didn’t have the ice castle. Sure it could have been expensive to build an ice castle, but you can do so much with special effects to bring it to life. The glowing eyed trolls looked like aliens. I have no idea what that was about. Then the hot tub scene with half naked people dancing in a children’s show is just plain dumb. There was nothing great about that scene and it should have been

How long will it take for shows to get up and running?  May 3 2020, 03:06:08 PM

When Broadway gets the green light to reopen, how long will it take for a production to be ready to put on a show? Cameron Mackintosh in his interview suggested 4-5 months. I read St Martin suggest 6 weeks. Seems like a wide range of guesses as to how long it will take for Broadway to reopen.

For an established show, I cant imagine it would take long if the cast remained intact. A few weeks of rehearsals should have the cast ready. If the cast doesnt come back in its entirety,

PHANTOM will be the next ALW musical to stream for free  Apr 18 2020, 11:35:11 PM
One of the best productions I have seen filming a live musical. The closeups were incredible. I bought the audio recording on iTunes. I love this recording.

Could this be the end of live theater, period?  Apr 12 2020, 04:53:22 PM
Broadway will be open before the end of summer. The only question I have is how many shows will be able to survive until then.

How Long ??  Mar 24 2020, 10:27:09 AM

NYC Hotels are hoping for July reopening.

July reopening

How Long ??  Mar 22 2020, 11:01:21 AM
I am more optimistic than the rest on this thread. Chloroquine and azithromycian will be an effective treatment on the virus. Spring will come again. The threat of the virus will die down as temperatures warm up. I think business will be back to normal by May.

Best restaurant for your birthday before a show?  Jan 28 2020, 05:16:30 PM
I am shocked no one has said Carmine’s. Great food. Family style. Surprisingly fast service that gets you in and out. The only downside is you need to make reservations weeks in advance.

Worst Broadway Show of the Decade?  Jan 1 2020, 12:41:22 PM
I went with Spider-man. That was more of a circus than a Broadway show.

Freestyle Love Supreme  Nov 30 2019, 03:55:23 AM

Daniel M said: "Dave13 said: "Has Lin ever appeared in the 10pm show?"

He did when I saw it off-broadway in February. I know this is not the most relevant information but it did happen at least once!

Thanks. It’s as good as any other information.  

Freestyle Love Supreme  Nov 29 2019, 09:41:08 PM
Has Lin ever appeared in the 10pm show?

A Christmas Carol Review Thread  Nov 20 2019, 07:27:03 PM

Tonight is opening night. I am surprised this thread hasn't been started yet. 

Will Disney bring back other shows just to release on Disney+?  Nov 15 2019, 09:17:47 AM
BATB revival has been confirmed by the Disney.

Leslie Odom Jr talks HAMILTON film  Nov 14 2019, 06:59:22 PM

This is certainly old news. For years, it has been discussed on this board that Hamilton was filmed with the OBC. It has never been a question as to if a filmed version of the musical on stage would be released, it has only been a question as to how and when. 

Personally, I don't see a movie version of the show doing well, unless you went with traditional acting and etc. Of course, I was also wrong about the potential success of the stage version. 

How Long Will Ben Crawford Be in PTO?  Nov 5 2019, 05:11:52 PM

Ben first performance was 4/16/2018. Typically, it is yearly contracts. Theoretically, his first contract is over and he renewed for at least another year, which his contract would end around 4/16/2020. However, I am sure if something bigger and better came along, he could bolt at anytime. 

Also, actors that have played Phantom in the past usually stay for a while. My guess is you are safe that he will be there in March, but nothing is guaranteed. 

Musicals that you never tire of...  Oct 26 2019, 05:24:49 PM
For me it’s different. On Broadway I can only watch a show ma few times because there is something always new that I rather see. On tour, I can watch a show countless times as there is nothing else to watch.

Shows that I have seen countless times and will contribute: Wicked, Les Mis, Newsies, Hamilton, Book of Mormon and Phantom.

How long is Amber Gray with Hadestown?  Oct 24 2019, 12:11:42 PM

Looks like she is joining the case of The Underground Railroad. The article does not mention her departing the show. I have tix in December. So I hope to see her.

Josh Gad Hinting a Book of Mormon Return??  Oct 18 2019, 08:20:22 PM
Not sure why some of you are dismissing the possibility. This Instagram post could be a joke, but it also looks serious. As someone else mentioned, why not a limited run? If each has an open window in their schedule, why not? Even if it’s not for the money, I am sure it will be fun.

THE GREAT SOCIETY closing Nov. 30  Oct 14 2019, 09:19:22 AM
Makes no sense to close before the Holidays, which tends to be the most lucrative time of the year.

Shows during non-traditional times  Sep 25 2019, 10:03:43 AM

magictodo123 said: "

Do you think there are certain times that would be more appealing to tourists? I think part of the fun of the current times is the planning you can do- you can have an early dinner and then see a show, make an event out of it. But I'm curious about what you think would be more appealing..."

I think Thursday and Friday matinees should be offered more. Too many people come into town like me to see a marathon of shows.  I come in

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