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Before I die I wanna.......  Oct 13 2020, 06:48:35 AM

See a complete recreated production of the Broadway version of CARRIE including the original score, costumes, sets, lighting and choreography.

What Show Would You Like To See At Encores?  Aug 27 2020, 12:37:11 PM

I’d love to see the original Broadway production of CARRIE. Songs, sets, staging, costumes, lightening. Everything.


Give us all a glimpse into that bizarre production that none of us saw 30 years ago. 

Do you think the ùPhantom film should have been made earlier?  Jul 25 2020, 06:01:11 PM

The more time goes on the more I realise that the Phantom film isn’t all that awful. There’s worse adaptions out there. 

Broadway performers who could hold a residency  Jul 20 2020, 05:12:21 PM

IdinaBellFoster said: "He did? HUGH JACKMAN: BACK ON BROADWAY ran for ten weeks back in 2011."

He didn’t. Not the same show. 

Broadway performers who could hold a residency  Jul 19 2020, 03:14:32 PM

I could see Sutton Foster doing a small residency. 

I’m surprised Hugh Jackman hasn’t ever taken his solo concert to Broadway. 

Seeking information regarding "Carrie"  Jul 19 2020, 03:12:50 PM

Seeking anyone connected with 'Carrie'...  Jul 15 2020, 10:29:36 AM

Globefan said: " found an RSC program from Carrie 1988."

Jesus. That program looks like it’s for a production of FAME, not a horror musical. 

(Almost) All White  Jul 9 2020, 10:20:08 PM

santeFEEE said: "An all white school wouldn't pick Hairspray ... and have the African- American characters played by White people.

They would and they have. Many times. I once played Link Larkin in an all-white High School production.  

West End not expected to resume performances until at least 2021.  Jun 17 2020, 08:42:33 AM

White Guy Calls "Avenue Q" Racist  Jun 8 2020, 01:02:31 PM


I thought it was common knowledge that AVENUE Q is a lot smarter than the premise of the show initially suggests, how is that being lost of these people calling it racist?

Rocky Horror Show?  Jun 6 2020, 02:15:23 PM
Does the show not tour virtually every year in the US the same way it does in the UK.

Also a special live recording from an anniversary production is available on YouTube to watch.

Ruin a Broadway Musical by Changing One Letter  Jun 4 2020, 01:30:41 PM


Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 4 2020, 01:02:20 AM

There’s an incident that happened here in the UK a few years ago that’s very similar to what’s happening with Lea Michele. 

Roxanne Pallet is very, very similar to Lea Michele. She was a musical theatre actress who’d done some TV and movies. She’s beautiful and presents herself as a dorky, charming sort of person in interviews. 

In 2018 Pallet participated in Celebrity Big Brother and it seemed to be going well for her until she

Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 2 2020, 07:40:55 PM

SomeOtherMe said: "Matt Doyle and Emma Hunton also tweeted shady responses lol.

And these are just the people who are willing to say something.

I saw that Lindsay Pearce liked some shady tweets as well. 

Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 2 2020, 07:27:27 PM

uncageg said: "JGPR2 said: "Let me get this straight. She posts on twitter something that 99.9% of the country agrees with (might be a few wack jobs out there that don't) and she gets bashed about things from years ago. If nobody had said anything about it, this tweet would have been basically ignored and not a story. In no way IMO did the tweet come off as Lea was some kind of social justice warrior. It was nothing more or less than anybody might have tweeted.

Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 2 2020, 06:29:03 PM

Tag said: "Plannietink08 said: "Ariana Granda has now unfollowed Lea Michele on Instagram."

Who the hell cares??


Who wouldn’t care that one of Lea Michele’s cast mates unfollowed her thereby becoming another person condemning her on a thread about Lea Michele’s cast mates condemning her? Are you lost?

Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 2 2020, 05:51:34 PM
Ariana Granda has now unfollowed Lea Michele on Instagram.

Lea Michele Is A Good Person  Jun 2 2020, 11:50:32 AM

Keke Palmer has unfollowed Lea Michele on Instagram and Abigail Breslin liked two of the tweets calling her out. Both Palmer and Breslin were Michele’s cast mates on SCREAM QUEENS. 

Lea Michele Is A Good Person  Jun 2 2020, 10:56:59 AM
Trying to read every reply in this thread before the mods delete it.

Broadway Memoirs from undersung professions?  Jun 1 2020, 01:50:30 PM

JBroadway said: "This doesn't quite fit what you asked for, but the first one I thought of when reading the thread title was "Unnaturally Green" by Felicia Ricci. Shewas a standby for Elphaba in the San Francisco production of Wicked. It's insightful, and incredibly funny.

I know you were asking for people who aren't actors, but I think if you're looking for memoirs by theatre professionals who are undersung, I'd think Standby fits the bill. A

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