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Wicked Movie Seeks New Director  Oct 20 2020, 03:35:31 PM

Can’t wait for the Ryan Murphy version where Glinda and Elphaba are recast as hot men who spend the whole film naked.

Sarah Paulson as Madame Morrible and all other roles, people he’s worked with before every time he does one of his awful shows.

74th Annual Tony Awards will go digital this fall  Aug 24 2020, 06:01:53 PM

herewegoabc said: "Count me in on the Jagged Little Pill love. I'm thankful I got to see it twice before the shutdown. Elizabeth Stanley was the standout for me, but I also loved Celia Rose Gooding's performance. I know Patten is the likely winner from that show, but I would love to see Gooding get some recognition. And though I loved Stanley's performance, I'd be thrilled to see Adrienne Warren get her Tony.

On the play side, I'm just hoping for some M

74th Annual Tony Awards will go digital this fall  Aug 24 2020, 05:58:23 PM
Only 2 actors are eligible for Leading Actor in a Musical? What a woeful situation if that’s true.

Randy Rainbow is a racist.  Aug 20 2020, 03:31:20 AM

CindersGolightly said: "Dolly80 said: "Wow his tweets are very disappointing, to put it mildly.

I absolutely don’t believe in cancel culture, and I hope he apologises and we can move on. It beggars belief he didn’t delete them years ago.

Y'all are free to move on, but the thousands of marginalized people's backs he built his racist career on probably wont be able to. Lmao. I for one am not ready to move on after his apolog

Randy Rainbow  Aug 19 2020, 08:14:13 PM
Wow his tweets are very disappointing, to put it mildly.

I absolutely don’t believe in cancel culture, and I hope he apologises and we can move on. It beggars belief he didn’t delete them years ago.

ALW Participating In COVID-19 Vaccine Trial  Aug 14 2020, 02:53:25 PM
He’s just doing this for publicity. Stupid man.

Indoor, Socially Distanced Theatre Can Resume In The UK  Aug 14 2020, 02:51:28 PM
What good is this to anyone?
The west end is DEAD until social distancing is gone. The uk government are just passing the buck and making sure they don’t have to pay out any more support for the destroyed Arts industries.

This isn’t good news. It shows they just don’t care. Theatres cannot operate at 30% capacity. Is everyone supposed to work for free? This is not a way forward.

Diana going to Netflix  Aug 13 2020, 03:40:59 AM
This is probably quite a smart move. Let’s face it, this show was only ever going to flop so at least now they can record it for prosperity. And IF it does open on Broadway as suggested, it will potentially have a bigger audience and more public recognition after being shown on Netflix.

Every time I see a photo of the lead actress trying to pass as Diana, a bit of me dies inside to think that anyone is even bothering with this show, let alone throwing money away doing it.

What do we know about the BEAUTY & THE BEAST revival?  Aug 2 2020, 07:29:06 AM
This is opening in London. Various scenic shops have been contacted about it.

What happened to Jordan Roth?  Jul 24 2020, 07:18:14 PM
He’s probably busy having more silly clothes made. I’d like him to stay quiet for as long as possible please.

Rosie/Gaga lead Funny Girl to reopen the Palace!  Jul 20 2020, 08:37:13 AM
Yeah there’s no way GaGa would do this.

Rosie/Gaga lead Funny Girl to reopen the Palace!  Jul 19 2020, 06:28:50 PM
The recent west end version was awful and would NOT go down well in NYC.
It would need a total overhaul.

Also- Mendel is too old for it now... Lea Michelle is too toxic- she would be way too problematic.

What would be exciting is if they cast an unknown in it.

Mean Girls Stage Door Being Stripped of Design  Jul 13 2020, 01:30:29 PM
It’s more likely that they will almost certainly reopen with a new cast, or altered cast.

Naya Rivera presumed dead  Jul 13 2020, 01:29:19 PM
This is all too awful. It would be a miracle if that body wasn’t Naya.

Bernadette Peters. 2009 Concert.  Jul 13 2020, 08:38:51 AM
What a true star she is. Really enjoyed this concert

Naya Rivera presumed dead  Jul 13 2020, 08:37:37 AM
It’s actually terrifying how everyone expects these people to publicly express their concern and feelings over something so personal and upsetting. Reason 521 why Social Media is so damn unpleasant.

None of us know what happened to Naya, so for anyone to even dare say she was negligent or did something wrong , is absolutely disgusting.

And just because cast mates haven’t done a post about it, doesn’t mean they aren’t and haven’t been in contact to offer support to her family

Naya Rivera presumed dead  Jul 10 2020, 10:43:30 AM
A shocking number of people have drowned in this lake... and it is considered to be very dangerous at times.. even for strong swimmers.

I hope to god she’s found alive but that has to be near impossible now.

“We See You White American Theater” Publishes Demands  Jul 9 2020, 07:05:27 AM

There is something so unpleasant and threatening about this statement they have put out.  This isn’t the way to deal with it.

Jason Robert Brown is Working on a Musical Adaptation of A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN!  Jul 9 2020, 07:04:32 AM
If he’s going to do another movie musical can it just be The Truman Show please.

I assume he’s been commissioned to write it for a producer so why would he turn it down? He may love the movie.

Naya Rivera presumed dead  Jul 9 2020, 07:00:54 AM
This is just awful.

I hope she is found alive but hope must be fading.

That Glee cast curse is brutal.

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