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2020-2021 Touring Season  Mar 5 2020, 01:43:39 PM

Friend of mine went and said there were a ton of empty seats.  I have 2 subscriptions on 2 different nights and couldn't sell them for under $20 for parterre seats for a Saturday night show.

2020-2021 Touring Season  Mar 3 2020, 12:40:33 PM

Off topic, but anyone know how in the world Escape to Margaritaville was given a month run at the Dolby in Los Angeles??  It seems it's only 2 or 3 days in other cities.  You can't give tickets away to this thing.

Hollywood Bowl 2020  Feb 20 2020, 12:38:28 PM

I can totally see Jack Black doing it.  He lives in LA, this would be something he's probably never done, just 3 performances.

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 19 2020, 10:22:41 AM

Ahmanson also has Le Mis.  

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 4 2020, 04:41:38 PM

I'm pleased with the season as well.  Just curious what's going to fill in a lot of the down time for both venues.  But the Pantages/Dolby season along with the Ahmanson season so far, super strong.  Now waiting on the Hollywood Bowl announcement.  :)

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 4 2020, 02:40:06 PM

Oh, thought you were replying to my post about the Pantages.

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 4 2020, 02:19:40 PM

Academy Awards are at the Dolby.

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 4 2020, 02:06:02 PM

Hamilton has extended to the end of November.  Harry Potter is currently playing until August in San Fran.

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 4 2020, 01:02:43 PM

Yeah, Prom for sure.  Hope Ferryman, that would be awesome.

Is there any news/rumors for Beetlejuice or Jagged Little Pill tours?

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 4 2020, 12:42:27 PM

They've announced 3 shows, but haven't given a date yet for the full season announcement.

Dear Evan Hansen, Hadestown & To Kill a Mockingbird

2020-2021 Touring Season  Feb 4 2020, 10:22:17 AM

Since as of now the Pantages is currently open from Dec '20 to June '21, maybe Harry Potter will park at the Pantages for 6 months?

2020-2021 Touring Season  Jan 29 2020, 04:55:06 PM

Pantages/Dolby/Broadway in Hollywood announcing Feb 4th.

2020-2021 Touring Season  Jan 23 2020, 12:29:44 PM

Dear Evan Hansen has been announced as part of the season, not an add on.

2020-2021 Touring Season  Jan 20 2020, 04:15:36 PM

The 2020-2021 Ahmanson season is shaping up to be possibly the best I've ever seen.

Hadestown, Dear Evan Hanson, To Kill a Mockingbird and I'm guessing the Prom will be added as well.

2020-2021 Touring Season  Jan 13 2020, 02:55:19 PM

I could see Harry Potter posting up at the Pantages or Dolby for a couple months, like Hamilton is doing.  My other guesses for the new season would be Moulin Rouge, Beetlejuice, Tina T, Lion King, Oklahoma, Tootsie, and maybe Ave. Q or Jagged?

Hollywood Bowl 2020?  Oct 24 2019, 12:43:22 PM

4th of July performance will be announced in mid to late November.  Sometimes another special show will be announced at that time as well, such as last year Hugh Jackman.  Then the full schedule is announced around the 2nd week of February.

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