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Wishful Thinking- What Role Do You Want Audra To Play?  Aug 3 2020, 11:51:29 AM

I really was rooting for her to play Marian in the Sound of Music - but the Sutton Foster announcement killed that dream...

Too bad - while I like Sutton - I think Audra and Hugh Jackman would have made a fantastic pair.  Still haven't heard any evidence of Sutton's actual soprano voice - but I'm withholding judgement until I see them in November 2021.  But Audra would have killed that role.

Do You Have a Famous Look-Alike?  Jul 20 2020, 05:14:29 PM

Back when she was more famous - and we both were younger (although I'm much younger than her) - I would get Susan Lucci - constantly.  The other one is Penelope Cruz.  Both are flattering - but I find both hysterical because I'm ghostly pale most of year - so not really matching either one of those ladies :) - but I do have longish dark hair and darkish eyes and a similar nose to both of them - so I guess I get it.

Hugh Jackman Says MUSIC MAN Still On Schedule for September  Apr 22 2020, 01:22:36 PM

As long as it is open by December when I have tickets - I'll be happy :)  Apparently (I saw in another article) they already had some preliminary rehearsals with the choreographer and are doing zoom meetings now - so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I live in Louisiana and we got hit early like New York - but we are on the downward trend now.  Of course we don't have the people density or the subways - which probably didn't help.  I am staying optimistic -

 Apr 16 2020, 02:44:29 PM

Not a good quality video - but still my favorite moment from any Tony Awards - just phenomenal dancing...Big Deal - last Bob Fosse musical -

Hugh Jackman in The Music Man  Sep 20 2019, 12:44:53 PM

bryan2 said: "If you haven't seen Hugh live in a Broadway show you have no clue what he is like live.
He is beyond description. I never liked him very much until seeing him in Boy From Oz...and I could not believe the wonderful feeling he gave the entire audience..very similar to the way Bette made you feel like you were in the room with greatness. I do believe the Music Man is one of the best musicals ever written and with the right Harold Hill it is amazing. I do have rese

Hugh Jackman in The Music Man  Sep 14 2019, 11:11:45 AM

Lurked on this board for years - wanted to thank everyone for their help. I got 3 seats - center orchestra - row P on the aisle for $279 each. Better than I expected. The same seats in row O are $399 each!!! Just an FYI for people looking at center orchestra :)

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