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Hamilton Broadway Coming to Disney Plus July 3  Jul 6 2020, 06:16:45 PM

I wonder if there's a DVD or Blu-Ray release planned at some point?

Hamilton Broadway Coming to Disney Plus July 3  Jun 22 2020, 01:01:58 PM

Thanks for the info! I guess we won't have any way of knowing if the audience reactions are real or if they're just canned laughter or applause that was added later.

Hamilton Broadway Coming to Disney Plus July 3  Jun 22 2020, 11:17:46 AM

Interesting that they include the live audience sounds in the trailer. My impression was this was filmed over several days with the original cast and no audience.

Hamilton on Disney to be MUTED?  Feb 16 2020, 01:14:32 PM

Fine with me. It's just a few words and I doubt Disney wants to release this with an R rating, which it would have to do if it left them unmuted.

It's not like the time one of my community theaters put on '1776' and completely removed all the profanity. It was still a good show but it did change its nature a bit...

Disney to distribute and release HAMILTON film with OBC in Oct. 2021  Feb 3 2020, 06:41:25 PM

Do we know for sure that it's an open ended release and not a one day only showing?

I also read it as showing on the 15th only, which is a Friday.

And I'm also puzzled about them announcing it this far in advance. It's almost two years from now.

What would you see if you had a time machine and tickets to 3 shows?  Jan 28 2020, 07:13:05 PM

OBC - 1776

OBC - Sweeney Todd

and the Royal Shakespeare Company's epic 8 1/2 hour production of 'The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby' in 1981.

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Jul 27 2019, 06:36:42 PM

I imagine they will be making some pretty big cuts to the score. I can't imagine they'd do the Pekes and Pollicles battle with the Rumpus Cat, for example.

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Jul 21 2019, 07:36:36 PM

MadAboutTheBoy said: "One question that's been on my mind for years: Hasthe cat who gets chosen to go to the Heavyside Layer (Grizabella) expended all of his or her nine lives and so then goes into permanent retirement, never to be seen again? And what happens to the other cats who are not chosen?Or is the Heavyside Layer a regenerative limbo between each of a cat's nine lives? Why is the Heavyside Layer a desirable place to be?"

They've never gone in

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Jul 21 2019, 11:17:12 AM

It's hard to tell what the reception will be. They're running the trailer in front of The Lion King and I've seen people on another board say that kids seem to be enjoying it while the adults are just confused.

And someone pointed out that the internet hated Will Smith's Genie, too, and that movie has made almost a billion dollars.

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Jul 20 2019, 08:11:58 PM

They don't look anything like the stage costumes. The stage costumes had wigs which hid the actors' human ears and made the heads look more like cats' heads. They should have done that here, because these heads look like normal human heads without ears which is one of the reason they look so bizarre.

And they should have used makeup to make the faces look like cat faces. At the very least they could have drawn a vertical line between the bottom of the nose and the upper

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Jul 19 2019, 09:04:10 PM

What I don't get is why they're showing Victoria running around the bedroom tearing up the bed and wearing the necklace and stuff. That looks like the Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer number but that's clearly not Rumpleteazer.

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Jul 19 2019, 06:45:31 AM

Yeah, the problem for me isn't the material, or the performers.  Everything looks fine EXCEPT the cat designs for the faces are too human and disturbing. I can't imagine watching this for two hours. It's like a bizarre hallucination.


If they'd just made the ears a lot bigger, put more fur around the faces, and altered the noses and eyes to make them look catlike, it would have been much better. But they didn't and because of that, it doesn

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Jul 18 2019, 08:38:03 PM

The approach they took would have worked a lot better if they'd made the faces look more like cat faces. Make the ears and eyes bigger, maybe some makeup on the noses, put fur on the sides of their heads.


CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Jul 18 2019, 07:53:53 PM

FANtomFollies said: "After watching it a couple more times - I'm just surprised they aren't a little more cat-like since they went to the trouble of using CGI. For example, I would have liked to see them with cat eyes and a cat nose."

That's the biggest problem - they're just normal human faces on bodies that have tails and tiny cat ears. They don't look like cats. They should have at least used makeup like the stage show did to suggest cat featur

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Jul 18 2019, 06:29:12 PM

The ears are too small, and the human faces on the cat bodies just looks bizarre. They don't look like cats.

How in the world did anybody think this design was a good idea? No kid is going to want to watch this. It's horrifying.

The actors in the 1998 filmed stage version looked more like cats.

RENT Live on Fox  Jan 27 2019, 08:08:05 PM

Sounds like they're using recorded segments because the guy playing Mark broke his ankle in rehearsals and can't do most of his stuff live any more.

Manhattan Concert Productions to do  Jan 27 2019, 11:28:23 AM

Still no announcement for the lead?

This is still happening...right?

Original Production of LES MISERABLES in London Will Take Hiatus and Re-Open With New Staging  Jan 8 2019, 08:24:18 PM

Boooo!!! The original staging is the best, the revival kills most of the show's power.

Getting rid of the turntable ruined several of the show's biggest moments, including the part right after the barricade falls. It's just not the same show without it.

Guess we'll just have to be patient for the inevitable re-revival with the "classic staging"!

Manhattan Concert Productions to do  Jan 5 2019, 03:04:33 PM

Yeah, it's getting a bit late in the game to announce the lead, isn't it? The show's a little more than a month away, presumably they'd have to be in rehearsals by now.

Also, I'm going to be very curious to see how they do some of the scenes in a concert setting, like the finale with its swordfight. Is Norm Lewis going to be swordfighting with whoever plays Sir Percy? I wouldn't think so but the whole scene centers around the fight so it won't make a lot of

Previews  Dec 13 2018, 06:14:56 AM

I'll say it again, whoever told Aiken that it was a good idea to dye his hair gray or white needs a good talking to. He looks twenty years older. Plus it's probably scorching his hair.

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