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The Music Man should do the right thing and postpone/cancel the run now  Jun 19 2020, 12:16:29 AM
Had to email twice but finally got a response today approving my refund for October. So we are officially moving our trip to October 2021. At least for now... šŸ¤·

Hugh Jackman Says MUSIC MAN Still On Schedule for September  May 22 2020, 01:09:53 AM

This will be the nail in the coffin of my NYC trip this year crying. It makes me sad, but it makes the most sense if they postpone to Fall 2021 in my opinion. Let's hope it is just a postponement. 

Tickets Refunds  May 22 2020, 01:06:33 AM

My MJ tickets have a Canceled banner and "Your Order Has Been Updated" but no refund as of yet. indecision

WHEN WILL THEY ANNOUNCE  Apr 13 2020, 04:46:39 AM

AllThatJazz2 said: "I have tickets to The Music Man in October, and while I would love to say I will be raring to go...the fact is, I just don't know. A lot of it depends on what happens between now and then, how close we are to a reliable treatment, whether loosening restrictions causes a resurgence, etc. I have family and friends who are in high risk categories. My own immune system is kind of flaky. As much as I have wanted to see Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster on the stage, I

Getting Cold Feet about an October Trip  Mar 25 2020, 01:48:20 AM

Thank you so much for your feedback! I realize now I'll probably have to wait at least a few months before I can try and get a full refund, as opposed to a credit. Any word on how the Broadway closure will affect shows that aren't even open yet? I'm guessing it wouldn't affect them very much but I may be wrong. 

This is definitely an uncertain time. I just found out my boyfriend will be losing his income at the end of the month (works for Disney). At this point I m

Getting Cold Feet about an October Trip  Mar 23 2020, 02:02:51 PM

Some brief background:

Me and my boyfriend go to NYC every October to see shows and catch up with good friends who live in Brooklyn. Last year in particular I procrastinated quite a bit in terms of booking everything. Flights, shows, hotel, you name it. Things were selling out by the time I was looking in August/September, and it was just a horrible feeling.

Fast-forward to this year, and I feel like I over-compensated a bit. As soon as I could, I booked our flight in Fe

Little Shop Of Horrors Lottery  Oct 8 2019, 04:23:58 PM

I'm also interested in trying it this Friday and am wondering what the odds of actually winning are. 

Little Shop of Horrors Tickets  Sep 29 2019, 12:09:02 PM

Has anyone tried the lottery already? I know last night was the first night. I've never done a lottery for a show before and was wondering if they give you the option of sitting together with your party, or would we have to sit separately? (2 in our party)

Moulin Rouge seating  Aug 18 2019, 11:52:24 PM

I bought my tickets before I realized some of the seats are obstructed by the elephant.. (in the room.. tehee). 

I have front Mezzanine Right seats A10 and A12. I realize obviously I'll be close to the elephant. Any ideas how my view will be (or if it will be affected). 

Fishing for Show Recommendations!  Aug 18 2019, 12:02:36 AM

I got tickets for BeetleJuice and now Moulin Rouge...

Still 2 nights that are empty so far... decisions decisions... x) I'm still bummed Little Shop of Horrors sold out before I realized it will be playing previews when we get there. 

Bad Theater Behavior  Aug 17 2019, 12:02:46 AM

These are pretty hilarious (though I’m sure they were frustrating in person).

I’ve got nothing to match these, save for a young girl front mezzanine who looked no older than 6 constantly standing up and leaning against the railing throughout all of Mean Girls. She also laughed at all the adult jokes that were in the show. WAY too young for some of those one-liners.

Oh, and a lady who sat in front of me at Hello Dolly decided it would be a good idea to put her

Fishing for Show Recommendations!  Aug 14 2019, 09:42:39 PM

I'm concerned about Tootsie. I want to see it because I feel like we should see at least one flashy comedy show on our trip but I've heard a lot about the trans controversy, and I'm also not really impressed with the score. Although I'm guessing the experience is much different in person. Thoughts? 

Fishing for Show Recommendations!  Aug 14 2019, 07:21:06 PM

Skip23 said: "AGAIN - I don't get the negativity about BEETLEJUICE! Glad you're seeing it.



I actually really love the OBC recording! And I love everything I've seen so far in the promo clips. I'm somewhat obsessed with the characters of Barbara and Adam already... Lol. 

Fishing for Show Recommendations!  Aug 14 2019, 12:47:17 PM

These are all great recommendations!

Silly me forgot to mention that I'm already seeing Beetlejuice on one of the nights. 

I'm banging my head against a brick wall that somehow I didn't know Little Shop of Horrors was getting another revival?? I'm a huge fan of that show and have never seen it on (off) Broadway. Unfortunately the previews are all sold out for the weekend I'll be in the city. Darn!!!

Fishing for Show Recommendations!  Aug 14 2019, 11:42:29 AM

Hey everyone!

Me and my boyfriend are headed to NYC this October to see some shows. Unfortunately 2 of the shows we were planning on seeing (BMC and Prom) recently closed. So I still have yet to book Broadway shows for a few nights (3 to be specific).

Shows Ive seen on Broadway:

Hello Dolly
Mean Girls
Pretty Woman

Shows Ive seen many times elsewhere:

Aladdin (at the Hyperion)

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