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Actors who revived their starring roles on Broadway?  Jul 20 2020, 03:25:19 PM

I doubt anyone on this board saw either production, but Vivienne Segal originated the role of Vera  Simpson in Pal Joey and later performed the role in the 1952 revival.

What Are The Greatest Casts You’ve Ever Seen?  Jul 15 2020, 08:28:40 PM

OBC - Angels in America (Millennium Approaches and Perestroika) 1994-5

OBC - Kiss of the Spiderwoman

OBC - The Coast of Utopia (Parts 1-3)

OBC - The Normal Conquests (Parts 1-3) 2009 revival

OBC - Gypsy 2008 revival

OBC - The Ferryman

I'm sure there are others but these come to mind immediately.


Greatest Theatrical Comedy Performances You Have Seen  Jul 15 2020, 05:39:58 PM

These performances come immediately to mind:

George Hearn, La Cage aux Folles

Michael Jeter, Grand Hotel

James Corden and Tom Edden, One Man, Two Guvnors

Christian Borle, Peter and the Starcatcher


Faith Prince, Guys and Dolls

Mercedes Ruehl, Lost in Yonkers

Jan Maxwell, The Royal Family

Mark Rylance, Boeing-Boeing and La Bête

Christopher Plummer, Barrymore

Julie White, The Little Dog Luaghed

The t

Did Kevin Anderson get fired from Sunset Blvd with Patti Lupone?  Jul 12 2020, 09:43:52 PM

When I first heard the London recording with Anderson as Joe I was excited to see him perform the role. I didn't make it to London until the summer of 1994 and saw the show with Betty Buckley and John Barrowman. I thought Barrowman was serviceable but rather young for the part. He seemed too boyish and didn't pull off the mature aspects of the character well. When I saw Campbell in the role in January 1995 in New York, I didn't think there was anything about his performance that s

The Moment You Became A BWAY Fan  Jun 15 2020, 12:15:55 AM

Wednesday, January 9, 1974, at approximately 2:05 pm. I enjoyed theater and was excited to see my first Broadway show, Pippin. The lights went down, the curtain went up, and that iconic opening of "Magic to Do" with the dancing white gloves was all it took to make me a Broadway fan forever (although I'm also an Off-Broadway fan).

Your First Broadway Show  Jun 15 2020, 12:09:34 AM

Pippin at the Imperial in January 1974. I was 15 years old and on a high school field trip. It was a  Wednesday matinee and there was a major snow storm the night before. Ben Vereen was out of the show that that day, but since it was my first Broadway show, I didn't care. Most of the original Broadway cast was still in the show.  Irene Ryan had already died and Dorothy Stickney played Berthe.  Leland Palmer had replaced Jill Clayburgh that previous weekend.  I enjoyed

Opinion on cats  Jun 12 2020, 08:58:00 PM

I saw the show shortly after it opened on Broadway.  I was mildly entertained and thought it was just a ho-hum show. I was happy to see it just to know what all the hype was about, but once was enough. My opinion is that iCATS a curiosity.. My opinion has nothing to do with the fact that I'm a dog person, lol.

What Broadway Play Do You Regret Not Seeing?  Jun 9 2020, 05:21:04 PM

JBroadway said: "BrodyFosse123 said: "The 2020 Broadway revival of WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? My tickets were for March 13, the day of the shutdown. Sadly, the production closed during the shutdown."


Also regret not seeing the recent revival of Salesman with Philip Seymour Hoffman. I had the opportunity, but I was young and stupid, and didn't take it.


Me Three to ...Virgin

The Heiress - 1995  Jun 8 2020, 07:08:57 PM

Huss417 said: "I loved this production. The staging, the directing,the acting.

Cherry Jones and Frances Sterhagen were giving a Master Class.


I agree, it was an stunning production, satisfying in so many ways. Cherry Jones was the toast of the town that year and her performance established her as a force to be reckoned with.  She was mesmerized and I remember not being able to take my eyes off her.  I had only seen her previously once befo

Ruin a Broadway Musical by Changing One Letter  Jun 6 2020, 08:23:19 PM

Lit Abner

110 in the Shame

Dan of La Mancha

Peter Fan

The Adventures of Mom Sawyer

Pig River

Milk and Homey

Wonderful Gown

The Wedding Zinger

Yo, Yo, Nanette (I cheated)

Into the Weeds (I cheated again)


Ruin a Broadway Musical by Changing One Letter  May 25 2020, 08:46:34 PM

Pimp Boys and Dinettes

The Fife

Pope Dream


Lore Letters

The Grass Menagerie


Unnecessary Revivals  May 25 2020, 08:03:58 PM

In in the vain of whether a revival was worthwhile, I would say the 1996 production of Once Upon a Mattress qualifies (at least for me, my companions, and the people who sat around me who were also disappointed after the curtain call).  It was my first and last experience with the property.

I also didn't think the 1981 revival of My Fair Lady was anything magnificent, but it was nice to see Rex Harrison recreate his role of Higgins and Cathleen Nesbitt recreate her ro

Musicals that were announced but never materialised.  May 23 2020, 11:11:17 PM

Phantom of London said: "Minskys - Had a pre Broadway try out in Los Angeles

Half Time - Had a pre Broadway try out at the Papermill

Whistle Down the Wind - Had a pre Broadway try out in Washington. Hadheard it at its Broadway marquee up, not sure where though?

Whistle Down the Wind was to have played the Martin Beck, which is now the Hirschfeld.

Ruin a Broadway Musical by Changing One Letter  May 23 2020, 10:56:26 PM


My Fail Lady

The Ping and I

Annie Get Your Gum

Grand Motel


The Bots From Syracuse

 La Rage aux Folles

Broadway Real Estate 2020-2021 season  May 13 2020, 11:27:44 PM

Company was postponed to the Fall, should Broadway reopen.  My May 31 ticket was refunded and I now have a ticket for October 4.

Revivals playing the same theatre as the original productions  May 12 2020, 01:31:10 AM

JBroadway said: "jagman1062 said: "Had it officially opened, the Laurie Metcalf revival of ...Virginia Woolf? would have played the Booth"

For the sake of this discussion, I think it's fair to say that this recent revival did in fact play the Booth- no hypotheticals necessary. It had9 whole performances after all, so thousands of people saw it (regrettably - I was not one of them. When will I stop bringing up how sad I am about this fact,

Revivals playing the same theatre as the original productions  May 12 2020, 01:25:19 AM

Michael19 said: "didnt Mornings at Seven play the Lyceum twice?"

Yes, the last two revivals circa 1981 and about 18 years ago circa 2002.

Ruthie Ann Miles Announces Birth of Daughter  May 10 2020, 10:58:10 PM

Such joyful news!  I wish Ruthie Ann and her family a lifetime of good health and happiness.  

Revivals playing the same theatre as the original productions  May 10 2020, 10:44:44 PM

The original production of Awake and Sing! and the 2006 LCT revival both played the Belasco.

The original production of The Elephant Man and the recent Bradley Cooper revival played the Booth.

The original production of A Streetcar Named Desire and the Alec Baldwin/Jessica Lange revival in the early 90s both played the Barrymore. 

The original production of The Gin Game and the most recent James Earl Jones/Cicely Tyson revival played the Golden.


No refunds from Second Stage?  May 7 2020, 04:03:09 PM

I received the same email today and one similar to it several weeks ago for Take Me Out.  Both shows will be presented at later dates and ticketholders/subscribers have the opportunity to see the shows when they are eventually presented.  I believe, and it's just a guess, that because Second Stage is giving people access to future performances that they are not automatically granting refunds

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